Student Leaders and Members

Grace Abe (’23)

Community Liaison

Grace Abe is a sophomore planning on double majoring in Biology and Environmental Studies. She is from Lexington, Massachusetts and attended Lexington High School. She serves as the Community Liaison for the Tufts Amnesty International Chapter. She joined Tufts Amnesty in the fall of her freshman year, after being involved in her high school’s chapter.

Claudia Aibel (’23)


Claudia is a sophomore at Tufts University double majoring in Psychology and International Relations. She is from Saratoga Springs, New York, and currently serves as Secretary of the Tufts chapter of Amnesty International. She has enjoyed working with Amnesty so far and is looking forward to the rest of the semester.

Connor Akiyama (’21)


International Relations, Economics

Connor is from the California Bay Area and is majoring in international relations and economics. He has been involved in various IR organizations on campus, but is very excited to be leading ALLIES in his final year at Tufts. He is simultaneously terrified and excited of post-grad life and whatever kind of new challenges it will bring for him. He also wishes he had his Legos with him at Tufts to continue making stop motion videos with.


Haider Ali (’21)


Major: Biology, History

Haider is a senior from New York majoring in Biology and History, with a concentration in the ancient Mediterranean world. He has been part of ALLIES since his freshman year and helped plan the 2019 Field Exercise in Peace and Stability Operations. He also previously served as the co-director of the 2019 Civil-Military Relations Conference and led the ALLIES delegation in the 2019 Fletcher ISSP SIMULEX conference. While hoping to one day pursue a career in medicine, Haider is fascinated by the complexities of international relations and loves discussing all aspects of the topic.


Kira Ambrose (’17)

Co-Founder and Co-President

Kira Ambrose is a sophomore majoring in quantitative economics. Her interest in women’s issues has grown tremendously since coming to Tufts through conversations with unique women on campus and interning with NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts. She participated in the 2012-13 EPIIC colloquium on Global Health and Security, where she first conceived X-Effect with her classmate, Jessica Muganza. Outside of X-Effect, Kira is an lead analyst with Tufts Financial Group's Real Estate Sector and enjoys creative writing and going on adventures with her friends.

Elebetel Aseefa (’22)

Vice President, Honduras

Elebetel is a sophomore from Ethiopia and the Vice President of Tufts International Development Honduras. She is studying History and Philosophy. Elebetel is passionate about establishing a global healthcare system that does not discriminate, disregard, or discount any patients, no matter the race, age, or gender.

Simon-Pierre Behr (’14)

Co-Chair of PPRI

Simon-Pierre Behr is a junior majoring in International Relations and minoring in Entrepreneurial Leadership Studies. Growing up in France, Simon-Pierre's education was influenced by the ideals of liberty, equality, and fraternity. During his high school years he looked at micro finance and education as ways of empowering the poor and reducing inequalities. At Tufts, Simon-Pierre joined PPRI because he wanted to look at the paralyzing and damaging effects that corruption (in a broad sense) can have on economic and political systems, and on any efforts to reduce inequalities and injustices. Currently his research with PPRI is concerned with the effects of political and economic corruption on journalists in Turkey.

Ray Bernoff (’18)

Ray Bernoff is a senior majoring in Film and Media Studies. He grew up in Arlington, Massachusetts and was homeschooled for eight years before attending Harvard Extension in lieu of high school. His interests include image-making in a variety of formats, storytelling from filmmaking to journalism to creative writing, disability and LGBT+ activism, cycling, forensics, and hair styling. At Tufts, he is a staff photographer, former photo-exec, and investigative journalist at the Tufts Daily newspaper, a member of the disability group formerly known as CAST, and is co-producing and DPing a variety of video projects with other FMS majors and TUTV members. Last summer he was a news producer at Arlington Community Media, Inc.

Saloni Bhojwani (’11)

Coeditor in Chief (2011)

Saloni Bhojwani graduated from Tufts in 2011, where she earned her B.A. in Economics and International Relations, with a focus on Economic Development. She grew up in Singapore and attended international schools there.  While at Tufts, she was heavily involved in IGL Activities: Saloni was Editor-in-Chief of Discourse from 2010-2011, participated in EPIIC in 2008-2009 and was a member of Exposure through which she attended the Exposure workshop in Ajmer, Rajasthan in summer, 2009. Saloni now works as a management consultant in Singapore, and she plans to transition into development consulting in the near future.  She is fluent in French with a working knowledge of Mandarin.

Mrugank Bhusari (’21)

Oslo Scholar 2020

Mrugank is a member of the Class of 2021 from Mumbai, India. Through his double-major in Quantitative Economics and International Relations, he hopes to investigate how economic methods can drive evidence-based international policy. He is particularly interested in the intersection of human security, migration and development. He is presently a Visiting Student at the University of Oxford studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE). He has previously worked as a research assistant for Professor John A. List, an experimental economist at the University of Chicago, and is also a Laidlaw Scholar at Tufts. He was a member of the EPIIC Colloquium (18-19), where his interests in these topics was ignited. Beyond the overarching theories of migration, it was the personal narratives and individual stories that left a deep impression on him; stories of snap decisions, of broken aspirations and of hope. Subsequently he is pursuing a career in policymaking and research, with the intention of bringing human dignity to the centre of the discourse. As an Oslo Scholar, he will be working with Jamila Raqib at the Albert Einstein Institution.

