Student Leaders and Members

George Aquila (’15)

George Aquila is a sophomore currently majoring in International Relations and minoring in Computer Science. He has been an active member of PPRI since the fall of 2012 and plans on taking part in the groups spring research project. George joined PPRI as a result of his interest in international development and foreign aid and the role that corruption and poverty dynamics play in those areas.

Jon Adams (’20)

Jon is a sophomore from the Mainline suburbs of Philadelphia who fields a wide variety of interests. An amateur historian, his favourite areas of interest are the Edwardian Era and the French Revolution. As well, he loves following up with geopolitics and studying languages, especially Spanish and Afrikaans. At Tufts he is an editor on the Tufts Historical Review and VOCES, secretary of Tufts History Society, and an incredibly mediocre player on the club water polo team. On campus, he can often be found reading the Economist on the Prez Lawn, trying to get the fledgling official Tufts Croquet Team off the ground, or shaking it out on stage with Tufts Dance Collective. He has a passion for learning more about whatever he can, whenever he can, and never says no to a fun fact or restaurant recommendation.

Athokshay Ashok (’21)

Hometown: Plainsboro, NJ
Bio: Having lived in India for 12 years, Athokshay is beyond excited to help find and get involved with local NGOs through BUILD:India, and make a difference in places that desperately need it. As a freshman studying Computer Engineering at Tufts University, he hopes to expand his horizons and challenge himself by undertaking this venture.

Janani Baskaran (’19)

Hometown: Acton, MA
Bio: Janani Baskaran is a junior Biomedical Engineer with a minor in Engineering Management. Throughout her years from high school into college, Janani has gained lots of interest in sustainable development and working with NGOs that promote education, health, and sanitation. She travelled with BUILD India to Tamil Nadu in January 2017, and has been on the club since her freshman year. She is very excited to see where the journey of BUILD takes her, and looking forward to find a new NGO.


Rebeca Becdach (’21)

Libraries Without Borders team

Rebeca Becdach is a member of the class of 2021 and is thinking about majoring in Environmental Studies and International Relations. She grew up in Huntsville, Al, but her parents are from Venezuela and Ecuador. Last year she participated in the Tufts 1+4 Program in Madrid, and this year she is part of the TCU Senate and Students for Environmental Awareness. She is excited to serve the country her father calls home and that she has visited often throughout her life. Her interests include sustainability, psychology, and global health. 

Erin Blank (’20)

Action for Education team

Erin is a double major in international relations and Spanish. She has previously worked with educational development before with the Asian University for Women in Bangladesh. She is especially interested in the impact that the education of women has in developing countries and is interested in continuing this work in Latin America.

Olivia Bronzi (’21)

Olivia Bronzi (A’21) is a second-year undergraduate student from Miami, Florida studying Community Health and Political Science. She is a dedicated member of Tufts GlobeMed due to her passion for global health equity. This past summer she travelled to Kathmandu, Nepal to work with PHASE, a non-governmental organization that is committed to improving the livelihoods of disadvantaged populations in rural Nepal via health care programming and education initiatives. While there, Olivia worked in four villages in the Sindhupalchok district to help conduct an endline survey for the impact assessment of an ongoing public health research project. Olivia was grateful and excited for this opportunity, as it provided a chance to better understand the innerworkings of global health research and practice.

Joaquin Bustamente (’20)

Libraries Without Borders team

Joaquin was born and raised in Quito, Ecuador and moved to the United States during his first year of college. He is currently a sophomore at Tufts University, majoring in Quantitative Economics and minoring in Computer Sciences. Aware of the opportunities he has had throughout his life, he feels it is his responsibility to give back to his country and solve the problems it faces. He wishes to construct an Ecuador free of social inequalities and lack of opportunities.

Jiahe Chi (’16)


Kristina Chu (’19)

Hometown: East Setauket, NY
Bio: Kristina Chu is a junir studying environmental engineering with a passion for public health issues and learning more about sustainable development. She visited BUILD: India's partner NGO Payir during the summer of 2016, when trip members assessed community needs through a village survey. She is looking forward to another year of insightful discussions on international sustainable development work in the non-profit sector. 

Alexandra Claman (’19)

Libraries Without Borders team

Allie is a junior at Tufts studying International Relations and Spanish. She has been a part of Tufts International Development since her second year at Tufts, where she served on the Fundación Esquel team. Besides TID, Allie is co-captain of Tufts Tamasha and a troop leader with Tufts Girl Scouts. 

