SURGE Leadership


Jerry Zhang (A’21)
Director of SURGE
Jerry is a senior from Shanghai, China majoring in History and International Relations. He is interested in East Asian and Middle Eastern geopolitics and maritime security. He is now writing a thesis on the patterns of great power retrenchment, comparing the cases of the UK's retreat from ‘East of Suez’ in the 1960s and America’s disengagement from the Vietnam War. In his leisure time, he enjoys travelling, cooking, and assembling miniatures.

Edbert Jao
Marketing Director
Edbert is a sophomore from the San Francisco Bay Area. Majoring in International Relations and Quantitative Economics, he hopes to speak all East Asian languages by age 30. Outside of his role in publicizing SURGE events, he spends his free time learning languages, reading science fiction, and cooking.

Dash Wedergren
Finance Director
Dash is a sophomore from Elkhorn, Nebraska majoring in Economics. His on-campus engagements include co-founding the Philosophy of Economics Group and leading the Protestant Students Association. He plans to attend law school, and in the future, hopes to understand the future of Internet governance, technology policy, and cyber security. On Saturdays, you can find Dash aggressively bidding at the bridge table.

Anthony Wong
Director of Curriculum
Anthony is a freshman from Los Altos, California majoring in Quantitative Economics. In addition to his SURGE responsibilities, he is a member of the Tufts Trading Fund. He hopes to better understand corporate law and the healthcare financing market. In his free time, Anthony enjoys playing volleyball, reading, and cooking.