Student Leaders and Members

Khuyen Bui (’17)

Khuyen lets his inclination to question reign. So far it has led to his interest in people and learning, which pretty much includes everything. He is considering majoring in Philosophy, which promises him with no easy answer but at least better questions in his quest to seek truth. Two things that have irreversibly altered the course of his life are English and Googl-ing: knowing these two skills opened a whole new world of knowledge and opportunities for him. For that reason, he's also thinking of double majoring in Computer Science as he believes that only with a good understanding of technology can he leverage the positive impact on more people. Plus he always has a not-so-secret admiration for the techies - these wizards of 21st century are fascinating. 
Khuyen grew up in the lovely city of  Hanoi, Vietnam and spent 4 years of high school to study in Singapore under a scholarship  by the Singapore government – one of the best decisions in his life. Tufts is another, and he's eternally grateful for this opportunity to continue his journey to learn more about himself, about the world and of course about how to live it best.
In Tufts, he's very happy to be part of the Synaptic Scholars (such a sexy name for the action-oriented nerds like him). He's also a mentor for Compass Fellowship, a group aimed at helping freshmen get more exposure to social entrepreneurship (aka doing good well). He is also involved in South East Asian Service Leadership Network (SEALNet), a non-profit organisation with the mission of developing young service leaders in South East Asia. He often thinks that he's the luckiest guy on earth to have received so much help from amazing people, so not giving back is unthinkable for him. His lifelong goal is to build a community of learners who care about one another. So far his approach has been to stay curious, to build connection with one person at a time and to write to share. About 3% of his writing can be found at his blog; the rest he's probably too shy to share.  
If all these sound too grandeur, fret not. He can talk to you about anything. His motto is "Failure is when I meet someone whom I can't learn from." In his free time, he breathes deeper to enjoy life and its beauty, engages in conversations with others and with himself. He believes the most important thing to do at all times is to do good with the people he is with, right at that moment. 

Adriana Guardans-Godo (’17)

Adriana is a member of the class of 2017 from Barcelona, Spain born in New York City. She is pursuing a major in International Relations with a regional concentration in Europe and the Soviet Union and a potential English minor. On campus Adriana is an editor of Voces, the language department’s annual publication, a vice-president of HerCampus and a member of the History Society. Adriana is addicted to joining different clubs in order to discover her passion and make the most of the intellectual and creative energy that thrives at Tufts. Although she is still working on finding a medium or cause in which to fully focus her energies, she is motivated, eager to learn and confident that she will eventually discover what makes her “tick.”


Adriana is an ardent traveler and has visited diverse countries such as Paris, Senegal and Beijing. Having attended an international school for most of her life and having had the opportunity to be immersed in new environments has opened up her world perspective and allowed her to keep a very open mind. Adriana is also passionate about communication; whether it be through a shared language, a written narrative or an artistic expression, she strongly believes that success and happiness are intrinsically tied to the personal connections you make with the people and the background that surrounds you.


Occasionally Adriana likes to “forget her phone” and go on a walk outside to reflect in silence, write in her journal or read a good book. Adriana’s restless energy makes it difficult for her to sit still and she needs a good balance of social and alone time in order to keep her introvert-extrovert dichotomous nature in check. A fan of food, a lover of the ocean, a sunlight-junkie and a compulsive list maker, Adriana loves a good sense of humor and an honest conversation.

Hande Guven (’18)

Hande Guven is a member of the class of 2018 and is majoring in International Relations with a concentration on the Middle East, and minoring in Computer Science. She is from Istanbul, Turkey which means she has a high tolerance -- and even an affinity -- for chaos. Academically, she is interested in Middle Eastern politics and culture, political philosophy, international development and law. However her interests and passions lie in a wide array of fields, which is one of the reasons she feels so at home in Synaptic Scholars and Tufts community at large. She know Turkish, English, French and is currently studying Arabic at Tufts.

On campus, Hande is a co-coordinator for LCS Shelters. She tries to keep up with local events in and around Boston including lectures, museum exhibits and concerts. Although she misses the bustle of Istanbul, she tries to make up for it by exploring Boston.

Hande also loves to read about art, linguistics, film and technology. She often finds herself having heated conversations about these topics with friends and strangers alike. As an amateur writer, she experiments with personal essays and poetry but she is working on sharing her writing with other people without becoming self-conscious. An ardent cinephile and a traveller, she tries to document her travels through photography and video projects. The impossibly curious and intellectually stimulating student body at Tufts is one of her favorite aspects of the school. She is a firm believer that innovative thinking and collaboration between people from different backgrounds is our best hope for great ideas. She hopes to further facilitate this kind of conversations at Tufts throughout her time as a Synaptic Scholar.

Maude Plucker (’18)

Maude was born in Brussels, Belgium, and has moved frequently, never spending more then three years in one country since she was ten years old. While French is her mother tongue, Maude learned English in Connecticut as a child and has attended school in both English and French. She also learned to speak Spanish when she lived in Barcelona, Spain. Having attended international schools in Belgium, Spain and the U.S., Maude enjoys learning about other cultures through socializing and traveling. The latter, in fact, is one of her greatest passions; she feels very fortunate to have traveled so extensively with her family, and cannot wait to plan her next trips. After college, Maude plans to return to live in Europe.

She is greatly inspired by the United Nations, as her mother works for UNICEF and she graduated high school at the United Nations International School in New York City. She is undeclared at Tufts, but hopes to pursue a major in community health, and possibly double major with child development, too, in addition to completing a minor in philosophy. These studies, she hopes, will eventually lead her onto a career working for the United Nations.

At Tufts, Maude is on the Women’s Varsity Crew team. Indeed, she loves the water. She is an avid scuba diver, having done so in Egypt, Jordan, Punta Cana and Cuba. After college, Maude sees herself taking a year off to become a scuba instructor before attending graduate school. In addition, she adores photography and film, two passions she hopes to utilize as means of communicating with targeted groups while working in the public health industry. She is working at New York Methodist Hospital this summer of 2015, as well as working as a journalist for ICARE4Autism, the International center for Autism Research and Education.