Madeleine Clarke (’20)

Madeleine is a member of the Class of 2020, and is studying Community Health, Nutrition, and Anthropology. In the future, she hopes to work in a position focused on combatting nutritional insecurity. Growing up in an Army family, she never spent more than two years in one place. Thus, she is from nowhere and everywhere, and prefers to find the comfort of home in the people around her. She always looks forward to the intellectual and introspective conversations with her fellow Synaptic Scholars. She values the unique curiosities and passions of every member, and feels incredibly grateful to share in their journeys of learning.

Elizabeth Corn (’21)

Hometown: Tampa, FL
Bio: Elizabeth Corn is a first year pre-med student hoping to study biology and international relations at Tufts. Elizabeth has had exposure to topics in sustainable development through her global studies track in high school, and completed her cumulative senior thesis on the subject of sustainable global health implementation. She is extremely excited to begin working with BUILD, gain new experiences in sustainable development, and collaborate with the other members of the club to find a new NGO and make an impact on struggling communities in India.

Ayden Crosby (’21)

Hometown: Truckee, CA
Bio: Ayden is a freshman at Tufts and hopes to study International Relations or Global Health. He has experience with sustainable development in several clubs he participated in High School. He is also a member of Amnesty International at Tufts. He is excited to work with BUILD India to promote sustainable development in the region and he is also excited to be able to work in partnership with the Institute for Global Leadership.

Yanelle Cruz Bonilla (’19)

Action for Education team

Yanelle is a junior at Tufts majoring in sociology and political science with a Latin Studies minor. She was born and raised in Honduras and is excited to give back to her community through Tufts ID. She’s very passionate about public policy and using technology as a tool for social justice. Having completed a public policy fellowship at Google this past summer, she identified her love for policy and is committed to pursuing a career in policy making and analysis. Upon graduation, she hopes to enroll in a joint MPP/JD program and specialize in social and technology policy. 

Srinitha Dasari (’18)

Hometown: Arcadia, CA; Hyderabad, India
Bio: Srinitha is a fourth-year student studying Political Science and Community Health. She has been involved in BUILD: India since her freshman year and has gone on the June 2015 and January 2017 trips to Thottiyapatti. BUILD has allowed her to gain new understandings of the ethical implications of  development and the politics of 'behavior change' and reconceptualize definitions of 'sustainable development.' Most importantly, BUILD has given her the privilege of meeting people that live, think, and work differently.

Anna Del Castillo (’18)

Anna Del Castillo is a member of the Class of 2018 and comes to Tufts from the warm state of Mississippi. She studies International Relations, Spanish, and Colonialism studies. Anna engages diversity as a member of the Bridge to Liberal Arts Success (BLAST) program at Tufts. She is the Vice President of the Tufts Community Union Senate, an organizer of the Tufts Indigenous Peoples Day movement, a Career Fellow for the Tufts Career Center, a Civic Dialogue Fellow, a lead ambassador for the Andrew Goodman Vote Everywhere program, and a member of the Interfaith Student Council. As a Latina woman, Anna is passionate about pursuing social and economic justice and is currently interning for Centro Presente, an organization focused on immigrant rights, worker rights, and civic engagement. 

Vanessa DiDomenico (’21)

Vanessa DiDomenico (F’21) is currently a graduate student at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy studying International Affairs. As the Founder of Sea Strategy, LLC, she provides industry insight to maritime companies on regulatory affairs and compliance. She is also a Goodwill Maritime Ambassador for the International Maritime Organization and is working toward creating a youth centered maritime non-profit. Vanessa holds a B.S. from Massachusetts Maritime Academy, a M.S. from the State University of New York Maritime College, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Marine Engineering from North Kent College. Upon graduation from The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Vanessa plans to combine her legal, policy, and technical knowledge together; she is a firm believer that a multi-disciplinary approach is critical to solving pressing global challenges.

Siddharth Divakaruni (’19)

Hometown: Munster, IN
Bio: Siddharth is a third-year student studying International Relations, Sociology, and Colonialism studies. He has been involved in BUILD: India since his first year and has gone on the Summer 2016 and Winter 2017 trips, the latter of which he led. BUILD has provided Siddharth an outlet to discuss the various ethical issues surrounding development (a field he is considering entering in the future) as well as experience abroad within a semi-familiar culture, as his mother’s family is from Tamil Nadu. He is excited about exploring opportunities with new foreign NGOs this year.

