Student Leaders and Members

Judy Chen (’19)

IGL Liaison

Judy Chen is a junior from Taiwan who studies Anthropology, as well as Cognitive & Brain Sciences and Science, Technology, & Society on the side. Having lived abroad her entire life, Judy loves traveling to and living in different countries to connect with people and see how they make life their own. She loves spending her time writing, creating, having six-hour lunches, and exploring the edges of human connection. Currently, she is interested in bringing more humanity and human nuance to the world of tech and design.

Evan Cook (’19)

Board Member

Evan Cook is a member of the class of 2019 from Columbus, Ohio interested in studying International Relations and Anthropology. His inquisitiveness and indecisiveness have led him to interests ranging from gender in international relations to the effects of viral dormancy in mice. Consequently, he hopes to find a career that works across different disciplines to address various issues facing the US and the world. Going forward, Evan is excited to engage Synaptic Scholars in larger communities, hoping to impart positive change on and off Tufts’ campus.

Mallory Grider (’19)

Meeting Coordinator

Mallory Grider is a member of the Class of 2019. Mallory balances her love of numbers and narratives at Tufts University, where she studies Mathematics, Computer Science, and History. She hails from Sandy, Oregon, a rural town near Mount Hood, though she thinks of Boston as her adopted hometown. Mallory spent half of her high school career studying mathematics at Reed College, in Portland. At Reed, during a project on elliptic curve cryptography and its practical application, she developed an interest in number theory and cryptanalysis. On campus, Mallory is an editor of the Tufts Historical Review, an academic journal of history, a member of Chi Omega sorority, and a volunteer for Tufts’ Girls of Code.

Anne Hall (’19)

Meeting Coordinator

Anne is a member of the Class of 2019 and is from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She is a Biology and Interdisciplinary Studies double major, and has passions ranging from women’s health to Spanish language and culture to photography. She is involved in numerous groups on campus including the Tufts First-Gen Council, GlobeMed at Tufts, Minority Association of Pre-Health Students (MAPS), and Oslo Scholars.

Engaging in meaningful conversations regarding the intersectionality between faith and social justice work is extremely important to Anne, and she is ecstatic to continue contributing to this conversation at Tufts as a 2017 Cafe Peer Leader. In her free time, Anne loves to read, embark on spontaneous adventures and go on walks.


Maude Plucker (’18)


Maude is a senior studying Cognitive and Brain Science and Philosophy at Tufts. Born in Brussels, Belgium, she enjoys traveling, living in new countries, and learning languages. While she is passionate about studying the mind and the brain, Maude hopes to pursue a dynamic, international career in humanitarian aid, public health, and diplomacy. She values her fellow Synaptic Scholars for their ability to pursue diverse interests with enthusiasm and humility, as well as for their unlimited love of learning. 

Maia Tarnas (’19)

Meeting Coordinator

Maia is a junior who hails from the Island of Hawaii and studies Community Health, Middle Eastern Studies, and Arabic. She is passionate about exploring the spaces in which these overlap, specifically with regards to epidemiological research and infectious disease control within vulnerable populations and in zones of crisis. She is grateful for the Synaptic Scholar community for being a constant source of support, discussion, and genuine connection in her life. 

Yoojin Yoon (’19)

Media Coordinator

YooJin Yoon is a member of the Class of 2019, pursuing a double major in Biology and Community Health. She is fascinated by science and hopes to help many people through exploring her passions in biology and public health. She was born in Incheon, South Korea and currently resides in Rocky Hill, Connecticut. Some of YooJin’s other passions include art, ceramics, badminton, tennis, humanitarian works, and exploring foreign cultures. She is excited to discover new possibilities through her experiences in Synaptic Scholars, while teaching others of her own passions.