2018 EPIIC Film Series: A World in Disarray

Date & Time February 27, 2018 8:00pm
Barnum 104

"A World in Disarray", a VICE special report, is a feature-length documentary that explores the disorder in today's international landscape, how it arose, and how it plays out in four areas of conflict and tension: Syria, Ukraine, the South China Sea, and North Korea.

The assumptions of an orderly world underpinned by U.S. leadership no longer hold. Other actors increasingly challenge Washington's authority. The character of American society — what former Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken calls "an open, connected America in an open, connected world" — is in question. Terrorism and other threats from abroad unsettle Americans at home. Ultimately, the documentary drives home the reality that what happens abroad affects the security and prosperity of the United States. The world has an impact on every American.