Impact of Architecture on the Rwandan Community by Bruce Ahirwe (EG’21)

by tuftsigl
Impact of Architecture on the Rwandan Community by Bruce Ahirwe (EG’21) Sep 19

For the third and last month of my internship at Genesis and Gilgal Group( G&G), I focused on learning the impact of architecture on Rwanda. In my last two blogs, I elaborated on the connection between architecture and human rights. Cities, buildings, etc. are designed for people, and they impact how they relate and live with each other. Thus, the served community has to be involved in the process of city/country architecting for better results, for more impact.

The City of Kigali has embarked on the update of the Kigali Master Plan, five years after its adoption in 2013. The City of Kigali is looking increasingly to engage citizens to play a central role in the ongoing process of updating its Master Plan in a way that actually supports the growth of the city.

Sep 14

Access to Clean Drinking Water in Solomoni, Malawi by Elana Chan (A'21)

by jtijssen

Despite our exhaustion from the long journey, we were all excited to finally arrive in Malawi as we walked down the steps from the aircraft.

Sep 13

Blood and Water Will Flow Together by Atrey Bhargava (A’21)

by tuftsigl

Our research trip in Pakistan has been a transformative experience for both Uzair and I. Uzair Sattar and I met in this past year’s EPIIC class; he’s from Pakistan and I’m from India, and we wanted to look at a project that impacted both of our countries.

Sep 10

Global Perspectives: A Tufts University Photo Contest

by tuftsigl

Extended Deadline to:  October 26, 2018. Photos should have been taken when graduate and undergraduate Tufts students were studying, working, interning, or conducting research abroad or, in the case of the last theme should represent global perspectives on Tufts’ campuses in Boston, Grafton, or Medford during the last year (i.e.

Sep 07

International Connections by Brianna Gates (A’20)

by tuftsigl

I concluded my internship with the Office for Refugees and Immigrants (ORI) on the final day of July, but my final week involved the most rewarding and exciting activities of the summer.

Sep 07

Expanding the Koombook Project into Minas, Ecuador by Jacob Rubel (A’21)

by tuftsigl

This August, I traveled to Ecuador with members of Tufts International Development (TID), formerly BUILD, to visit our current digital library project and implement new centers in two other locations. We had received this year’s Davis Prize for Peace to install Koombook in these new locations.