SURGE Leadership


Anthony Wong (he/him)
President of SURGE 2021-2022
Anthony is a junior from Los Altos, California majoring in Applied Math and Community Health. In his free time, Anthony enjoys playing volleyball, hiking, and listening to music.

Haitong Du (he/him)
Vice President of SURGE 2021-2022
A senior majoring in International Relations, Haitong considers the escalation of Sino-US relations as the defining challenge of our time. In addition to tour guiding, coffee brewing, and planning events for the French House, Haitong enjoys discussions on historical materialism and, more frequently than he’d like to admit, debates on anything remotely political.

Sam Ward (she/her)
Curriculum Director of SURGE 2021-2022
Sam Ward is a junior from Chicago, Illinois majoring in International Relations with a regional concentration on Eastern Asia. She has a personal interest in studying modern Sino-US diplomatic relations, and she also likes researching about the rising tensions between China and Taiwan. In SURGE, Sam is the curriculum director who chooses the groups discussion topics for each meeting. In her free time, Sam is a research assistant for a PhD candidate studying the Middle East, and she likes to knit scarves. She does not have the skillset to knit anything else at the moment.

Kevin Du (he/him)
Finance Director of SURGE 2021-2022
Kevin is a sophomore from Hangzhou, China majoring in Economics and International Relations. He is inquisitive about how the increasingly complicated Sino-U.S. relationship affects the international business dynamics behind phenomena including reshoring initiatives and corporation sanctions. Some of his other engagements include being an analyst at Tufts Trading Fund, working for the feature story and business team at Tufts Daily, and establishing Chinese foreign students’ professional network at Global China Connection. During his free time, you will likely find him watching melodrama or jamming with his electric guitar.

Megan Starses (she/her)
Marketing Director of SURGE 2021-2022
Megan Starses is a sophomore studying international relations and economics. She joined SURGE in her freshman year and is currently one of its marketing directors. Outside of SURGE, she is also involved in Tufts China Care, which is an organization that fundraises money for orphanages in China and holds culture and educational sessions for Chinese adoptees in the greater Boston area. In her free time she enjoys writing, baking, and scrolling for hours through Pinterest.

Artem Dinh (he/him)
Marketing Director of SURGE 2021-2022
Artem Dinh, a Vietnamese-Ukrainian, is majoring in biomedical engineering (class of 2023). Spending most of his time on engineering classes and research work, he finds inner peace during stressful times by learning about Chinese marine expansionism in Southeast and East Asia. Not really, but he certainly enjoys learning about Asian-Pacific geopolitics and economics; some of his favorite topics include Korean Peninsula reunification efforts and the shift to the manufacturing economy in the Philippines. At SURGE, Artem serves as co-director of Marketing and will focus on promoting relationships with other student organizations at Tufts and neighboring institutions. In his real free time, Artem will have fun with his friends or go on urban exploration in Boston.

Annie Li (she/her)
Logistics Director of SURGE 2021-2022
Annie Li is a sophomore majoring in Biology and Community Health from Tianjin, China and grew up on Long Island, NY. In addition to her involvement in SURGE, she is a member of the Tufts Women’s Fencing Team. Her unique background attracted her to SURGE and she hopes to pursue a career in health care in the near future. When she is not working in lab, Annie enjoys running, watching the sunset, and exploring new places with her friends.

Edbert Jao (he/him)
Edbert is a senior from the San Francisco Bay Area. Majoring in International Relations and Quantitative Economics, he hopes to speak all East Asian languages by age 30. Outside of his role in publicizing SURGE events, he spends his free time learning languages, reading science fiction, and cooking.

Jason Feng (he/him)
Jason is a junior studying International Relations and Quantitative Economics. He is mostly interested in topics on US and China’s economy and national security. Having lived in both the US and China for a considerable amount of time, he has a unique perspective on the current US-China relationship. Outside of SURGE, he is also involved in the Tufts Club Soccer team, Tufts Consulting Collective, and Tufts Trading Fund.