Anne Donovan (’15)


Anne is a junior at Tufts University and a senior adviser of this year's symposium. She is double majoring in Chinese and International Relations, concentrating in International Finance and Economics. Besides helping with the symposium, she spends her time tutoring local Medford residents in Chinese and co-coordinating the Hunger Project, a service program that sends student volunteers to various, local homeless shelters. Anne spent this past summer in New York City interning in the research department of China International Capital Corporation (CICC) writing reports on the political economy of China and the United States. She plans to spend next semester abroad at Peking University. Anne looks forward to sharing her interest and passion of the Chinese culture with the Tufts community.

Connor Doyle (’21)

Connor is a junior International Relations Major with minors in Economics and Arabic. This past summer, he interned with Endeavor, the world’s largest nonprofit serving entrepreneurs in emerging markets. The internship was the perfect fit because Connor is especially passionate about distruptive entrepreneurship, geopolitical trends, and solving business problems. He is involved across campus as a member of the Varsity Swimming and Diving Team, a member of MERG (formerly Tufts New Initiative for Middle East Peace), Tufts Financial Group, and ATO of Massachusetts. Actively involved with the IGL, Connor is proud to have contributed to EPIIC Colloquium 2018-2019: Migration in a Turbulent World.

Jorge Eguiguren (’20)

Libraries Without Borders team

Jorge Eguiguren is sophomore double majoring in computer science and quantitative economics. He is currently 19 years old, and was born and raised in Quito, Ecuador. He loves playing and watching soccer, and his favorite team is Barcelona SC (Ecuadorean team). His dream job would be a tech NGO focused on developing software to help third-world regions (specifically Latin America). His father’s name is Jorge, his mom’s Glenda, his sister is Genoveva, and his dog is Lilu. 

Jorge Eguiguren (’20)

Jorge is an undergraduate student from Quito, Ecuador pursuing a degree in Computer Science and Quantitative Economics. He is passionate about software engineering and self-driven to improve the access to educational resources in Latin America. Besides acting as a project manager for TID, Jorge co-founded the Tufts Latin American Committee, a student-led club that fosters informed discussions about historical, cultural, and socio-political affairs of the region. Last summer, he travelled with three other members to monitor the two digital library centers that TID implemented in the vicinities of Quito, and to open another center at an underserved school in rural Pichincha. The trip, sponsored by the Empower Program, was very fruitful and eye-opening.

Farley Flores Ramirez (’18)

Action for Education team

Farley Flores Ramirez was born in Mexico and when he was 5 years old he moved to Honduras. He grew up with his grandmother because his mother immigrated to the United States. He then moved to Compton, California at the age of 15. Although he comes from a very dangerous community, he is a first generation student who is looking to find a path for his three younger sisters who will have him as an unconditional support. In addition to BLAST, Farley is also a One Voice scholar. Farley is a senior majoring in Economics with a passion for languages where he is studying his fourth language. After spending his junior year studying abroad in Madrid, Spain he interned with the Tufts European Center in Talloires, France. Farley is working for Admissions as a senior intern where he is in charge of planning and coordinating Open Houses, fly-ins programs for first generation students and diversity outreach with college fairs for high school students.

Zoe Foglizzo (’19)

Action for Education team

Brendan Foley (’21)

Brendan Foley (A’21) is a sophomore from Southborough, Massachusetts majoring in in Economics and International Relations. On campus, he is involved with Tufts Wilderness orientation, Tufts Dance Collective, and is on the Executive Board of GlobeMed. He spent his first year at Tufts enrolled in the EPIIC program and ever since has been excited to immerse himself in the challenges of the liberal world order. He plans on studying abroad this upcoming year in Athens, Greece to study the Syrian refugee crisis. Brendan applied to be this year’s Grass Roots Onsite Work Coordinator because he is curious to study the relationship between and policies of the NGO PHASE Nepal and local communities in the Sindhupalchok district of Nepal. He hopes to translate the courses on development he has taken at Tufts to the field.

Gabe Gladstein (’17)

Programming (International Student Co-Coordinator)

Gabe Gladstein is a Freshman, currently pursuing majors in Political Science and Chinese. Gabe is a dual-degree student with the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, and is there studying Contemporary Improvisation, a blend of jazz, classical, and many other genres including Indian, African, Middle Eastern, and Asian musics. Gabe is deeply interested in China’s political system, and hopes to travel to China during his Junior year in order to master the language (which he currently studies) and to conduct political science research on the growth of China’s nascent democracy. Gabe’s involvement in the CUS is a reflection of those interests, and Gabe hopes to continue working with the CUS in years to come. In the longterm, Gabe plans to combine his passions for music and politics to create a unique, dual-career path. In his spare time, Gabe teaches for the Tufts’ Peer Health Exchange program, traveling to high schools around the Boston area to teach classes on abusive relationships. Gabe also enjoys journal writing, and has thus far published in the Tufts Observer and the Tufts Daily.

