Uzair Sattar '20

Uzair is a sophomore at Tufts University. Born in Islamabad, Pakistan, he is planning on majoring in International Relations with a concentration in the Middle East and South Asia. Uzair took a gap year after high school to explore possible careers options. He worked at a corporate law firm and microfinance bank in attempt to discover where his passions lied. Ultimately, Uzair chose law and aspires to specialize in water law in the future. He is currently a columnist for SouthAsia Magazine, where he writes monthly articles on various facets of Pakistan’s water crisis. At Tufts, Uzair is the Vice-President of the International Club, member of Tufts Mock Trial, Co-Leader of the New Initiative for Middle Eastern Peace, and Founder of Tufts Cricket Club. During Uzair’s freshman year, he was a member of “HYPE! Mimez” – the nation’s only collegiate mime troupe. In his spare time, Uzair enjoys biking as well as playing and watching cricket.

Kairavi Sarup '20

Kairavi Sarup is a Junior from New Delhi but spent a large part of her life living in Helsinki. She is a junior majoring in International Relations and Archaeology and minoring in Arabic. In addition to NIMEP, she is active in SAPAC (South Asian Political Action Committee) and is a research assistant at the CEEO. Kai also loves music and theatre.

Arjun Padalkar '20

Arjun Padalkar is a sophomore from Mumbai, India double majoring in Quantitative Economics and International Relations, specializing in Security. His interest in economics, politics, development theories and diplomacy began when he attended an economic globalization course at Columbia University in the summer of 2015. He then worked as an intern auditor for a microfinancing company operating in the Dharavi slums in Mumbai where he interviewed and audited the debtors in the field. Simultaneously, he worked on a global politics project for his diploma where he conducted research on the Rohingya refugee crisis as part of his broader project on border security. In the final year of his high school diploma, he co-chaired a committee on economic diversification of single industry cities. In the summer of 2018, Arjun interned as an analyst in a non-banking financial company specializing in sub-prime lending. There, he used different variables such as age, income, living condition, and debt-burden ratio to determine a customers’ credit-worthiness. Arjun is currently part of the EPIIC colloquium that is studying migration in a turbulent world and is also part of the International Club at Tufts. Besides economics and politics, Arjun is passionate about food, cooking, and European football.