EPIIC 2020-21: China and the World

by tuftsigl
Mar 17

Register for EPIIC 2020-21! Course registration opens on April 6. The rapid rise of China as a major political, economic, military and diplomatic power is one of the most significant developments in world affairs. As a global actor, China impacts every region, from Asia to North America, from Africa to Europe, from Latin America to the Middle East. Its influence is felt in every issue area from climate change to global health, from digital technology to the global economy, from cybersecurity to trade, as well as on global norms and institutions.

China’s growing role is shifting the balance of power and raising fundamental questions about the nature of the contemporary global order. Some of the questions the EPIIC Colloquium will address include: What are the factors that shape Chinese foreign policy? How will the world adapt to a rising superpower? How can the U.S. better engage with and respond to China’s rise? What is the future of China’s evolving multifaceted relations with Africa, Southeast Asia, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Russia, and the European Union? How is China’s engagement in the United Nations changing in the areas of peace and security? What is China’s role in global economic governance?