Shoshana Goldman (’20)

Action for Education team

Shoshana is a sophomore majoring in international relations. She is interested in pursuing a career in international development. She is especially interested in improving education and empowering women in underdeveloped regions. By being involved with Tufts International Development, she hopes to explore her ethical role as a global citizen who wants to make a difference in the developing world. 

Shoshana Goldman (’20)

Hometown:Rhinebeck, NY
Bio: Shoshana is a sophomore at Tufts studying international relations and history. She is very interested in studying sustainable development and promoting education initiatives in underdeveloped regions. She is very excited to learn more about development, specifically in rural India, and to explore relationships with NGOs.

Franky Gonzalez (’20)

Action for Education team

Franky is a sophomore planning to double major in economics and international relations. Growing up as a city kid, he spent his childhood in the bronx, new york. Outside of chasing his academic ambitions, Franky spends his time perfecting his rhetoric on the Tufts debate team. He is also a member of SWAT and an active participant of the Tufts economic society. Outside of the extracurricular world Franky actively writes and explores different types of music.

Abi Gowda (’19)

Hometown: Westwood, MA
Bio: Abinav is a junior studying Applied Mathematics and Biology. He has not yet gone on a trip to Tamil Nadu, but he hopes to go on one in the near future. He does not have a strong background in sustainable development, but through his interactions and discussions with BUILD, he has learned a lot about the topic. He is very excited to work together with his peers to find a new NGO to partner with.

Sean Gunn (’15)


Sean is a double major in International Relations, concentrating in International Security, and Chinese Language. He was born in Morristown, New Jersey, but grew up in Thousand Oaks, California. At Tufts, Sean is involved in the China US Symposium as well as ALLIES, and swam for Tufts during his freshman year as well as this year. After graduation, Sean intends to volunteer for military service, and eventually plans to return to school to pursue a graduate degree.

Nick Hathaway (’17)


Nick Hathaway is a freshman from Palm Harbor, Florida considering a major in IR, Chinese, or Computer Science. As Section Editor for the Tufts Observer and Ambassador for SWAT, Nick has been able to explore his bourgeoning interests in journalism and performance poetry at Tufts. When not debating his major, he enjoys attending plays, researching drama therapy, and marveling at the strength and diversity of the slam poetry community.

Vivian Hong (’19)

Hometown: Wilton, CT
Bio: Vivian Hong is a third year pre-med student studying computer science and cognitive and brain science. She has been involved with BUILD: India since her freshman year and visited Thottiyapatti and BUILD: India's partner NGO, Payir, in January of 2017. Her interest in sustainable development and non-profit work in general has been enriched in the past two years through important ethical conversations surrounding sustainable development work and through learning and understanding some of the struggles of this work when it comes to the intersections of mental/emotional well-being and cultural relativism. She looks forward to learning about and working through the portions of sustainable development work that focuses on phasing out of and entering into communities.

Jennifer Ihedioha (’20)

Action for Education team

Jennifer a sophomore majoring in biochemistry with a minor in entrepreneurial leadership. She is passionate about the applying her education to worldly causes. She has experience in community development and engagement through working with the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative in Boston. She deeply admires the diversity of the world and hopes of having a career that encompasses her love of medicine with that of her desire to travel.

Adrienne Larson (’16)

Adrienne Larson is a freshman from Washington D.C considering a major in International Relations. She is Belgian-American, and before coming to Tufts she took a gap year and worked in Senegal, Togo, Haiti, and Brussels. Outside of PPRI, she is involved with BUILD Nicaragua, Hemispheres, the undergraduate IR journal, and Alpha Phi. She is interested in exploring corruption issues with regard to foreign medical aid and electoral systems in developing countries.

Jake Lebovic (’18)

Libraries Without Borders team

Jake is a senior at Tufts from Dana Point, CA. He is majoring in Political Science, and has strong interests in cross-cultural communication and ethical community development. Jake joins the Tufts ID team with experience working for non-profits serving Hispanic communities, as well as studying Latin American politics at the University of Buenos Aires.

