Erin Stone '14

Erin Stone graduated from Tufts University in 2014 with an American Studies major and a Mass Communications and Media Studies minor. She has worked as an intern for both National Geographic Books and National Geographic Magazine. She is currently a Freelance Researcher for the Magazine. She has completed two books of photography and original writing.Erin is currently pursuing a career in longform non-fiction storytelling.

Ruth Tam '13

Ruth Tam is a multiplatform journalist and artist with experience in writing, illustration, photography, and video. She is currently working as an online new production assistant for PBS NewsHour.

Molly Ferrill '12

Molly Ferrill is a photographer, writer and filmmaker currently working as the Digital Media Producer at Freeland, an international organization dedicated to combating wildlife trafficking and human slavery. She was also selected as a National Geographic Young Explorer this year to carry out an ongoing multimedia project documenting the state of elephants in Myanmar

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