TILIP Class of 2020

Argentina: Universidad de San Andrés

Anabel Aranda
Universidad de San Andrés
Anabel Aranda is an undergraduate student of International Relations and Political Science at Universidad de San Andrés, Argentina. She is currently doing an internship at the MERCOSUR Institute of Public Policies on Human Rights (IPPDH), an institution that seeks to strengthen human rights as a fundamental axis of regional identity and integration through cooperation and coordination of public policies. Last year, she completed an exchange program at Science Po, Paris. She is passionate about philosophy, international politics, art and traveling. In the future, she would like to specialize in Human Rights and to become a Diplomat. She believes that to gain experience in this discipline it's crucial to interact and exchange different views with citizens from all over the globe, not only to understand better their cultures and the societies in which they are living but also to develop more empathy in a very divided world.

Sol Isuani Caturgeli
Universidad de San Andrés
Sol is currently an undergraduate student of Law in Universidad de San Andrés (UdeSA) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since 2017 she has participated in many activities. During 2018 and 2019 she was part of the Law Review of UdeSA and has participated in the Competition of Humanitarian Law that took place at Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires. She works as a research assistant for a professor of the Department of Law at UdeSA and is currently focused on the topic of corruption in Argentina. She has attended many conferences, such as T20 that took place in Buenos Aires. Sol believes that having discussions and meeting people from different places is a great way to improve her knowledge and grow. Her main interests are international law of human rights and humanitarian law.

Verónica Inés Garello
Universidad de San Andrés
Verónica grew up in Córdoba, an Argentinian province and discovered her passion for international affairs after participating in Model United Nations. After being granted a scholarship of “Abanderados Argentino” ́ in 2016, she started her studies in International Relations at Universidad de San Andrés, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. During her studies, she collaborated with the International Programs Office and coordinated the Buddy Program. Her first approach to the public sector was as a volunteer assistant at the National Congress. She currently interns at “Consejo Argentino para las Relaciones Internacionales (CARI)”, where she analyzes the most important global issues from the Argentinian perspective and under different theories. Through many seminars, such us “Global Justice” and “Philosophy, Public Policy and Distributive Justice”, she has widened and deepened her areas of interest. Moreover, she’s working on her final degree project: “Public Opinion and Regime Type preferences in Argentina”. She strongly believes in democracy, commitment, and multicultural exchange as the ultimate ways to study the real world and suggest alternatives to ensure peaceful coexistence. She looks forward to engaging in a meaningful discussion on preventing genocide and mass atrocities.

Luciana Carolina Tapia Rattaro
Universidad de San Andrés
Luciana Tapia Rattaro is an undergraduate law student at the University of San Andrés. She’s from San Juan, Argentina, where she developed a special interest and commitment towards human rights, justice and gender related issues. She profoundly believes that women should not be limited by an established gender role, and that injustice in the system must never be accepted. During her time at university she deepened her interests and for the last two years she has been the director of the Universidad de San Andrés Law Review Magazine. She has been a volunteer translator for ACNUR Argentina and UNV Regional Office for East and Southern Africa. Last year she contributed to an investigation of corruption in Argentinian courts with two Yale graduates as director of the project. In addition, she participated with a group of other students in the Competition of International Humanitarian Law. In every activity she’s involved in, she tries to develop it with passion and hard work. Whenever an opportunity is available, she tries to empower women in every field possible. With this experience she hopes she meets people with shared interests and from a diverse environment which she can learn from.




Anna Beatriz Cezar
Federal University of Pernambuco
Beatriz Cezar is a fourth-year Law student at the Federal University of Pernambuco, in Recife, Brazil. Passionate about International Relations and International Law, she wishes to expand her knowledge of geopolitics and believes in the advantageousness of intercultural communication and sharing of ideas as an instrument of learning. Through her participation in Model United Nations conferences, she has been able to study a variety of issues pertaining to international affairs and to the functioning of the United Nations. Beatriz is also interested in cinema, poetry and traveling. She pursues a career which will allow her to participate in the diversity of the world and help those who need it the most.

Thais Rocha
Universidade de Brasília
Thais is an International Relations student born and raised in Rio de Janeiro who moved to Brazil’s capital seeking professional and personal development. During her time at the Universidade de Brasilia she had challenging experiences as the Junior Enterprise and at Model UNs, in which she got the opportunity to be Co-General Secretary in the 21st AMUN, a Public Relations Director for SiNUS 19 and an Academic Director for the United Nations Security Council during 2019’s MundoCM, period which she engaged even further with the topics of migrant issues, genocide and mass shootings once she wrote a paper on that for the committee. Thais is a former intern at the Brazilian’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and currently works for Walt Disney World through the Cultural Exchange Program and will continue her journey as an exchange student at the University of Warsaw. Thais is super exited and looking forward to sharing and learning a lot on this year’s EPIIC.

