Tufts International Development GIM

Date & Time September 10, 2019 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Eaton 201
Tufts International Development

Tufts International Development (Tufts ID) is a student-led organization that immerses students in the practice of sustainable development around the world. Students create and implement development-focused projects with the assistance of non-profit partners, and work on teams to implement these programs. Throughout the year students work on these projects remotely, and in the summer, students travel to their project location to conduct on-the-ground work. Tufts ID members are currently working on four projects, one in Ecuador, one in Honduras, one in India and one in Costa Rica.

If you are Interested in being part of a community at Tufts that is passionate about international development, come to the General Interest Meeting (GIM) and learn about how you can be involved!