Archimedes Project Ideation Lab

Date & Time April 17, 2015 10:00am
Tufts University

The Archimedes Project is planning a social enterprise ideation lab in the spring semester aimed at tackling a specific issue relating to water and/or sanitation in India.  Students from all Tufts schools and programs will be encouraged to apply, and we believe IGL students will be great assets.  Students will spend three days developing a business plan to pitch to a panel of judges, with the winning team receiving the financial and human resources to launch their enterprise.  We would like to make this event a part of a larger year round movement and network  at Tufts for students interested in social enterprise, water, and sanitation throughout the developing world.  We are currently looking for students to help plan and prepare for the event.  Students who are on the planning committee will have a guaranteed spot at the ideation lab.  Please sign up here: or email if you are interested.