Felipe Guida Gouveia
Universidade Potiguar
Felipe Guida, currently studies International Relations at the Universidade Potiguar in Natal, Brasil, and holds the position of Director of Communication and Institutional Relations of the National Federation of International Relations Students (FENERI). He’s also part of AIESEC assisting young exchangers to participate on Sustainable Development Goals projects at Natal, and sending them to countries like Peru and Egypt. In 2016 he went to Kendall College, Chicago, USA, to take business classes and visit small businesses, social projects and large corporations like Google. The same year he participated in a project with refugees from Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco, translating and connecting them with the local mosque. When he participated in a neurolinguistic programming course, it sparked his interest to better understand the research topics such as terrorism, foreign fighters and bullying. Felipe also participated in social projects while studying international commerce. He is eager to participate in this year’s EPIIC symposium so that he can learn, develop and network.

Anna Luisa Araujo Mendes
Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais
Anna Luisa is in her fourth year at the Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais, pursuing an undergraduate degree in International Relations. Her areas of interest are peace and conflict studies and long-term peace which inspired her to write and present articles about the Bosnian War and Srebrenica Massacre. Her undergraduate thesis is about the construction of long-term peace in Côte d’Ivoire and the importance of involving local actors. As an International Relations student, Anna believes in the power of discussions and diplomacy as ways to develop solutions and policies for post-conflict scenarios. She also likes to research about the American continent - especially Latin America. During EPIIC symposium, she looks forward to engaging in significant discussion on preventing genocide and mass atrocities.

Sabrina Santos Pinto
Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais
Sabrina is currently studying International Relations at the Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais, Brazil. In 2019 she held a semester of her course at the Catholic University of Uruguay in Montevideo. Sabrina has a study focused on the area of international security and contemporary terrorism and has published several articles and even presented in 2019 a paper for the Brazilian Ministry of Defense on the Brazilian border control system. Her goal at EPIIC 2020 is to hold discussions and exchange ideas for personal growth, as well as make future friends.

Isabella Carvalho Mustafa Tanajura
Centro Universitário Jorge Amado
Isabella Tanajura is currently an International Relations undergraduate student from Salvador, Brazil, and is a marketing intern at the Port of Salvador. Her main interests are in defense and military strategies, politics and world history. Tanajura considers herself a prolific student with a large interest in the role of international conflict in the lives of people from all over the world. She believes participating in the EPIIC 2020 symposium will be vital to increase her horizons of conjunctural analyses of international law and geopolitics. Isabella is looking forward to all the discussions and expects that everything she has learned thus far on defense can contribute to this year’s conference.


Canada: University of Ottawa


Annie Arko
University of Ottawa
Annie Arko is completing her Juris Doctor at the University of Ottawa in Canada and holds a Master of Arts in Global Governance. Annie has diverse legal and policy experience with past appointments at two United Nations offices, three Canadian Government departments, and various research institutions. Annie is driven by social and environmental justice and hopes to continue to work at the intersection of law and policy to support a more peaceful and just world.

Aneta Bajic
University of Ottawa
Aneta is a second-year law student at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law. She plans to graduate with a specialization in international law. Her studies are complemented by her position as a Research Fellow at the Refugee Hub, an organization that engages in research and programming focuses on fostering justice and human rights for refugees around the world. Aneta is also the co-president of the Level Justice chapter at the university, where she coordinates events focused on discussing local access to justice issues and how law students can disrupt barriers to justice. In her free time, Aneta enjoys dog-spotting, consuming too much pasta, and yoga.

Angel Li
University of Ottawa
Angel Li is a second-year law student in the Canadian American Dual JD Program at the University of Ottawa. Throughout her academic career, she has worked in areas relating to bilateral diplomacy, international trade and political affairs at Global Affairs Canada. Angel is interested in getting a variety of legal experiences, particularly in international law, dispute resolution and access to justice. She has completed an internship with the Oceans and Environmental Law Division at Global Affairs Canada, as well as an internship with Reach Canada to provide free legal services and education to the Ottawa community. Prior to attending law school, Angel has studied social theory and globalization and obtained an Honours Bachelor's degree in Sociology from the University of Ottawa. Angel enjoys volunteering and being active in the student community, reading, travelling, and the arts. She is very much looking forward to learning and exchanging ideas with fellow representatives in the EPIIC program.

