Inquiry 2018: The Future Nuclear Imperative

by mdillard
Inquiry 2018: The Future Nuclear Imperative Apr 25

At this point in history, as North Korea announces its nuclear capability, is there a need for a revised Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons?

How will a new treaty on nuclear proliferation manage intervention, from military to verification? What should the rules be for those who sign on to the new treaty as well as for those that do not? What are the actual thresholds that would call for intervention, and what are the possible consequences and repercussions of that intervention?

What economic/development incentives could be offered to countries that voluntarily reduce or relinquish their nuclear industries? How could the nuclear industry be re-purposed – from technology to scientists – to environmental or economic projects?

Apr 20

The Shadow of Partition: Migration and the Indian Subcontinent by Ayden Crosby

by mdillard

How do our conceptions of space, boundaries, and political borders impact the way we address migration? What is the shadow cast by the partition of India 1947 and how is this related to our perceptions of space?

Apr 18

Working in Za’atari Refugee Camp by Kristina Mensik

by mdillard

As part of the Institute for Global Leadership’s Student Speaker Series on Migration this spring, Tufts’ New Initiative for Middle East Peace (NIMEP) brought Michael Nikconchuk (A’11) to campus to speak about his experience working for Questscope in the Za’atari Refugee Camp in Jordan.

Apr 17

Transit Migration through Mexico by Claire Connolly

by tuftsigl

On February 21st, 2018, Tufts International Development hosted the IGL Student Group Speaker Series on Migration. We brought Dr.

Apr 03

EPIIC 2018-19: Migration in a Turbulent World • EXP 0079XF

by heatherbarry

Fall 2018/Spring 2019 • Tuesdays, Thursdays • 3:00-4:15pm

Mar 09

Synaptic Scholars Lightning Talks: Creating a Positive Identity by Judy Chen and Maude Plucker

by mdillard

Sunday’s Synaptics meeting featured two lightning talks that explored positive psychology and one’s identity and purpose.