NIMEP Fact finding trip to Morocco

For NIMEP's annual fact finding trip, students traveled to Morocco to conduct research and engage firsthand with the culture that they are studying. Over two weeks, students traveled to Rabat, Casablanca, Tangier, Fes and Marrakech, exploring both the cultural and political elements of Morocco. NIMEP students used their respective research topics as guiding tools, which helped them learn more from local experts about everything from migration and labor to the arts and governmental reforms.  Below are their blog posts from their trip.

Blog Posts

NIMEP Morocco: Twelve Glorious Days in Morocco By Uzair Sattar (A'21)

NIMEP Morocco: Concluding in Casablanca by Atrey Bhargava (A'21)

NIMEP Morocco: Last Day in Marrakech by Eran Sabaner (A'19)

NIMEP Morocco: Day Two in Marrakech by Connor Doyle (A’21)

NIMEP Morocco: Arriving in Marrakech by Alessandra Moreno (A'21)

NIMEP Morocco: A Taste of Tangier and Fes by Arjun Padalkar (A'21) and Esra Gürçay (A'20)

NIMEP Morocco -- Splitting Up: Day One in Tangier and Fes by Sara Torres (A'20) and Reed Collins (A'19)

NIMEP Morocco: Last Day in Rabat by Kairavi Sarup (A'20)

NIMEP Morocco: Research on Migration in Rabat by Joshua Clarkson (A'21)

NIMEP Morocco: Rabat by Ezgi Yazici (A'20)

NIMEP Morocco: Research Begins in Rabat by Taylor Lewis (A’21)

NIMEP Morocco: Rabat Landing by Daniel Ndirangu (A’21)