Athina Ionita
University of Ottawa
Athina is currently in her third year of law school at the University of Ottawa in the English Common Law program. Coming from diverse Toronto, Athina has always been interested in immigration and refugee issues. Athina built on this interest by becoming involved with the Refugee/Criminal law clinic in her second year of law school. As a part of the clinic, she had the opportunity to shape refugee and immigration law by working on Supreme Court of Canada cases and also conducted legal research for prominent public interest organizations. Athina most enjoyed working in the area of immigration detention and on Charter rights. This past summer, Athina continued her work in immigration with the Refugee Hub, focusing on the Canadian private sponsorship program. She continues her research in private sponsorship of refugees from the perspective of community integration of refugees. In her spare time, Athina enjoys Netflix, cooking and rollerblading.


China: Peking University


Cao Xiangchen
Peking University
Cao Xiangchen is a senior undergraduate law student at Peking University. She’s especially interested in international criminal law and represented Peking University at the International Criminal Court Moot Court Competition and won the champion in the National Round. She has been the group coordinator of the Silk Road SOAR Youth Leadership Program, a one-year intensive student leadership program focusing on the development of China, Central Asia, and the Middle East. Furthermore, she has volunteered at “Seeds of Hope Children’s Home Bali” and taught language classes to orphans in Indonesia. As a core member of Legal Aid Association, not only does she realize that legal assistance is often the only lifeline available to people facing life-altering consequences, but the judiciary is the last line of defense for social justice. She is firmly convinced by the quote “If you want peace, work for justice.” She hopes to contribute to the discussions, broadening her capacity for critical analysis from a foreign perspective at the EPIIC Symposium.

Waldemar Jaszczyk
Peking University
Waldemar Jaszczyk is a British-Polish graduate from King’s College London, where he received the first-class honors degree in History and International Relations. The degree allowed him to study the international system and its dynamics through the complementary lens of social and political sciences. He is currently studying at Peking University as a part of the PKU-LSE double graduate degree in International Affairs. His research interests include geopolitics, the changing character of international involvement in civil wars and the impact of the Cold War legacy on the modern conflicts in the Third World. Waldemar is a keen volunteer, participating in the organization of many international mass events that support cross-cultural and cross-generational cooperation and exchange, such as the Europeade, the European Rover Challenge or E(x)plory Science Festival. His volunteering experience at the Imperial War Museum, the National Archives and the British Museum furthered his understanding of how international conflicts shaped the world that we live in and how historical themes and concepts cross national boundaries. He wants to provide his inter-disciplinary approach towards analyzing the challenges facing today’s world to the discussions at EPIIC 2020. He also hopes to engage in a positive, even if heated, debates and discussions with a group of diverse and open-minded people. Waldemar spends his free time writing, reading detective stories, horrors, watching movies and running.

Xuelai Li
Peking University
Xuelai (Sally) Li is a senior at Peking University majoring in Finance and minoring in Computer Science. She has completed internships across consulting, banking and sales & trading before finally confirming her interest in research. Having gained solid academic background through exchange semester at the University of Hong Kong within the Department of Mathematics and a summer session at Columbia University, she started her academic road by cooperating with professor in different fields. Sally has prior experience in international trade, political economy, institutional theory as well as public policy. She was selected as the participant of Stanford UGVR program and did summer research there. In the future, Sally would like to shed light on how institutions and the political climate affect entrepreneurial activities. Outside the classroom, Sally is engaged in a variety of international communication activities and plays an important role in them. She enjoys making friends with people from different backgrounds and exchanging views about the world. She has been to more than 15 countries and is going to explore more in the future. Sally is excited to be a part of EPIIC and hopes to have a rewarding experience there.

Liu Yalin
Peking University
Liu Yalin is a second-year undergraduate student at Peking University majoring in International Relations and will be pursuing a degree in International Political Economy at Waseda University in 2020 under the PKU-Waseda Double Degree Program. She is from Singapore and was a recipient of the Bicultural Studies Programme organized by Singapore’s Ministry of Education, equipping her with a deep understanding of China. Since then, she further developed an interest in China-East Asia relations, participating in various summits where she was awarded the Outstanding Delegate Award in the China-ASEAN Youth Summit 2019. She seeks to further her research in Japan-China-ASEAN relations during her stay at Waseda University in Year Three. Outside of curriculum, Yalin was also a member of her college’s Students Council where she chaired the Co-Curriculum-Activities (CCA) Leaders Symposium, serving as a platform for CCAs to voice out their problems to the school, and has successfully helped many CCAs to improve their funding issues. Yalin is also actively engaged in giving back to the society where she took on the role of the President of Operation Smile Nanyang to raise awareness of children suffering from cleft lips. Furthermore, as a Singaporean studying overseas, Yalin is also part of the Singapore Students Association (Beijing) Executive Committee where she organized various events to bring overseas Singaporeans together in Beijing. During her free time, Yalin enjoys playing the piano and has dedicated most of her childhood in practicing piano where she passed her piano Grade 8 ABRSM examinations with distinction.

