Recent Highlights

  • Music, Public Diplomacy, and Beethoven for the Rohingya

    Join us and George Mathew, conductor, humanitarian and founder of Music for Life International, for an exploration of identity and transformative social action through music, for healing in our troubled times.

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  • The IGL Welcomes Amb. Lamberto Zannier Back to Campus

    The IGL hosted Ambassador Lamberto Zannier, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) High Commissioner on National Minorities and formerly the Secretary-General of the OSCE, on October 11 at Tufts.

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  • Engaging Alumni

    Alumni are a critical component of the IGL, connecting the past to the present and offering opportunities for future generations. The IGL is engaging alumni in new and imaginative ways, including public speaking on campus, advising students and recent graduates, alumni gatherings throughout the country, and providing internships.

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  • Tufts International Development: Ecuador Team Wins the Davis Peace Prize

    Tufts International Development (TuftsID) is a student-led organization that engages students in the theory and practice of sustainable development around the world.  Students, with the assistance of non-profit partners, identify communities and engage them to develop projects that can help meet their needs. 

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  • Migration in a Turbulent World

    Caravans of migrants from Central America’s Northern Triangle. More than five million Syrian refugees outside the country’s borders and more than six million internally displaced within Syria. A recent surge of violence in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo drives large numbers of Congolese eastward to neighboring Burundi, Tanzania and Uganda.

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  • IGL Launches New Negotiation and Mediation Program

    As leaders in the twenty-first century, how can we most effectively exercise influence in a global, multi-cultural environment? Are we ‘born’ diplomats or can we learn and improve our negotiation skills?  Should we pummel our opponent (and “win”) or can we do well in a negotiation while preserving the relationship and laying the groundwork for future negotiations?

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