Inquiry 2015: Russia’s Future with the Post-Soviet States

Dear Participants,
 The Council of Europe and the Asia Cooperation Dialogues is looking forward to our April gathering to discuss the many concerns resulting from the current conflict in Ukraine.  We believe that dialogue and diplomacy are critical to resolving issues in the region and to avoiding further bloodshed and we applaud your willingness to participate in this first joint dialogue.
As we prepare for April, the conflict in the Ukraine has calmed down but is no closer to a resolution, economic concerns dominate with the global drop in oil prices, Chechnya is witnessing a renewal of violence, the Eurasian Economic Union is moving forward, Russia is seeking to strengthen its ties with China and the rest of Asia, the West has voiced concerns with what it sees as the loss of freedoms in the region, and all parties are concerned about a resurgence of terrorism.  All of these – and many more topics – have led to the need for an open dialogue.
In that context, the delegates will be asked to participate in committee discussions on: Sovereignty, Security, Terrorism, Human Rights, Economics, Energy, and the crisis in Ukraine. 

INQUIRY 2014-15: Russia’s Future with the Post-Soviet States


• Borders
• Self-Determination
• Governance

• Conflict and intervention
• Organized crime
• Cyber security
• Role of the military

• Nuclear
• Religious extremism
• Cyber
• Intelligence

Human Rights
• Migration
• Religion
• Minority Policies
• Expression/Dissent

• Trade
• Sanctions
• Inequality
• Development

• Oil
• Gas
• Pipelines
• Caspian/ Black Seas

• Eastern Ukraine
• Ethnic Russian
• Russia’s Intentions
• Crimea

School Roles School
Nichols Russia Broad Ripple
Columbia Prep Estonia Little Village
O'Bryant Ukraine Packer Collegiate
El Puente Ukraine Separatists Columbia Prep
Columbia Prep Kazakhstan Nichols
Dover-Sherborn Georgia Dover-Sherborn
O'Bryant Chechnya Cristo Rey
Boston Latin Azerbaijan Exeter
  Belarus Broad Ripple
O'Bryant United States Medford HS
Dover-Sherborn Germany Dover-Sherborn
O'Bryant China Boston Latin

Briefing Papers

Columbia Prep--Estonia

Columbia Prep--Kazakhstan

Columbia Prep--Ukrainian Separatists



Packer Collegiate--Ukraine


Boston Latin--China



O'Bryant--United States


Broad Ripple--Russia

Broad Ripple--Belarus