Public Sector Consulting

Date & Time July 18, 2020 1:00pm - 2:00pm
IGL General

Amy Ouelette A12, Deloitte; Aparna Ramanan A13, Deloitte, Bradley Friedman A15, Deloitte; Piyali Kundu A10, PwC

Bradley Friedman is a Senior Consultant in Deloitte Consulting’s Government & Public Services Practice. Bradley has advised government agencies at the federal and local levels about enterprise strategy and emerging technology. Bradley is currently pursuing an MBA at the Berkeley Haas School of Business and was part of the 2012 & 2014 EPIIC colloquiums.

Piyali graduated in 2010 with a dual major in IR and Community Health. She is an alumna of the 2007-2008 Global Poverty and Inequality EPIIC Colloquium, a former member of the 2008 ALLIES team that went to Amman, Jordan, and also a co-coordinate of the EMPOWER Program from 2009 - 2010. After graduation, Piyali moved to the Netherlands where she obtained a MSc in Health Economics and Policy and started her career in public sector consulting at PwC in the Middle East, based in Dubai.  She moved with her family back to the Netherlands in 2016 and was a Manager in Strategy & Operations at Deloitte, focused on health and international public sectors. Her experience has focused on organizational change, program design and development, policy and regulatory implementation within international organizations, aid agencies, national and regional government, and higher education institutions. She has contributed to thought leadership and research on economic development, the education and skills gap, women's labour force participation, and maternal health services. She took a year off consulting to join an Amsterdam-based NGO working on digital health solutions in Sub-Saharan Africa. A native New Yorker, she is currently based back in Brooklyn, pursuing a Masters of Social Work at Columbia University, and trying to keep her three daughters entertained while social distancing.

Amy Ouelette graduated from Tufts in 2012 (IR/Poli Sci) and spent the next year as a Research Associate at a global peacebuilding nonprofit near Porter Square. She moved to Washington DC for 4 years, working as a Federal government consultant with Deloitte. Outside of work, she formed a meditation community, took acting classes, and bought a condo. Now, Amy lives in Boston and serves in a rotational leadership role alongside executives in the public sector and higher ed industry at Deloitte.

Aparna Ramanan is a senior consultant at Deloitte, with 8 years of experience working with and advising public sector and nonprofit organizations. She has experience advising clients on high-level strategy formulation, customer experience, market research, governance design, and process improvement. In addition, she is passionate about social entrepreneurship and has advised start-ups in emerging markets in Africa and Central America on scaling, market analysis, customer research, and marketing strategies. Prior to Deloitte, she worked at the US Institute of Peace, managing peacebuilding programs in the Middle East, and MasterCard Europe. Aparna received her Master’s in Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School, and holds a BA from Tufts University.

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