Jianzhang Lu
Peking University
Jianzhang is currently a second-year undergraduate student majoring in Japanese and International Studies at Peking University. Having spent 2 years of his childhood in Manhattan, New York, he has an immense interest in discovering more about the global community and wishes to take up a future academic path focusing on East Asia’s complex and intriguing international relations. He has also been an active member of Peking University’s international social clubs, namely SICA and Asian International Model United Nations, with an experience of designing and directing a model UN committee. He has also participated as a delegate in JING Forum 2018, an academic platform linking Peking University and the University of Tokyo. He is currently studying at Waseda University’s School of Political Science and Economics for a double-degree program. At the same time, he is devoted to volunteer activities and holds a passionate love for giving speeches - having volunteered as a tutor at Beijing’s Dandelion School for migrant workers’ children and having won First Place in Beijing’s English Speech Contest for University Students. Jianzhang believes mutual understanding is vital in the age of globalization and has a keen interest regarding nationalism in East Asian countries. He is very excited to discuss with fellow excellent representatives of EPIIC at Tufts.

Yanjun Ni
Peking University
Yanjun Ni is currently in his first year of Master of Finance program and has just received a Bachelor of Law degree in June 2019. Yanjun is determined to pursue a career in investment banking or private equity and has interned in related institutions as JD.com, PingAn Capital and Goetzpartners, during which he gained a lot of insight into China’s e-commerce industry and new economy. Yanjun also has great interest in social issues because of his undergraduate major, philosophy, politics and economics, from which he studied systematically economic theory both in micro and macro levels and classical political philosophy theory from Plato to Rousseau. Furthermore, he tries to understand and form his own explanation for the growth miracle of China and effectiveness of its current political systems. Driven by his curiosity for different culture and social condition in other countries, Yanjun has engaged in multiple international communication programs, most of which consist of in-depth discussion with peers from multicultural backgrounds. He initiated discussion on Competition and Social Justice with Japanese students in JING Forum, and coordinated the project of InterACT, a corporate-governance research program sitting Chinese and French students from PKU and MINES ParisTech at the same table. In his spare time, he is really addicted to all kinds of literature, including classic novel, drama, and movies.

Wen Wen
Peking University
Wen Wen is a junior undergraduate majoring in sociology, and she is also pursuing a dual-degree in economics. She is part of the honours program for young academics in social sciences, Yan-Fu Project, through which she encountered and has developed friendship with excellent peers from different disciplines. She’s never content with a single specific discipline, instead, she takes pleasure in combining the wisdom of sociology, economics, psychology, history and political science. She believes that social phenomena are interrelated with each other and need comprehensive study, especially in contemporary China. Wen’s past 2 years of undergraduate school life was packed with classical social theory tomes as well as intense empirical research training. She has developed skills of both quantitative social statistics and qualitative field study. Joining PKU’s delegation to this splendid high-end international symposium is an incredible and electrifying experience for her. She is looking forward to work with and learn from all the superb delegates. Working hard on her dream to enter graduate school, she will continue to advance her academic thinking, communication and presentation abilities.

Zhang Haoying
Peking University
Zhang Haoying is a senior student of German language and literature at Peking University, double majoring Chinese language and literature. She’s been an exchange student in Heidelberg University in Germany and nourishes a deep interest in German and European culture, history and society. As a member of PKU Students International Communication Association, she’s strongly interested in global relations and international exchange. She’s played an important role in the organization of numerous cultural exchange activities and academic conferences such as International Cultural Festival 2017, World Congress of Philosophy 2018 and East Asia Cooperation Conference of ZDS 2019. With a strong sense of social responsibility, she always tries her best to help people around and to make more contributions to the society. Not only did she work twice as a tutor for college freshmen, but also conducted an internship at the Investment Promotion Bureau of the local district government. Besides English, she also speaks German and French. She enjoys reading, painting and designing, and won the championship of the 12nd National German Debate Competition. She is really excited with the idea of being able to attend at her first international symposium and looks forward to learn and share perspectives with friends all over the world, working together to make the world a better place with more understanding and less violence.


France: Sciences Po Toulouse


Anys Chibane
Sciences Po Toulouse
Anys Chibane is in his fourth year at Sciences Po Toulouse, France where he is specializing in International Relations and Crisis Management. Last year he spent 6 months at the Athens University of Economics and Business as part of an Erasmus student-exchange program. This incredible experience made him to want to be more involved in intercultural exchanges. Passionate about history since childhood, he also has a strong interest in geopolitics and international justice. Anys feels very concerned about crimes against humanity and genocides and wants to work at the International Criminal Court after completing his studies. Attending the 2020 edition of EPIIC would be a great opportunity for him to exchange with other participants on the burning issues of our times in an international environment. He is looking forward to bringing his own perspective to the table on various issues and considers that mass atrocities are serious enough to merit the involvement of intercultural discussion. In his free time, Anys enjoys athletics and reading books about philosophy. He is currently working on his Master thesis focusing on the politicization process of the 2019 Algerian protests.