Daniel Lewis (’20)

Daniel Lewis is a freshman from Washington, DC who is currently undecided on his field of study. As part of the inaugural Tufts 1+4 Class, Daniel spent the past year living with a host family in Florianopolis, Brazil and interning at a non-profit and a tech company. He has also participated in the Seeds of Peace conflict resolution program, which brings together kids from conflict regions around the world for an intensive, 3-week summer camp. He also spent a month this past summer researching Civil-Military relations in Japan. Daniel is also a published writer, with pieces appearing in the Stanford Social Innovation Review, The Hill and Newsday. He loves movies of all varieties and debating any topic that begets an opinion.

Taylor Lewis (’21)

Taylor Lewis is a junior at Tufts majoring in international relations and economics. Taylor interned with Jamila Raqib this past summer at the Albert Einstein Institution.  In addition to being an Oslo Scholar, Taylor serves as a co-leader of the Middle East Research Group and as a 2021 Class Senator. Studying Arabic and French, he plans on studying abroad in Morocco this spring. In the meantime, however, he reconnects with his Portland, OR roots by wearing fuzzy flannels and drinking copious amounts of coffee.


Nasrin Lin (’19)

Hey! I am Nasrin Lin, a sophomore double International Relations and English major on the pre-law track. I was born and raised in Taiwan and moved to Fort Lee, NJ during freshman year of high school. As a Taiwanese American, I am proud of my cross-cultural, bilingual background because it drives me to be more conscientious of others' experiences and more grateful for my opportunities. Over the summer, I interned at the American Jewish World Service, a global nonprofit dedicated to realizing human rights and supporting grassroots activism in the developing world. My experiences at AJWS solidified my aspirations to pursue law, specifically immigration and international law, while finding consolation and inspiration in literature.

Annie Lye (’17)


Joseph Mark (’15)


Joe Mark is a Junior at Tufts University, studying International Relations and focusing in Environmental Economics.  Born in London, he lived there until he was 10, and then moved over to the US. He went to high school in Mass, and grew to love International Relations. At Tufts he has narrowed his focus to the global environment and sustainability. His involvement in the China-US symposium comes from a desire to learn more about the area, especially China’s continued growth. Will this growth come at the price of the health of its people and its environment? Joe also loves to ski with the club team at Tufts, take pictures, and play both soccer and tennis in his spare time.

Kristen Mathew (’21)

Hometown: Southington, CT
Bio: Kristen Mathew is a freshman student who is current on the pre-med track.  In high school, she had experience working with “Compassion International” NGO’s in Mexico that promoted health and sanitation in impoverished areas.  She is excited to provide aid to such communities in India, as well as continue to develop her passion for sustainable development.

George Lawson Mathew (’21)

Hometown: Des Plaines, IL
Bio: Lawson is a freshman at Tufts University in the School of Engineering and is likely to pursue Mechanical Engineering as a major. He is a first-generation student who immigrated from India, and decided to join Build:INDIA as a way to help communities back in his nation of origin through the sustainable development model. He looks forward to helping the club in its path to expand and find more non-governmental organizations to work with.

Mark Meiselbach (’15)


Mark is a sophomore at Tufts University, planning to double-major in Quantitative Economics and Biology. Originally from Connecticut, he lived nine years abroad in Tokyo and Beijing. Along with his work for the China-US Symposium, he is Vice President of Delta Tau Delta fraternity and signatory for Baseball Analysis at Tufts. In the summer of his freshman year, he interned at a lobbying firm in Washington, DC where he helped launch the US-China Smart Agriculture Leadership Group. Along with his interest in China-US relations, he loves baseball analytics, playing sports, and eating ethnic foods.

Michael Meng (’17)


Magnifique Mukundwa (’20)

Magnifique Mukundwa is a senior at Tufts from Rwanda majoring in environmental health engineering with a focus on entrepreneurship in water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH). She received the Empower grant in the summer of 2019 to undertake internal market research for To The Waters (, a social enterprise Magnifique co-founded which focuses on using entrepreneurship, engineering, and innovation to promote access to water, sanitation, hygiene, and nutrition (WASH-N) in low-income countries. She carried out market research in Rwanda by speaking to social enterprises and schools in Mbuye sector located in Ruhango district, Rwanda. The main goal was to further define To The Waters’ market size, establish partnerships with institutions and social enterprises, and more. Magnifique visited 9 primary and secondary schools, which helped her understand more about WASH-N in schools and the different ways To The Waters can work with these schools to enhance access to improved WASH-N. Also, the companies she visited enabled her to explore how entrepreneurship can be incorporated in solutions for promoting access to WASH-N in low-income countries. She looks forward to visiting cooperatives of farmers, more social enterprises in WASH-N and institutions such as the Ministry of Agriculture and of Education, and schools in Ruhango district in the second part of her project.


