EWB traveled to Nicaragua for a community assessment by Jennifer Sohn

by tuftsigl
EWB traveled to Nicaragua for a community assessment by Jennifer Sohn May 24

The humid air of the bridge between plane and airport confirmed that I wasn’t imagining things. Reality became more vivid with each leg of the journey – a car ride through a Managua evening, then the next day along a cobblestone highway to the village of Silvio Mayorga in Nicaragua, the site of the new Tufts Engineers without Borders project.

Until recently, my work with Engineers without Borders has taken place in a classroom. This week, however, our work has begun in earnest with a trip to our project site for a community assessment. Our general focus since choosing Silvio Mayorga as our partner community has been clean water access. Upon arriving, we found that the situation was better than we had expected.

May 19

Hermeneutic Analysis of the 2014 Annexation of Crimea by Dan Pechi

by tuftsigl

I arrived in Moscow in the early hours of the 11th at our hotel not far from the center of Moscow in Chistye Prudy. Located in the Garden Ring of Moscow, we were able to easily access the city and get in touch with everyone from anti-fascist activists to representatives of Putin's United Russia Party.

May 08

Dr. Abi Williams Named New Director of the Institute for Global Leadership

by heatherbarry

On behalf of the Provost: I am delighted to announce the appointment of Dr. Abi Williams as the Director of the Institute for Global Leadership (IGL) and Professor of Practice of International Politics at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.  Dr.

May 08

Synaptic Scholars Senior Presentations

by tuftsigl

Last week, seniors in the Synaptic Scholars program presented what they have learned, produced, and discovered throughout their time in the program. The presentations featured seven seniors at Tufts University, each with their own unique interests, projects, and goals.

May 02

BUILD members participate in workshop with Allister Chang, executive director of Libraries Without Borders

by tuftsigl

BUILD Latin America has been partnering with Libraries Without Borders (LWB) for over a year on a project that seeks to implement e-libraries in rural and earthquake-affected areas in Ecuador. In June 2017, five students will travel to Ecuador to implement two trial programs with a local NGO.

Apr 24

Engineers Without Borders and BUILD LA Present on Current Projects and Share Ideas by Amira Al-Subaey

by tuftsigl

Once a year, members of IGL affiliated groups BUILD Latin America and Engineers Without Borders (EWB) come together to present the history and mission of their organizations, share the process of their program’s work, and elaborate on their current projects and the challenges and successes within them.