Yasmina Dahech
Sciences Po Toulouse
Enrolled in the International Relations and Crisis Management Master’s program at Sciences Po Toulouse, Yasmina has a deep interest in geopolitical questions of the Middle East and North Africa, particularly concerning the Arab Spring events and the issue of refugees/displaced persons in the region. She was able to discover the Middle East through an exchange semester at Galatasaray University in Istanbul at the department of International Relations, but also through her internship with a Lebanese NGO located in Beirut dealing with the situation of refugees in Lebanon and the condition of migrant workers in the country more broadly. She enjoys travelling and learning about new cultures. Curious by nature, she would like to discover more about global problems and their complexities at the Tufts University conference, in particular by meeting specialists from around the world directly confronted with these questions and debate with students from various backgrounds.

Warda Ouzemmal
Sciences Po Toulouse
Warda is currently in her first year of a master’s program in International Crisis Management at Sciences Po Toulouse, France. She is passionate about international relations and geopolitics. During, her gap year she got involved with French embassies in Niger and Burundi (Sub-Saharan Africa) where she worked in multiple fields (social, security, humanitarian, economic & political). She speaks French, English and Spanish, and she is currently learning Arabic and Swahili. She is passionate about the African continent and this is why she has chosen to focus her Master’s. Thesis on conflicts in the Great Lakes area. In participating in the Symposium, she is looking forward to discussing issues with the other participants and developing her thoughts.




Christina Chatzitheodorou
Panteion University
Born and raised in Greece, Christina Chatzitheodorou studies International, European and Area Studies in Athens. She has a keen interest in Strategic Studies, International and National conflicts and irregular warfare. She is a Researcher at the Institute of International Relations in the Sector of Russia, Eurasia and Eastern Europe as well as in the Sector of Defense Issues in the Group of Maritime Strategy. She has worked as a volunteer at Metadrasi NGO, teaching French to refugees. She has attended several seminars related to the comparative study of civil wars, the regional conflicts during the Cold War and the Grand Strategy in 21st century. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and reading books.

Angeliki Martinou
Panteion University
Angeliki is a senior undergraduate student of International, European and Area Studies at Panteion University in Athens, with a concentration in International Relations. As an intern researcher at the Institute of International Relations in Greece, she has developed a better understanding of American and International affairs within the American Domestic, Foreign Policy, Security and Defense research group. Academically and professionally, her interests include civil-military relations, homeland security and diplomacy. She strives to constantly improve her writing skills and expression, and generally tries to excel by actively pursuing opportunities offering her additional education, and consequently, professional and personal growth.

Maria Simaioforidou
University of Macedonia
Maria Simaioforidou is currently an undergraduate student of International Relations at University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki, Greece. She speaks Greek, English, Spanish, French, Russian and has basic communication skills in Portuguese. From the very first year of her studies, she has greatly valued participation in international student events and has participated in various conferences and simulations. A highlight during her studies was participating and getting the first place, while representing the University of Macedonia and Greece, at NATO Debates -a debate organized by the George Washington University and supported by the US mission in NATO. She vehemently believes that participation in these types of international conferences and students’ interaction can provide each and every one of the participants with the opportunity to broaden their horizons, enhance their understanding of others and other cultures, and improve their knowledge through experiential learning. Maria is excited to join TILIP 2020, because she thinks that the opportunity of gathering so many students with such a diverse background will provide a fertile ground for communication and for new ideas to be presented by young future leaders with no political prejudices but with a sincere and conscious effort to reach creative solutions.

Antonios Seferlis
University of Piraeus
Antonios Seferlis is an undergraduate student of International and European Relations (University of Piraeus) in Athens. He works as a broadcast news journalist in one of the major television groups of Greece, covering issues related to the political, social and foreign policy agenda. He has attended various Model United Nations in Europe, representing permanent members of the Security Council on topics concerning civil wars in the Middle East, mass atrocities, nuclear proliferation, social prosperity and equality. He is an organizing member of the ‘Negotiation and Mediation Centre’ of his university, working on international conflicts which haven't been settled for centuries, such as the Naming Issue of fYROM (North Macedonia), the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the Cyprus dispute. His undergraduate studies focus on international law, international political economy and trade, as well as security, topics which he is aimed at continuing through his postgraduate studies. He has intense interest in structural affairs of the global system which are correlated to the even changing multicultural character of the national communities across the globe and believes that through negotiation and mediation stability and prosperity are more likely to be achieved.


