Challenges and Political Implications of the Global Vaccine Rollout

Date & Time April 28, 2021 6:00pm
Latin American Committee

The Tufts Latin American Committee, the Middle East Research Group (MERG), the Tufts South Asian Regional Committee (SARC), and Tufts European Horizons, will be co-hosting two panel discussions on the challenges and the political implications of the global vaccine rollout.

Panel 1: The Micro Level: Vaccine Rollout and Hurdles to Immunity

This panel will focus on the barriers to immunity presented at the micro level. Looking at the domestic challenges to immunity will help our audience better understand what solutions are effective in vaccine program implementation.

Panel 2: The Macro Level: Power Competition through Vaccine Distribution

The second panel will focus on how vaccine distribution is stimulating and/or transforming power competition in the global arena. As more vaccines are approved in numerous countries, the origin of these vaccines could play a role in the way in which they’re distributed, to who, and what donor actors will ask of countries who receive their vaccines.