Resources for Current Students

January 01, 2008

Discourse Vol. 1, Spring 2008


The Inaugural volume of Discourse includes articles, photo essays, and interviews:

Samuel James | Urbicide: Lagos and the Crisis of the Megacity
Samuel James | Water Get No Enemy: A Photo Essay from Lagos, Nigeria
Jonathan Greenblatt | Water For Water: Social Entrepreneurship and the World Water Crisis, An Interview
Matan Chorev | Why the World Failed Darfur The Dilemma Of The Semistate
Alexander Busse, Benjamin Harburg, & Aaron Markowitz-Schulman | The Sovereignty Exchange: Fourteen World Leaders on the Future of Sovereignty
Maya Karwande | Balkanized Justice: International Involvement in the Domestic Prosecution of War Crimes in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Padden Guy Murphy | A Forgotten People: A Photo Essay on the Blackfeet and THE Chippewa Cree Native Americans in Montana
Kyle Hiatt | Forgotten Lessons of Counterinsurgency
Rana Abdul-Aziz | Amin’s House
Graham Allison & Senator Sam Nunn | Nuclear Proliferation: A Race Between Cooperation and Catastrophe
Mie Inouye | Barrios

April 01, 2011

Discourse Vol. 4, Spring 2011


Vol. 4 of Discourse presents the following student work: 

Cody Valdes | The Political Legacy of a Revolutionary Generation, Interview with Matt Bai A’90
Duncan Pickard | Transnational Politics of Human Rights Reporting and Advocacy in Syria
Elizabeth Herman | Political Dimensions of 9/11 Narratives In Secondary School History Textbooks in South Asia
Cody Valdes & Joshua Gross | Moving toward Peace in Nepal: The Role of the United Nations, Interview with Ian Martin
Chloé Rousseau | Do Revolutions Destroy or Generate Social Capital? 
Jonathan Moore | Infusing a Moral Imagination in U.S. Policies
Nithyaa Venkataramani | Export Agriculture and its Role in the Escalating Nutrition Crisis of Guatemala
Josephine Herman | Between Western and I-94, Cermak and 16th 
Nicholas Dynan | Houston, Texas
Zuhui Wang, Jun Zhou, & Xueyi Yang | An Analysis of Education-Based Immigration to Zhengzhou, China under Hukou Reform
George Kolev | Ein Mann 
Jimmy Pianka | Prayer