The Latin American Committee Weekly Meeting

Date & Time January 31, 2019 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Breaker 113
Latin American Committee

The Latin American Committee (LAC) is an academic-focused student group that promotes discourse about cultural, social, political, historical and economic issues and current events specific to the Latin American region through weekly discussions, panels with guest speakers, and a day-long symposium. LAC seeks to create a space in which students can learn from experts and their fellow students about diverse topics pertaining to Latin America.

The weekly meetings are meant for students to engage in informed discussions using the material we provide. Students are not expected to have any prior knowledge about the topics discussed. The main themes for this semester are: Migration, Social and Economic Inequality, Socialism in the 21st Century, and Corruption and Clientelism. These are also subject to change depending on student interest. Each of the main themes will be discussed for 2-3 weeks. A different set of case studies will be studied each week in order for us to really learn about the region as a whole. Discussions will be moderated by students using the guiding questions provided in advance as main drivers of the conversation.

In addition to the weekly meetings, we plan to host 2-3 panels on topics we choose as a group and a symposium by the end of the semester. We also want to encourage students to do research about topics they find most interesting for potential publication.

Weekly meetings are Thursdays 7-8pm at Breaker 113.