Seats Open Until Tuesday in EPIIC 2017-18 "Is the Liberal World Order Ending?" (EXP 0079 XF)

Date & Time September 12, 2017 3:00pm - 5:30pm
Lane 100

EPIIC (Education for Public Inquiry and International Citizenship), a yearlong course of the Institute for Global Leadership at Tufts, is a carefully integrated, multidisciplinary program that focuses on a different topic of international importance each year, bringing in a broad range of speakers to the classroom throughout the year and providing students the opportunities to design and enact an international symposium, film series, and other programming on campus.

The 2017-18 EPIIC theme is "Is the Liberal World Order Ending?" Taught by IGL's New Director: Abi Williams.

Through its innovative and rigorous curricula and projects, EPIIC prepares young people for informed activity in their communities, whether locally, nationally or globally. EPIIC provides unusual opportunities for students to conduct research and investigative journalism projects related to its annual theme, both at home and abroad. The Institute for Global Leadership has supported more than 1,900 students traveling to more than 95 countries since 1986. Students are able to take advantage of connections forged during the colloquium and annual symposium to pursue their interests and to create meaningful long term projects.

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NOTE: This course is High Demand. You must attend the class meeting to be considered for enrollment: Thursday, September 7, 3:00pm in Lane 100.