Israel: University of Haifa


Sewar Mufide Amal Abo-Reesh
University of Haifa
Sewar is a B.A double major student in theatre, human services and tour guide. Sewar was born in a small Druze village called Yirka, in the north of Israel. Two years ago, she started studying at the University of Haifa nontraditional subjects, despite being a woman that comes from a traditional society. Prior to her university studies, Sewar was and still part of a Youth center called "Merkaz Naorem"-a social and educational association engaged in developing young leadership and encouraging social involvement. She considers herself a social activist. Recently Sewar started to learn new languages like Spanish. Sewar hopes to establish an association that will help women and teenagers realize their rights.

Eviatar Elkoby
University of Haifa
Eviatar is currently completing his final year of law school at the University of Haifa, while studying for a Master's degree in Law and Technology. For the past two years Eviatar has been working as a research assistant in the fields of law and technology and since last summer, he is acting as the vice editor of the University of Haifa law journal "Law and Government in Israel". Eviatar is also working as a teacher assistant in the course "Foreign Legal Systems" in the University of Haifa law faculty. As a part of his undergraduate studies in law, Eviatar participated in the annual Moot Court Competition which focused on freedom of expression in social networks during an election period. Prior to attending law school, Eviatar worked as a project manager in a national youth organization, and as a part of his role he was responsible for assisting high school teenagers who have been rejected from various educational/rehabilitation institutions, planning and delivering educational programs and organizing volunteers’ activities. Eviatar is looking forward to participating in the EPIIC symposium and engaging in meaningful discussions.

Eden Fingerhut
University of Haifa
Eden is currently a second-year student in the Department of Occupational Therapy in the Haifa University in Israel, and she lives in the city of Haifa. Eden used to volunteer as an instructor in in a leadership program for the youth. She was a senior youth leader. In the future, she hopes to work as an occupational therapist specializing in child development, and continue to volunteer with youth, assigning values of leadership and social solidarity. Eden feels that there is never enough discussion about genocide and ways to prevent it, and she would very much like to raise the awareness to the matter among her friends, university and country. She enjoys hearing different perspectives on various issues and meeting passionate people. She likes to expand her horizons by reading books, and she likes to spend her free time playing piano.

Shelly Golan
University of Haifa
Shelly is an Israeli Undergraduate student of Communications and Human Services at the University of Haifa. Shellyis currently active in the Student Union and is a formal representative of the communications department. Shelly is also a research assistant and currently works as part of a team that investigates the assessment of frameworks and institutions for at risk youth. In addition, Shelly volunteers in various organizations and platforms, mostly with children. Following her graduation from the University Shelly plans to work as a spokesperson and communications director. Shelly is highly active in promoting educational platforms for children and youth from a perspective that proper education will assist in the minimization of social gaps. Shelly hopes this experience alongside her volunteer work and her expertise in her studies will enable her to improve social wellbeing in her home country. Shelly hopes that she will be able to implement the conclusions from the conference in order to find solutions to major challenges that society is facing.

Shlomi Zarchin
University of Haifa
Shlomi is currently in his fourth year of university to obtain his bachelor’s degree in Nursing. In addition to his studies, he also works at the Rambam Hospital as a Nurse Assistant in the E.R. Department. He decided to pursue nursing because he loves working with people and believes that this career will allow him to help people at their most difficult times. Shlomi thinks that the nursing profession needs to strive to move forward with organizations like Doctors without Borders, to create a world a slightly better place for those who need it most. While in University, Shlomi also takes part in the student union at the University of Haifa. He helps students who struggle in their studies along with any social problems they might be dealing with. In his free time, Shlomi likes to play soccer with friends and exploring nature with his wife.


Kenya: United States International University


Ken Kamau
United States International University
Ken Kamau is a recent graduate of the United States International University - Africa. He completed his BA in International Relations, with a major in Foreign policy and Diplomacy and Development studies as his minor. He is interested in the forces that push States, despite their differences, to work together in shaping dialogues both territorially and internationally. Genocide and mass atrocities are such dialogues that need the attention of all of humanity. Ken firmly believes that the world can and should exist without such man-made disasters. As a student of politics, He has been actively involved in various university forums, the Kenya Red Cross and informal debates having an aim of sharpening his knowledge in regional and international affairs with a keen interest in African affairs. He speaks Swahili, English and German and is very excited about the idea of attending the EPIIC program, meeting fellow young global citizens sharing knowledge and having conversations that change the world.

Sharon Kimani
United States International University
Sharon Wairimu is currently undertaking her undergraduate bachelor’s degree in International Relations at the United States International University- Africa in Kenya. Her area of concentration is Development Studies with a minor in Peace and Conflict studies. She’s passionate about youth empowerment and community development as she believes that young people should be at the forefront of global change and innovation. She is the current national coordinator of Masterpeace Kenya where she and a group of other young people mobilize people in their communities to use energy and and talents to promote peace and togetherness. Sharon believes that if empowered the right way, young people can be agents for peace and development. She also has vast experience in training student entrepreneurs as she has worked at the University's innovation lab for two years. She enjoys planning events and traveling.

