Student Leaders and Members

Nina Denison (’14)

Prose Editor

Nina Denison is a Junior from Concord, Massachusetts, majoring in English with a minor in Mass Communications and Media Studies. This is her first year with Discourse, and she is thrilled to take on the position of Prose Editor to engage with fellow creative writers at Tufts. Discourse appeals to her as a publication that is lively and relevant to the school and the greater community, combining scintillating debate with dynamic, artistic expression.

Anna Haugen (’16)

Copy Editor

Anna Haugen is a sophomore from the San Francisco Bay Area, majoring in International Relations with a concentration in Europe and the Former Soviet Union, and considering a minor in Cognitive and Brain Sciences. This is Anna's first year on the Discourse staff and she'll be working as a copy editor. She is very excited to be part of the fantastic Discourse staff and looks forward to putting together a great journal!

Sarah Kee (’15)

Photography and Arts Editor

Sarah Kee is a sophomore from Dallas, Texas, double majoring in International Relations and Anthropology. This is her first year on the Discourse staff and she will be working as a Photography and Arts Editor. She is excited to be a part of Discourse and is looking forward to learning more about important social issues through the diverse beliefs andexperiences of fellow Tufts students.

Anastasiya Lobacheva (’15)

Copy Editor

Anastasiya Lobacheva is a sophomore from Atlanta, Georgia. This is her first year working on Discourse, and she is joining the staff as a Copy Editor. As a Philosophy major, she is thrilled to be part of the rebirth of a magazine that provides a space for the faculties of reason and debate.

Samira Manzur (’16)

Photography and Arts Editor

Samira Manzur is from Dhaka, Bangladesh. She recently joined Discourse as one of the Photography and Arts Editor. She is trying to blend her passions and interests with her academics. Her interests mostly revolve around visual women and socio-economic empowerment (they are more correlated than we’d like to think), social justice and visual arts. She is very excited about Discourse as it is her first key involvement in Tufts.

Natalya Minoff (’13)

Poetry and Prose Editor

Natalya Minoff is a senior from Northampton, MA double majoring in International Literary & Visual Studies and Arabic. As Poetry and Prose Editor of Discourse, she has the opportunity to integrate her love of writing with her interest in international cultural and political issues. While she is not composing and compiling literary pieces for Discourse, she works to promote a peaceful resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through her involvement with J Street U. In her spare time, she also enjoys road-tripping with friends and solving crossword puzzles.

Alexa Stevens (’13)

Editor in Chief

Alexa Stevens is a senior from the San Francisco Bay Area, double majoring in Middle Eastern Studies and Arabic. She joined Discourse in her freshman year as a Photography and Arts Editor, a role she held until becoming Editor in Chief last year. She's drawn to Discourse for the intellectual space it provides for honest debate on complicates issues,especially those relating to the Middle East and North Africa. She is excited to bring together a new Staff for the 2012-13 academic year and to inspire a new group of leaders.

Allie Wainer (’16)

Social Media Editor

Allie Wainer was immediately drawn to the Discourse magazine upon hearing about it. As an active member of Amnesty International, Allie is very interested in human rights abuses and how they play out in international affairs. Allie is the Social Media Maven of Discourse and hopes to spread the world to as many people as possible about our publication. She’s excited to get a Facebook page and Twitter account going for the journal in the upcoming year.

Hongye Wu (’16)

Content Editor

Hongye Wu is a freshman from Guangzhou China, still wondering about what her major will be. She joins Discourse this year as a content editor. She finds Discourse appealing because she loves the concept of exchanging ideas of the journal, and she believes Discourse would be a great platform for two subjects she loves the most :philosophy and arts. She is thrilled to work with other members in the group and can't wait to receive submissions of brilliant thoughts from Tufts.