Tea on Courses

Date & Time October 30, 2019 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Campus Center, Room 220
Women in IR

Tufts Women in International Relations will be hosting our first ever “Tea on Courses” event! The event is designed to bring together students from all academic backgrounds, but more specifically International Relations, to advise each other on course selection for the coming semester.

Students will share their previous experiences with certain courses with other students who are considering what subjects to take in the coming semester. While this event is designed for International Relations students, it will also be helpful for students studying other fields as we will include representatives speaking on behalf of courses in various departments such as History, Political Science, Economics, Art History, and Psychology.

The aim of this event is not only to provide short-term advising to fellow students of International Relations but also to encourage networking and the creation of long-term relationships amongst students within similar fields. This event helps bring together upper and lower class men as well as different liberal arts majors.