Catherine Kirongothi
United States International University
Catherine Kirongothi is a student of International Relations with a concentration in Diplomacy at the United States International University-Africa. She is protean, therefore apart from school she engages herself in matters community service and policy. She is part of volunteer organizations such as Rotaract and Ready Aiders Foundation that give her the opportunities to give back to the community and a chance to exercise leadership. She currently serves as the Rotaract Country Chair for Projects in Kenya, a task she does diligently. Catherine sees EPIIC as an opportunity to interact with students from diverse backgrounds share ideas and solutions that bring out the role of individuals, scholars and International relations in preventing mass genocides.

Jackie Oyie
United States International University
Jackline Oyie is currently an undergraduate student in United States International University-Africa. Her main area of concentration is peace and conflict studies with a minor in gender studies. Being an active member of the young diplomats forum in her school, she has participated in several conferences that sought to discuss issues that are dear to her such as issues affecting women and girls. She has also taken part in various volunteer activities in her community that seek to empower young people to be passionate about education so as to become better people in the society. She looks forward to learning more from this experience and hopes that her own experiences can contribute to the discussion at this year's symposium.

Ashley Mwandau
United States International University
Ashley Mwandau is a senior undergraduate student from the United States International University in Kenya. She is concentrating on foreign policy and diplomacy under International Relations with a minor in gender studies. In 2017, Ashley began to participate in various projects such as volunteering in the 2017 Youth Summit which was held at United States International University. The same year, she assisted in setting up annual culture week at the University which is aimed at acknowledging various cultures and their diversity. Additionally, she is a competent and active member of the Young Diplomats Forum club in the University which has encouraged her to take part in community development. She would like to further pursue community development not only as her career but also as a passion to equip children with the knowledge and experience she hopes to gain from the field of International Relations and International forums.


Russia: Moscow State Institute of International Relations


Arthur Galimullin
Moscow State Institute of International Relations
Arthur is a first-year Master student at MGIMO University. In his research, he mostly focuses on Chinese foreign policy in the United Nations Security Council and the impact it has on Chinese diplomacy. Being passionate about China and Chinese culture, he spent several months studying at Suzhou University where he had a special opportunity to interview high-ranking Chinese officials and diplomats. Arthur is excited to participate in the conference, as he believes that discussions with fellow colleagues from universities all around the globe would foster mutual understanding between the future leaders and deepen international cooperation between the countries. Believing that international organizations make this world a more peaceful and secure place, Arthur hopes to contribute his opinion of a specialist in this sphere while discussing the matter at hand.

Evgeniya Stolyarova
Moscow State Institute of International Relations
Evgeniya Stolyarova is from Tyumen, Russia. In 2019, she graduated with honors from Moscow State Institute of International Relations with a bachelor’s degree in international relations. She specializes in energy diplomacy and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in international relations with a focus on energy issues. She is an active member of the university community involved in various forums and conferences as well as in the work of student associations (MGIMO French Club, MIEP MGIMO International Energy Policy Club). She was one of the initiators of the IAEA Model held at MGIMO-University to mark the 60th anniversary of the International Atomic Energy Agency. She gives great importance to volunteering as she has participated in BRICS Global University Summit and International Civil Aviation Enterprises Forum.

Ruslan Sutochkin
Moscow State Institute of International Relations
Ruslan Sutochkin grew up in Moscow, Russia. He is currently a first-year student of international relations of master’s degree program in MGIMO-university. After graduating from university, he would like to achieve his dream of becoming a career diplomat. His dream job of being a diplomat will give him an opportunity to participate in settling international conflicts, participate in high-level negotiations, present and defend the interests of Russia in the international arena. While watching a rapidly changing political, economic and security environment in the world, he always pays much attention to the role of diplomats in tackling different kinds of disputes and crisis situations. He strongly believes that it is a diplomatic career that will help him to continue his work on the eradication of hypocrisy, racial and religious bigotry, discrimination and bias in world politics. He is sure that the experience, skills and knowledge he will get during that 2020’s EPIIC Symposium will facilitate his academic activity and help him to find like-minded people who would join his massive project on the prevention of the tragedy of Srebrenica through large-scale academic work.

