The 2018 EPIIC Film Series: THE SQUARE

Date & Time February 20, 2018 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Barnum 104

2014 Academy Award Nominated Documentary: THE SQUARE

The Egyptian Revolution had been an ongoing rollercoaster for two and a half years and the news only offered a glimpse of the bloodiest battle, an election, or a million man march. At the beginning of July 2013, Egypt deposed its second president within the span of three years.

“The Square” is an immersive experience, transporting the viewer deeply into the intense emotional drama and personal stories behind the news. It is the inspirational story of young people claiming their rights, struggling through multiple forces, in the fight to create a society of conscience.

From The Huffington Post:
“This is why “The Square” is so important -- not because it tells us what happened and what didn’t happen, or who is and isn’t right, but because it listens to people. It opens a discussion, and it challenges us to consider what does and doesn’t work, wherever we are.”