FieldEx 2017 by Emily Spak

by tuftsigl
Apr 24

On April 7th-8th, Tufts students participated in a live-action simulation called FieldEx, hosted by civilian-military relations organization ALLIES. FieldEx combines political, diplomatic, and military components in a peacekeeping and stability scenario that plays out on a paintball field. This annual event is organized by a committee of undergraduate students and brings together students of all different majors and disciplines to participate. This year’s simulation revolved around the first presidential elections in a fledgling democratic state that was previously monarchical. Participants’ loyalties were split between two political parties; some roles were “armed” with paintball guns, and others were unarmed political figures and civilians. Throughout the event, graduate student advisors from Fletcher and Harvard used their own expertise to provide advice to the undergraduate participants. From this year’s scenario, students saw the results of having competing goals within a group, the fragile nature of democratic elections, and the difficulties faced by transitioning states.