Mikhail Trahev
Moscow State Institute of International Relations
Mikhail is a first year Master’s student at MGIMO-University, majoring in global politics and political analysis. He got his Bachelor’s degree in international relations at the same university. Mikhail’s prior research was dedicated to U.S.-Russian relations cyber and information security. Other areas of interest include world security, lobbying, and global energy market. Mikhail genuinely believes that the majority of world problems nowadays result from the lack of sufficient communication between people living on the planet and inability to comprehend the position and the point of view the counterpart may have. Bringing representatives from all the corners of the Earth is the best way to reach out and exchange perspectives on the current issues our community confronts nowadays. The subject of this year's conference is particularly interesting to Mikhail as he strongly believes that a way must be found to prevent genocide and mass atrocities, especially among people who live within the borders of one state. Finding out a suitable model of governance and representativeness is the primary goal in this case. By starting to think globally and acting locally it is possible to ensure that no one’s interests are left behind.


Russia: Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration


Aigul Iafizova
Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration
Aigul Iafizova grew up in a small town in Russia and is currently on the third year of her undergraduate degree in The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation. The main topic of her interests is sociology. In particular, macro sociological processes closely connected to minorities and discrimination. She also volunteered Gaidar forum. By participating in this conference, she wants to broaden her knowledge about sociological factor of Genocide Studies. In addition, Aigul believes that meeting new people of different cultural background can help her to be acquainted with a huge variety of perspectives on reality and its problems.

Quentin Serge Nicolas Malcoiffe
Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration
Quentin Malcoiffe was born in France on November 1st, 1993 in Lyon from Italian roots. Ex-French law student, he is currently student at the Russian Academy of National Economy in "Global governance and leadership" attached to the department of the Institute for Social Sciences in Moscow. Quentin aims for a professional career in International exchanges in a multicultural approach. Learning foreign languages is an essential asset to achieve, he can speak French, Italian, English, Russian and some basics of Semitic languages. He had some professional experiences in the sector of sales, management, mass distribution and international relations. He is passionate about history, economics, diplomacy, politic, languages and international relations. Quentin travels as opportunity and event appeared, many stays in the Mediterranean, Europe, Russia, and former countries of the USSR. His last stay was an international forum in Pakistan about development. He is the grandson of resistant, he is engaged in discrimination and the duty of memory specifically linked to genocides. This theme is crucial in his life.

Semra Mikailova
Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration
Semra is a Liberal Arts student majoring in Political History and minoring in International Public Law. In her thesis she focuses on the reasons of mass atrocities during the Process of National Reorganization (1976-1983) in Argentina explaining them not only from historical perspective but taking an interdisciplinary approach and elucidating the causes of massive inhuman actions in general. She is translating Nunca Más (or Never Again in English, the report on human rights violations that took place in Argentina during that period) into Russian. Semra is a volunteer in a Russian human rights organization «OVD-Info» which provides legal assistance to detainees at political demonstrations. She is also she is the main organizer of the academic and practical conference on human rights, which will be held on March 1-2 in Moscow. She is a pacifist and has a global aim: to launch an effective reconciliation program for people from Azerbaijan and Armenia that would be based on a rigorous interdisciplinary study aiming to find out people's perceptions of one another. She looks forward to participating in Tufts Symposium as it could strengthen the intellectual basis of her ideas.

Iurii Shishlov
Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration
Yuri Shishlov is a Liberal Arts student majoring in Global Politics. He’s currently in his third undergraduate year at the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation. Most of his attention is devoted to observing current affairs and analyzing risks for state organizations, as well as large corporations. Yuri is a part-time English teacher. He strongly believes that uniting people in terms of communication and language can relieve the international scene from misinformation and misunderstanding, enabling the buildup of trust and social capital between states and nations. Yuri has written multiple papers on trade relations between huge actors on the global scale, as well as analyzed the interactions between comparably smaller nations and minority groups, their self-identity and interests. He assumes that this might allow him to make progress in the direction of preventing genocide and mass atrocities in the world. Mr. Shishlov was recently an activist in the Terry Fox Foundation, and has written a paper on the iconic Canadian figure in hopes of raising awareness for cancer research. He strongly advocates for bringing the world together, sharing knowledge and cultural beliefs, which can enable us, the people, to not only find common ground, but to also eradicate and prevent such catastrophes as genocides in the modern world, assure a safe and prosperous future for upcoming generations, and finally put the words “Never Again” to good use. He is really looking forward to the Tufts Symposium as he feels it will be a great opportunity to set a basis for further progress to be made in international relations.


Singapore: National University of Singapore


Kausalya Vijayan Kumaran
National University of Singapore
Kausalya is a final-year undergraduate student at National University of Singapore from Singapore in the department of South Asian Studies under the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. She is also a student at the University Scholars Programme. She has a keen interest in International relations and how youth and great minds from different parts of the world like to think. Having attended other local conferences and seminars, and holding different positions, she also has a lot to contribute to this symposium. “The core of man’s spirit comes from new experiences” – Jon Krakauer. This is a quote Kausalya lives by, and she believes that the 2020 EPIIC would be a novel experience for her that will further build her as a responsible and well-aware global citizen part of the international community to serve.