Finding Joy in Cuba by Ava Vander Louw (A23)

by heatherbarry
Finding Joy in Cuba by Ava Vander Louw (A23) Mar 28

Prior to travelling to Cuba, I didn’t know what to expect.


When trying to understand the reality of life on the island through google searches, it was apparent that the truth was obscured by government-owned travel agencies and hotels flashing images of beautiful beaches and retro cars.


When I first arrived, through my window, even while blurred by my moving taxi, it became apparent that the photos I had found on google had not captured the reality I was witnessing. By the time I reached the Airbnb, my conception of Cuba that once only consisted of photos of fancy rooftops with luxury bars and salsa dancers was replaced with crumbling buildings and the remains of bankrupt store fronts. As my taxi driver, Carlos, rounded the corner of Companario, I had arrived at the place I would call home for the next eight days.


Mar 27

Day 2 of Interviews in Amman, Jordan, by Sofia Ladak (A25)

by heatherbarry

Today is our second full day in Jordan, which means that we are finally slipping into the rhythm of the city of Amman. We have all felt incredibly well received in this country and are very much enjoying our time here. 

Mar 20

Juani, the flower man by Carolina Hidalgo-McCabe (A23)

by heatherbarry

I peered over the side of the balcony, and below me, on the corner, I see an elderly man with a cart of sunflowers and gladiolus. He’s not yelling out to let people know he’s selling flowers, just standing calmly.

Mar 14

Greetings from Doha! by Sibi Nyaoga (A23)

by heatherbarry

It has been a whirlwind of a week for us. Despite being sleep-deprived and jet-lagged, we were buzzing with excitement. The UN LDC 5 Conference is being hosted at Qatar National Convention Center – a huge space serving as a boma (meeting place) for policy leaders, presidents, and NGOs.

Mar 13

Reflections on The 5th UN Conference on the Least Developed Countries by Grace Spalding-Fecher (A23)

by heatherbarry

 As I sit at Hamad International airport waiting for my flight back to Boston, I reflect back on our time in Doha, Qatar for the 5th UN conference for the Least Developed Countries.