NIMEP Morocco: Day Two in Marrakech by Connor Doyle (A’21)

by heatherbarry
NIMEP Morocco: Day Two in Marrakech by Connor Doyle (A’21) Mar 24

Still recovering from the flu, I woke from a deep slumber in the late morning. I was able to spend the rest of the morning catching up on my research, homework, and school papers in our air bnb set in the countryside just outside of Marrakech.

Outside of the city borders, the massive snow-capped Atlas Mountains become clear and juxtapose the typically hot, desert climate of Al Haouz, where we are staying. We are lucky to be surrounded by rich Moroccan decorations including detailed doors and walls, colorful rugs, and intricate light fixtures.

While I had a slow morning, my colleagues remained diligently devoted to their research topics in the city. Kairavi and Taylor spent time at Qadi Ayyad University. They spent time touring the campus and then handed out surveys to students there. Students were remarkably responsive and invested in issues surrounding education in Morocco, providing Kai and Taylor with a fantastic basis for their research.

Mar 23

NIMEP Morocco: Arriving in Marrakech by Alessandra Moreno (A'21)

by heatherbarry

At 9:30am, after watching the sunrise from our orange mattresses on the 3am train from Tangier, the city of Marrakech greeted us with a mass of pink houses and a wave of heat.

Mar 20

NIMEP Morocco: Last Day in Rabat by Kairavi Sarup (A'21)

by heatherbarry

Our day began with a flurry of interviews and the expectation of a packed schedule. Today was our last day in Rabat, and we spent it rushing from interviews to the hotel and finally to Tangier or Fes.

Mar 19

NIMEP Morocco: Research on Migration in Rabat by Joshua Clarkson (A'21)

by heatherbarry

After a weekend getting acclimated to Rabat, Monday was a day for interviews for everyone. For some, the day began early, rising for early morning meetings around the city, and for others, there was some time to prepare the final list of questions.