From Pandemics to Poverty: The Implications for Corona Virus for the Furthest Behind

Date & Time September 28, 2020 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Tufts European Horizons

Join European Horizons for a discussion about the impact of COVID-19 on inequality and global poverty.  

According to the World Bank, COVID-19 is likely to cause the first increase in global poverty since 1998. These projections have led to widespread calls for deep socio-economic reform. 

During our discussion, we will consider how the pandemic has altered public opinion regarding healthcare and wealth inequality. We will also discuss how governments can mitigate the economic consequences of the pandemic.

What lessons have we learned from COVID-19? How can we create a political and economic system based on sustainability and inclusion? How can improve the average standard of living and ensure public safety in the future? 

Join us on Monday, September 28th at 6:00 PM to address some of these pressing questions! If you are unable to attend the meeting, subscribe to our e-list here:

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