Migration in Latin America

Date & Time March 1, 2019 1:00pm - 4:00pm
Cabot 206
Latin American Committee

Whether driven by the hope of a better future or forced by conflict, migration is essential to human survival. With the significant changes in migration flows in Latin America within the last decade, it is important to understand the push and pull factors that cause human migration and its effects on individuals, society and the economy as a whole. The purpose of this panel is to help individuals understand migration in the Latin American context.

What are the racial and ethnic identities of a migrant? Who migrates and how do they assimilate/ engage? What are the domestic and foreign policies on migratory flows? What is the role of gang violence in Central America, and the repercussions of natural disasters in the Caribbean and South America? These are relevant questions that will be addressed in this panel.

The panelists will discuss not only the macro-level costs and benefits of migration for sending and receiving countries, but also the harsh realities faced by migrants. Panelists include Professor Katrina Burgess, Professor Helen Marrow, and Mario Delgado ‘A19. Following the panel, the Tufts Latino Center will moderate a post-panel discussion with Professor Felipe Dias.

We hope to see you there!