IGL Internship Process

IGL Internship Process


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The following process is required of all students who plan to participate in an IGL-sponsored or funded research project.  Please read through the entire process before beginning.

Step 1: Identify Internship and Location

Step 2: Internship Overview

  • Submit a 1 page write-up of your internship, including what you will be doing and why you want to do it, along with dates
  • Include an initial budget
  • Submit to Associate Director (heather.barry@tufts.edu)

STOP: Obtain approval from IGL before moving forward.

Step 3: Country Travel Warning

  • Check the State Department web site to determine if there is a travel warning for the country you intend to go to.
  • If there is not, go to STEP 4
  • If there is a travel warning, you need to have the trip reviewed by the university’s Review Committee for International. The information for this can be found at the Tufts Travel Portal and it should be submitted as soon as possible since the committee meets monthly.

STOP: Before you submit to the Travel Review Committee, review your materials with the IGL Associate Director

Step 4: Visas and Vaccines

  • Determine if you need a visa to the country you plan to travel to (or are transiting through); if you do, apply early unless it is one that you can easily get at the airport (you can do this by looking up the web site for the US embassy of the country you plan to go to)
  • Determine what vaccines you might need; make an appointment with Tufts Health Services -- provide the IGL with the information that you received or indicating that you don’t need any additional vaccines

Step 5: Budget and Funding Form

  • Update your budget with researched/confirmed prices for specific places/dates
  • Submit the budget with the IGL Funding Form (please make sure to fill out all parts of the form and save in Adobe Acrobat). The IGL will advise you of the final decision and amount it is able to fund.

Step 6: Travel Security

  • Attend a travel security meeting – this is mandatory, date and time TBD
  • Call ISOS and speak with the desk person for the country you are travelling to, record name of the person you spoke to and case number/date (number and Tufts ID will be provided)
  • Print out or get a copy of the ISOS emergency contact information for Tufts
  •  Print out or get a copy of the IGL emergency contact information

Step 7: IGL and University Forms

  • Emergency Contact Form – email an electronic version to the IGL
  • IGL/Tufts Release Form – if you are an undergraduate student, your parent or guardian must sign it
  • Research Abroad Contract
  • Copy of your Passport
  • Travel itinerary with flights and accommodations
  • Provide confirmation of your registration with the Tufts Travel Registry
  • Provide confirmation of your registration with the US State Department (or your country's foreign ministry)
    DUE DATE: APRIL 30, 2019

Step 8: Complete Internship

Step 9: Blog Posts for the IGL Site

  • Depending on length of your internship, you will be asked to submit 1-3 blog posts with a photo of you in the field for the IGL site; amount and due dates will be determined independently

Step 10: Complete Reflection

  • Submit to IGL by agreed upon due date (set before the trip begins)