Zhamilya Nazyrbayeva (’20)

Zhamilya is a sophomore from Kazakhstan studying Civil Engineering and Linguistics. As evidenced by her academic interests, she really enjoys learning and talking about languages. She also loves discussing politics, Russian literature, and philosophy. Zhamilya is very excited about advancing women in STEM and wants to pursue a career in engineering. She enjoys being a member of Synaptic Scholars because she can meet people who are passionate about things and want to share that passion with other people. 

Santiago Noriega (’21)

Santiago is a Junior Cognitive & Brain Sciences major from Mexico and Spain. He is really passionate about soccer, research, and global politics, which is why he joined European Horizons. For Santiago, European Horizons provides a great platform for people of similar backgrounds and interests and to talk about topics that may not regularly come up at Tufts.


Hannah Norowitz (’21)

Hometown: Somers, NY
Bio: Hannah Norowitz is a first year student at Tufts who is currently on the pre-med track and hopes to study biology. She has some previous experience with sustainable development but is excited to learn more and delve further into this field of work. She couldn't be more eager to work with BUILD, get to know everyone in the club, and begin researching major issues in India as well as new NGOs for the club to work with.

Kensey Olsen (’18)

Kensey is a senior studying Physics at Tufts. Born in Tewksbury, New Jersey, she loves to travel and meet new people, most recently to Scotland to study abroad. Using the quantitative and qualitative skills from Physics, Kensey wants to analyze the dynamic trends in data to create a comprehensive story about a user's behavior and intent. Through the encouragement of her fellow Synaptic Scholars, she works to further her understanding of physics applications in the tech and product industries.

Ayotola Onipede (’19)

Action for Education team

Ayotola double majors in clinical psychology and community health, with a minor in economics. She wants to transform her education into real impact. She is interested in international development, global health policies, and resourcing. She has experience with teaching, marketing, outreach, and grant proposals.

Ananda Paez (’15)


Morgan Parker (’21)

Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Bio: Morgan Parker is a first year student from Cleveland, Ohio, and she hopes to study community health and linguistics at Tufts. She hasn’t had a lot of experience with sustainable development, but she is excited to work with BUILD: India this year and help find a new NGO partner for the organization. She hopes to pursue her interest in global health, as well as learn more about other components of sustainable development, through BUILD.

Justin Pena (’16)


Clemencia Pinasco (’19)

Libraries without Borders team

Clemencia is a junior from Lima, Peru. She is double majoring in Biology and Environmental Policy, and very passionate about conservation and sustainable development. She is particularly interested in the value of education for development. Clemencia has worked with several NGOs that have a strong focus on education and is very excited to continue working on the Libraries Without Borders project to expand access to education in Ecuador. In her free time, Clemencia likes hiking, climbing and investigating the daily activity of spider monkeys in the Peruvian Amazon.

Mikel Quintana (’21)

Libraries Without Borders team

Mikel was born in Brooklyn, NY, lived in Melbourne, Australia for 5 years, and then moved to the village of Clinton, in upstate NY. Mikel is a first generation American with a guiding focus on global citizenship. He has family on three continents and has lived in the US, Australia, Ecuador, and Spain. During the 2014-2015 school year Mikel was a Rotary Youth Exchange student in Quito, Ecuador where he was able to refine his Spanish and come to understand different perspectives about global events and cultures. Before starting his studies at Tufts, Mikel embarked on a gap year through the Tufts 1+4 Bridge Program and worked at a foster home in Madrid, Spain during the 2016-2017 academic year. Mikel is now starting his studies as a freshman in the school of Arts and Sciences and is planning to study International Relations, hoping to focus on the issues and topics of international development and immigration.

Charlotte Rea (’14)

Marketing and Photographer

Gabriel Rojkind (’15)

Gabriel Rojkind is currently a sophomore majoring in Political Science and Economics. With a particular interest in the countries of South America and Southeast Asia, he is greatly interested in exploring how corruption links with poverty in the context of poor and middle-income countries. Given that corruption occurs at the intersection of the public and private sector, its conjunction with "underdevelopment", entrenched and vested interests, and more generally the exploitation embedded in globalized capitalism makes corruption a dangerous force that simultaneously bolsters the power of elites while suppressing those with fewer recourses. This is what makes being a part of PPRI compelling for Gabriel. Otherwise, in his free time, Gabriel still enjoys politics, but also drawing, painting, reading, music, conjuring fond feelings for Chicago, and being outside.

