Student Leaders and Members

Atrey Bhargava (’21)


Atrey Bhargava is a member of the Class of 2021 and is from Lucknow, India. He is an International Relations and Economics double major, and is passionate about foreign affairs, international security and human rights. His formative years were spent in an all-boys boarding school which has instilled in him the idea of equality and the ability of each individual to scale any mountain if given the right context. At Tufts, he is involved with the South Asian Political Action Committee, 180 degrees consulting, CIVIC and Model UN. He was also a member of the 2017-18 EPIIC colloquium and symposium on the future of the liberal world order under the guidance of Professor Abiodun Williams.

Atrey is particularly interested in the realm of international security and developmental economics and plans to understand how to reconcile the two processes in any post-conflict society. In pursuance of this, he was a Tufts for Rwanda fellow in the summer of 2018 and has witnessed first-hand the reconciliation process undertaken by the Kagame Government after the 1994 Tutsi genocide. His primary interest lies in the Middle East and South Asia domain and he highly values the mentorship of Professor Jalal in the South Asia department. In his free time, Atrey loves to read, play squash and try different kinds of cuisines.

Connor Doyle (’21)

IGL Liaison

Connor is a sophomore majoring in International Relations with a concentration in International Security with minors in Economics and Arabic. He is from Albany, New York and loves spending time with his two younger brothers. An avid swimmer, he is on the varsity swimming team at Tufts and coached local swim teams as well as lifeguarded at home the past two summers. On campus, he is a member of ATO of Massachusetts and is a part of the Tufts Financial Group Analyst training program in addition to NIMEP and the swim team. In his free time, he enjoys movie nights, enjoying Davis Square’s finest eats and exploring Tufts’ social life.

Caitlyn Enroth (’21)

Marketing and publicity

Caitlyn is sophomore from Arlington, VA. She is currently pursuing a major in International Relations with a concentration in Security and a minor in Mathematics. She is the treasurer and a choreographer for the Middle Eastern Dance Club, a mechanic with Tufts Bikes, and does volunteer work with older adults off campus.

Claire Furse (’22)

Event Coordinator

Claire is a first-year from Houston, Texas considering a major in International Relations with a concentration in Global Health. She became interested in the Middle East after learning about the Syrian refugee crisis in 2015, which prompted her to tutor refugee youth for the past two years. Claire is looking forward to helping plan engaging events on diverse topics ranging from regional security to Arabic dialects and seeing NIMEP grows as an organization.

Colin Kennedy (’21)

Assistant Editor

Colin is a sophomore born in Seattle, Washington. However, he lived abroad in Russia, India, Switzerland, and Ethiopia his entire life, and this is what has inspired him to learn more about the world. He plans on majoring in Quantitative Economics with a minor in History. On campus he is active in club volleyball and is an assistant editor for features in the Tufts Daily. This past summer, Colin interned for USAID in their democracy and governance section, writing memos and success stories. In his free time, he plays football (soccer) and basketball, and loves reading novels, but is also satisfied by just reading the news.

Taylor Lewis (’21)


Taylor Lewis is a sophomore at Tufts majoring in International Relations and Economics, with minors in History and Philosophy. The little time that he has outside of classes he dedicates to Tufts Debate Society, learning Arabic, and writing about global politics. Hailing from Portland, Oregon, he reconnects with his roots by wearing fuzzy flannels and drinking copious amounts of coffee. You can catch him at Carmichael every morning at 7:18, eating oatmeal and enjoying good conversation.

Daniel Ndirangu (’21)

Event Coordinator

Daniel Ndirangu (Danteh) is a sophomore from Kenya majoring in Quantitative Economics and International Relations. He is involved with Synaptic Scholars, Tufts African Students Organization, Students Engaged in Resolution and Awareness (SERAT), Tufts Financial Group (TFG), Tufts Trading Fund (TTF), Visions of Peace (VOP), National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) as well as NIMEP. He participated in Visions of Peace this year drawing him to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and is currently a research assistant studying Ralph Bunche, the chief mediator of the I-P conflict in the 1940s. In his free time, he loves to watch TV series, dance, and discuss geopolitics and economics. 

Arjun Padalkar (’21)


Arjun Padalkar is a sophomore from Mumbai, India double majoring in Quantitative Economics and International Relations, specializing in Security. His interest in economics, politics, development theories and diplomacy began when he attended an economic globalization course at Columbia University in the summer of 2015. He then worked as an intern auditor for a microfinancing company operating in the Dharavi slums in Mumbai where he interviewed and audited the debtors in the field. Simultaneously, he worked on a global politics project for his diploma where he conducted research on the Rohingya refugee crisis as part of his broader project on border security. In the final year of his high school diploma, he co-chaired a committee on economic diversification of single industry cities. In the summer of 2018, Arjun interned as an analyst in a non-banking financial company specializing in sub-prime lending. There, he used different variables such as age, income, living condition, and debt-burden ratio to determine a customers’ credit-worthiness. Arjun is currently part of the EPIIC colloquium that is studying migration in a turbulent world and is also part of the International Club at Tufts. Besides economics and politics, Arjun is passionate about food, cooking, and European football.

Kairavi Sarup (’20)

Trip Coordinator

Kairavi Sarup is a Junior from New Delhi but spent a large part of her life living in Helsinki. She is a junior majoring in International Relations and Archaeology and minoring in Arabic. In addition to NIMEP, she is active in SAPAC (South Asian Political Action Committee) and is a research assistant at the CEEO. Kai also loves music and theatre.

Uzair Sattar (’21)


Uzair is a sophomore at Tufts University. Born in Islamabad, Pakistan, he is planning on majoring in International Relations with a concentration in the Middle East and South Asia. Uzair took a gap year after high school to explore possible careers options. He worked at a corporate law firm and microfinance bank in attempt to discover where his passions lied. Ultimately, Uzair chose law and aspires to specialize in water law in the future. He is currently a columnist for SouthAsia Magazine, where he writes monthly articles on various facets of Pakistan’s water crisis. At Tufts, Uzair is the Vice-President of the International Club, member of Tufts Mock Trial, Co-Leader of the New Initiative for Middle Eastern Peace, and Founder of Tufts Cricket Club. During Uzair’s freshman year, he was a member of “HYPE! Mimez” – the nation’s only collegiate mime troupe. In his spare time, Uzair enjoys biking as well as playing and watching cricket.

Sara Torres (’20)

Program Director

Sara Torres, or as most people call her, Sarita, is a Junior double majoring in Economics and International Relations with a concentration in Development Economics. For Sarita, home is Latin America, particularly Colombia and Dominican Republic. In addition to her involvement with NIMEP, she is co-director of Latin American Committee (LAC) and Students Engaged in Resolution and Awareness at Tufts (SERAT), Peer Leader for the LatinX Center, Event Planning chair for Women Entrepreneurs at Tufts (WE@T), I-Club Campus Relations Executive Board member, Growth and Strategy Chair for One for the World (OFTW) and works as a barista at the Rez Cafe. During her Sophomore summer, she partook in the Summer Scholars program through which she researched about the changes in attitude among the Arab region’s working class toward democracy and democratization before and after the Arab Spring. Sarita is very interested in the Middle Eastern and North African regions not only because of her research but also due to her interest in the region’s history and lively culture fascinating, especially as it shares some parallels with Latin America. Sarita loves learning about world history in addition to the political economy and culture of different regions. In her free time, she enjoys exploring events in the Boston area and going out for runs while listening to trance music or reggaetón.