Get Involved

  • EPIIC [Education for Public Inquiry and International Citizenship]: Registration for EPIIC is done through the ExCollege.  Due to the high levels of interest and the limited space available for the class each year, students must show up to the first class on Tuesday, September 2nd.  EPIIC will be explained and then students can sign up for individual interviews. This course is high demand.
  • INQUIRY:  High schools across the U.S. have partnered with the IGL to participate in the Inquiry program.  Students enrolled in the EPIIC class are automatically engaged in the Inquiry program.  For those interested in Inquiry but without the time for EPIIC, there is the Inquiry Teaching Group which runs throughout the year, a half credit each semester.  You can sign up on SIS -- EXP-0079-XAS
            Interested students should attend the Fall 2018 Student Organizations Fair on September 12, 2018 in addition to the respective group’s general interest meeting held at the start of each semester.  Additionally, weekly meetings and events are publicized on the IGL Weekly Bulletin.  To subscribe to the IGL Weekly Bulletin email distribution list, write to:
  • ALLIES: Meetings are held on Wednesday nights. ALLIES, the Institute's civil-military program that collaborates with the US Military Academies, holds weekly discussions, an annual conference; FieldEx; and the Intellectual Roundtable.  More information can be found online at and at
  • AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL:  Meetings are held on Monday nights.  Each year Amnesty holds the Jamnesty Concert for Human Rights, participates in the national Get on The Bus event, and holds various events throughout the academic year.  More info is located at  
  • BUILD: INDIA:  Meetings are held on Sundays and Tuesdays.  Focused on issues of sustainable development, members meet throughout the year and participate in fieldwork and project implementation during academic breaks.  More info is located at
  • Tufts International Development: Focused on issues of sustainable development, members meet throughout the year and participate in field work and project implementation during academic breaks.  More info is located at
  • CHINA-US SYMPOSIUM:   A collaboration between undergraduates and the Fletcher School, the annual China-US Symposium takes place in the spring, and the group puts on several panel and speaker events throughout the year.  More info is located at
  • EMPOWER: Applications for Empower fellowships are available in the spring and students are selected in April.  The Empower program funds internships and entrepreneurial projects across the globe and students share their experiences with one another each fall.  More info can be found at
  • ENGINEERS WITHOUT BORDERS:  Meetings are held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  EWB hosts several fundraisers throughout the year to support their ongoing projects in Uganda and El Salvador.  Members travel for on-site implementation over winter break and summer vacation.  The members involved in the El Salvador project meet Wednesdays at 9pm; those involved with the Uganda progrect meet Tuesdays at 9pm.  More information can be found online at and
  • [EXPOSURE]: Focused on photojournalism and human rights, Members host events throughout the academic year, along with annual photo workshops.  More info can be found at
  • NIMEP [NEW INITIATIVE FOR MIDDLE EAST PEACE]:  Meetings are held every other week.  The New Initiative for Middle East Peace is a collaborative dialogue and research group studying the Middle East. Students hold discussions, conduct research trips abroad over winter break and host public events throughout the academic year.  More info is located at
  • OSLO SCHOLARS:  The Oslo Scholars Program offers undergraduates with demonstrated interest in human rights and international political issues an opportunity to attend the Oslo Freedom Forum and spend their summer working with some of the world’s leading human rights defenders and activists. Applications are open early in the spring semester.  More info is located at and at
  • PPRI [POVERTY AND POWER RESEARCH INITIATIVE]: The Poverty and Power Research Initiative is a student-run effort to understand discrete national power structures and their effects on poverty.  PPRI holds weekly discussions and engages students in individual research projects.  More info is located at
  • TUFTS ENERGY CONFERENCE:  The annual Tufts Energy Conference, a collaboration between undergraduate and graduate students, takes place in the spring semester.  More information is located at and
  • SYNAPTIC SCHOLARS: Synaptics is a supportive community in which students pursue projects, take intellectual risks, and reflect their learning off their peers of other academic disciplines and classes. Applications for Synaptic Scholars are open for freshmen each Spring semester.  More info is located at   
  • X-Effect: Focused on the role of women in global issues, members hold regular discussions and conduct research throughout the academic year.  More information is located at