Molly Rothschild (’15)

Molly Rothschild is a member of the Tufts class of 2015, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is studying International Relations and is concentrating in Africa. In addition to PPRI, she is involved with Tufts Against Genocide and Peace Games, a program run through Tufts' Leonard Carmichael Society. Molly is really excited about the great projects that PPRI has done in the past and is looking forward to continuing PPRI's research.

Cami Rovalino (’19)

Libraries without Borders team

Camila, as an Ecuadorian student, is committed to giving back to the country that she has called home for most of her life. She majors in quantitative economics. She is very interested in the role that technology plays in breaching the educational gap between developed an developing countries, and enabling a sustainable development. She has experience in consulting as well as working with NGOS both in the US and Ecuador. She has worked with NGOs such as Kids In Need of Defense (KIND), TECHO Ecuador, among others. She is very excited to continue her work with TuftsID and expand the reach and improve the content currently available for the community in Coaque

Jacob Rubel (’21)

Libraries Without Borders team

Jacob Rubel is a first year at Tufts University from Brooklyn, NY.  He plans on majoring in International Relations with a minor in Entrepreneurial Leadership Studies.  Jacob is interested in pursuing a career in government and international development.  He has been a Bloomberg Arts and Culture Intern, worked on education consulting in the New York City DOE, and studied abroad in Spain during his sophomore year of high school as a student and volunteer English tutor.  Jacob is involved in the Tufts Philosophy club, the Tufts History Society, Ethics Bowl, and also created the Philosophy Club at his high school which he is still involved in.  In his free time, he likes to read, hike, and watch Spanish movies.

Jacob Rubel (’21)

Jacob Rubel is a junior majoring in Political Science from Brooklyn, New York. His primary interests include political philosophy, local politics, and international development. At Tufts, he leads a sustainable development project in Ecuador which brings E-Library centers to remote areas that lack internet access. In 2018 and 2019, he received funding from the IGL Empower Grant to implement centers and conduct monitoring and evaluation. At Tufts, Jacob has been a Mathew Howard Shea Scholar in the Department of Political Science and is currently a Laidlaw Scholar, working on a research project which is studying civic education in relation to the lack of engagement in local politics. He has worked for the NYC government as well as the MIT D-Lab. For the 2019-2020 year he will be studying at the University of Oxford.


Nishant Saharan (’14)


Neel Sambamurthy (’21)

Hometown: Short Hills, NJ
Bio: Neel Sambamurthy is currently a freshman at Tufts. He has a lot of background doing community service work, ranging from volunteering with the Red Cross, organizing blood drives, and creating fundraisers for a local non-profit organization (Family Assistance Resource Center). His parents grew up in Tamil Nadu, and he has visited the state numerous times, so this is an organization that really matters to him. He does not have much experience with sustainable development, but he hopes that joining this club will build his knowledge in this area. He hopes to gain a leadership position in the club and take on the fundraising responsibility.

Hope Schaitkin (’14)


Ashwini Shankar (’21)

Hometown: Atherton, CA
Bio: Ashwini Shankar is a freshman studying International Relations. She has worked with sustainable development since middle school through the organization “Free the Children.” Through this club, she has coordinated numerous events and fundraisers for overseas campaigns. She is looking forward to being in an organization that continues this work in a familiar community and has the exciting opportunity to partner with a new NGO.

Ben Spevack (’15)


Ben began studying Chinese his freshman year.  He continued through sophomore year and studied at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou the first semester of his junior year.  His interests include China’s grassroots democracy, current urbanization project, and the security situation in Xinjiang province.

