Panel discussion "Gender Inequality and Gender Rights in Latin America"

Date & Time April 19, 2019 12:00pm - 1:30pm
Olin 007
Latin American Committee

The Latin American Committee (LAC) will be hosting a panel on “Gender Inequality and Gender Rights in Latin America” which will explore the current issues faced by women in the region and the movements in response to these challenges. Joining us will be Prof. Kimberly Theidon, who is the Henry J. Leir Professor of International Humanitarian Studies and Co-Director of Gender Analysis and Women’s Leadership Program at Fletcher, Prof. Nina Gerassi-Navarro, Professor of Latin American Literature and Director of Latin American Studies, and Prof. Anjuli Fahlberg, Full-Time Lecturer in the Department of Sociology at Tufts University. Professor Theidon is an expert in studying gender in post-conflict contexts, namely in the Andean region and Southern Cone. Professor Gerassi-Navarro, who is herself Argentinian, has been involved in numerous feminist movements in Argentina and has extensive background exploring the concept of Latin American Woman through the lens of Latin American literature. Professor Fahlberg is an expert in social movements and resistance, including feminist movements, in Rio de Janeiro’s City of God.

The three panelists will each contribute to the panel with their very unique approaches to the question of “what are the gender inequities we find in the Latin American region and how are these challenges being mitigated by the women themselves?”

Join us on Friday April 19th from 12-1:30 at Olin 007, there will be coffee and pastries available.

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