21st Century Leadership: NEW Negotiations course info session

Date & Time November 7, 2018 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Braker 118
IGL General

As leaders in the twenty-first century, how can we most effectively exercise influence in a global, multi-cultural environment?
Are we ‘born’ diplomats or can we learn andimprove our negotiation skills?  
Should we pummel our opponent (and “win”) or can we do well in a negotiation while preserving the relationship and laying the groundwork for future negotiations?
The Institute for Global Leadership will be offering a negotiations course in Spring 2019 that will prepare students to be more effective global leaders and to engage successfully with others across borders and cultures – national, organizational, institutional – by improving their negotiation, communication, and conflict management skills.

To learn more about this new course, please join us on Wednesday, November 7, for the info session and pizza.