Colin Steele (’18)

Colin Steele (F'18) spent the summer of 2019 working to build a better co-learning, networking, and job-finding platform for fellow graduate students interested in serving the public good. He earned his bachelor's degree from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown and a MALD from The Fletcher School, where he is now a PhD student. He's also a proud alumnus of AmeriCorps, the National Outdoor Leadership School, and Seth Godin's Akimbo Workshops. He blogs daily and will be building out his project at

Geoffrey Tam (’20)

Geoff Tam (F’2G) studies Development Economics and Human Security at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. Originally from the Boston area, Geoff studied environmental agriculture and international development at Cornell University before working for various non-profit organizations, including World Hunger Relief, Inc., the 2Seeds Network, Inc., the Fenway Community Development Corporation, and Education Development Center, Inc. on issues ranging from affordable housing, hunger and food security, and substance use prevention and youth risk behavior. At Fletcher, Geoff hopes to build the skills and knowledge necessary for a career in design and monitoring and evaluation for international NGOs focused on poverty alleviation and international development. He is interested in applying tools of data science and behavioral economics towards improving social policy in the development context. Geoff is a member of PRAXIS Journal of Human Security, International Development Group, Design@Fletcher, Fletcher Climbs, and Fletcher Christian Fellowship.

Yee Hui Tan (’14)

Marketing and Artistic Designer

Yee Hui studies Peace & Justice, Religion and African Studies at Tufts University and is on the cusp of graduating, big decisions, and new adventures. She lives in Singapore and Somerville, but can usually be found chasing buses, trains, and sunshine. In spite of her terminally itchy feet, she is trying to learn to appreciate the art of sitting still. When she’s done with school, her goal is to make her city more happy and inclusive for everyone through community-building, a loving reclamation of spaces and public art projects.

Sawyer Uecke (’21)

Libraries Without Borders team

Sawyer Uecke is a first year student at Tufts University who plans to major in astrophysics. While living in Nicaragua as part of the Tufts 1+4 program, Sawyer developed a life long passion for cross cultural communication, sustainable development, and youth leadership and education. He hopes to further enhance these skills while working with Tufts International Development while simultaneously exploring new areas of international development such as fundraising. He is becoming an active member on Tufts campus and is involved in the salsa performance team "La Salsa," Engineers without Borders, and United for Immigration Justice, to name a few. Sawyer plans to continue being an active citizen on and off the Tufts campus through volunteering at events similar to Tufts Community Day and with the Boys & Girls Club. 

Mohammad Uzair Akram (’19)

Mohammad Uzair Akram, is a graduate student at The Fletcher School pursuing master’s in international business with a focus on Development Economics. After securing a position in the Tufts 100k competition for Kisaan, a micro-financial product aimed at incentivizing smallholder farmers to adopt innovative technologies in Pakistan, he received an Empower grant for additional support. Over the summer, he coordinated with Pakistan's largest microfinance organization, Akhuwat, to conduct a feasibility study to be added into their portfolio. The Empower grant allowed him to conduct market research in the suburbs of Lahore city in Pakistan and interview/survey smallholder farmers. It also allowed him to gain valuable insights into the capital needs of farmers and the financial constraints they face to obtain machinery. 


Sachin Vallamkonda (’21)

Sachin Vallamkonda (A’21) is an undergraduate student studying Chemistry and Child Development at Tufts University. He conducts research at Dr. Barry Trimmer's Neuromechanics lab and is passionate about global health. As part of the Tufts GlobeMed and Tufts Kidney Disease Screening and Awareness Program (KDSAP), Sachin enjoys learning more about health equity and engaging in community service. In his free time, he performs on Tufts JumboRaas dance team and works as a First-Year Advisor on-campus. Through the support of the IGL and on behalf of GlobeMed, Brendan Foley, Olivia Bronzi, and Sachin worked on-site with the NGO PHASE Nepal this summer.

Maya Velasquez (’21)

Action for Education team

Maya is passionate about advocacy and making meaningful contributions to her communities and larger ones. She comes from a Colombian family and has a special love for Latin America that she is excited to pursue further. She is considering the fields of Community Health, Latino Studies, Peace and Justice Studies, and whatever else she may find along the way.

Ezgi Yazici (’20)

Ezgi is a member of Class of 2020 from the beautiful Istanbul, Turkey. She is pursuing a double major in International Relations and Middle Eastern Studies, while also learning Arabic. Beyond that, she loves to work with children and young adults and has served as a camp counsellor for children from Turkey and Afghanistan. She occasionally dreams of working for UNICEF in the future."

Wayne Yeh (’16)


Yunan Zhang (’15)

Programming and Finance

Olive Zhuo (’20)

Olive is a member of the class of 2020 from Tibet who came to the U.S when she was 13. She is pursuing a major in International Relations and minor in Entrepreneurship Leadership Studies. She is passionate about human connections, learning about different cultures and traveling. She is also an avid weightlifter and Reggaeton music lover. Currently, she is on campus trying to start a chapter called TableTalk and her own startup Ammi that is aimed to connect Tufts students on personal levels.