Cyber Threats in the 21st Century

Date & Time April 27, 2022 8:00pm - 9:00pm
Eaton 206

In the 21st century, the United States and other countries have become increasingly dependent upon cyberspace to conduct everything from daily life to military affairs. However, these spaces have seen the growth of adversaries who use cyberattacks to disrupt governments. While the threat of cyber attacks is well known, the solutions to them are not. How do states deal with the fallout from cyberattacks and what regulations might be pursued to prevent attacks in the future? Come join ALLIES this Wednesday, April 27th at 8 PM in Eaton 206, for our very special last meeting of the semester with Fletcher Professor Dr. Josephine Wolff. Dr. Wolff will answer these questions and more, so you don’t want to miss out!