Iran, Trump, and Freedom of the Press with Yeganeh Rezaian

Date & Time February 22, 2017 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Barnum 104

Join the Tufts New Initiative for Middle Eastern Peace on 2/22 at 7pm in Barnum 104 to hear Iranian-American journalist Yeganeh Rezaian discuss freedom of the press in Iran and U.S.-Iranian relations under Trump. Yeganeh covered Iranian political, social and economic news from 2009-2014 until her arrest in 2014, along with her husband, on unspecified charges. Though Yeganeh was released from jail 10 weeks after her arrest, her husband remained imprisoned for 543 days. The vague nature of accusations against them and their mistreatment while in custody has prompted worldwide discussions on the issue of the freedom of the press.