Build a Longer Table by Saira Madarasmi (A’21)

by tuftsigl
Build a Longer Table by Saira Madarasmi (A’21) May 21

This spring, the Tufts chapter of Amnesty International held its Build a Longer Table Event, a lunch for ten local refugee families and their children, in the Remis Sculpture Court of the Aidekman Arts Center.

Build a Longer Table is one element of the larger Amnesty International USA #iWelcome campaign that seeks to welcome local refugees and educate community members about the refugees who have been resettled in their towns. The premise is that, in this political climate, instead of building a wall to keep people out of our country, we are building a longer table to invite them into our communities.

May 20

Kuchipudi, India: Building Hospitals for Rural Communities by Sachin Vallamkonda (A’21)

by tuftsigl

On behalf of the Tufts International Development (TID) India team, Karishma Chouhan, Mike Feng, and I received the opportunity to speak with multiple amazing NGOs in southern India.

May 15

Jamnesty! 2019 by Saira Madarasim (A’21)

by tuftsigl

On Friday April 12th, Tufts students gathered in Hotung Cafe to listen to some great tunes and advocate for human rights at the Tufts Amnesty International Chapter’s annual Jamnesty!

May 14

Student Summary: Conflict, Simulation, and Zombies! by Alessandra Jacimovic (A'22), Clara Etchegaray (A'22), Tejus Govani (A'22), Ava Dimond (A'22), Armaan Tandon (A'22), and Maya Namasivayam (A'22)

by tuftsigl

As an effort to support the material taught in our ExCollege course we -- seven freshmen along with our two instructors -- attended the Montreal 2019 Connections Wargames conference at McGill University.

May 10

War, Games, and the Civil-Military Divide by Eva Kahan (A’19)

by tuftsigl

Over President’s Day Weekend, a caravan of two cars - full of six students, two student teachers, and many overstuffed backpacks - departed to the Montreal 2019 Connections Wargames Conference.  We had few detailed expectations but abundant excitement.

Apr 30

Power Transitions and Paranoia: The Crisis in Sino-US Security Relations by Fina Short (A’20) and Liam Thomas (A’22)

by jtijssen

Tufts SURGE hosted its 12th Annual China-US Symposium themed “New Frontiers” on April 12 to 13, 2019. As part of the symposium, SURGE invited Dr. Michael Swaine, Senior Fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, to deliver the David Rawson Memorial Lecture, sponsored by the Institute for Global Leadership. Dr.