Tamar Brandes-Krug (’22)

Vice President

Tamar Brandes-Krug is a junior serving as the Vice President of the Tufts chapter of Amnesty International. Tamar is majoring in Political Science and minoring in fine arts. She is from Medford, Massachusetts and is interested in working on issues that specifically pertain to the greater Boston area.

Zachary Burpee (’23)

Co-Discussion Lead

Zack Burpee is a sophomore at Tufts who serves on the MERG e-board as one of the discussions leads. Born and raised in Seattle, Zack is pursuing an International Relations major with a Middle East concentration. Through an internship with a film production company in the spring of 2020, he learned the importance of balancing perspectives and telling the complete story. Outside of MERG, Zack competes with the Tufts ultimate frisbee team, plays trumpet with the jazz orchestra, and is involved with the Tufts Daily.

Elana Chan (’21)


Elana is a senior studying Environmental Engineering and Community Health. She has been a part of the Malawi project team since her freshman year, and she travelled to Malawi for the first implementation trip in summer 2018. Outside of EWB, Elana can be found volunteering in her community, conducting research with the environmental


Nicola Chang (’14)

Marketing Co-Director

Nicola Chang hails from Hong Kong, and is a senior majoring in International Relations and Economics. Besides her interest in China-U.S. relations and how it pertains to her hometown in particular, Nicola is also involved in the music scene at Tufts University. In her spare time Nicola enjoys reading books on Behavioral Economics, listening to Maurice Ravel, or drumming on trashcans. Nicola hopes to someday promote music as a facilitator for development of social and human capital, but she'll get back to you on that eventually.

Manal Cheema (’14)


Manal Cheema is a first-year student pursuing a double major in political science and brain and cognitive sciences. On campus, she is involved with X-Effect, ALLIES, and Model UN, while also being a member of the Tufts JumboRaas team (an Indian dance group). As a result of her interest in government and law, Manal has interned with Senator Elizabeth Warren. Outside of academics, Manal enjoys to draw, play video games, and spread awareness of the issues women face across the globe.

Judy Chen (’19)

IGL Liaison

Judy Chen is a junior from Taiwan who studies Anthropology, as well as Cognitive & Brain Sciences and Science, Technology, & Society on the side. Having lived abroad her entire life, Judy loves traveling to and living in different countries to connect with people and see how they make life their own. She loves spending her time writing, creating, having six-hour lunches, and exploring the edges of human connection. Currently, she is interested in bringing more humanity and human nuance to the world of tech and design.

Karishma Chouhan (’21)

Karishma Chouhan is a junior at Tufts University double majoring in Quantitative Economics and International Relations. She has been a part of TuftsID: India since her first year in university and has been passionate about international development since middle school. She is also involved with the Tufts University drama department, and various on-campus organizations. In her free time, she likes to sleep, read, and lament how much it snows in Boston.

Nic Chung (’20)

Nic Chung is a sophomore majoring in Sociology and minoring in Entrepreneurial Leadership Studies. He is passionate about personal growth, sharing ideas with those around him, and telling stories through documentary film. By nature, he is an autodidact; he enjoys refining his skills and teaching himself new ones. In his spare time, Nic likes to read, write, and spend quality time with his friends. 

Evan Cook (’19)

Board Member

Evan Cook is a member of the class of 2019 from Columbus, Ohio interested in studying International Relations and Anthropology. His inquisitiveness and indecisiveness have led him to interests ranging from gender in international relations to the effects of viral dormancy in mice. Consequently, he hopes to find a career that works across different disciplines to address various issues facing the US and the world. Going forward, Evan is excited to engage Synaptic Scholars in larger communities, hoping to impart positive change on and off Tufts’ campus.

Evan Corcoran (’20)

Graduate Empower Coordinator

Evan is a first-year master’s degree student at the Fletcher School, studying comparative politics and human security. Prior to enrollment at Fletcher, he worked in the educational sector in California, Chile, Spain, and Turkey. While at school, he plans to focus his research on authoritarianism in Europe and Eurasia, along with the role civil society and external stimuli have on pro-democracy efforts. He is also involved in the Fletcher Forum of World Affairs and Tufts Literacy Corps. While not studying, Evan loves reading fantasy novels, eating exotic food, and going surfing.

Sarah Dawson (’23)


Sarah Dawson is a sophomore from Connecticut! She is currently pursuing a double major in environmental engineering and environmental studies. For EWB, she is a member of the Tufts' Malawi project, and one of the co-treasurers for the chapter here on campus. A quick fun fact about her is that she absolutely loves to be outside, especially hiking and camping!

Nina Denison (’14)

Prose Editor

Nina Denison is a Junior from Concord, Massachusetts, majoring in English with a minor in Mass Communications and Media Studies. This is her first year with Discourse, and she is thrilled to take on the position of Prose Editor to engage with fellow creative writers at Tufts. Discourse appeals to her as a publication that is lively and relevant to the school and the greater community, combining scintillating debate with dynamic, artistic expression.

Alex Dingle (’24)

Co-Discussion Lead

Alexandra (Alex) Dingle is a first year from New York City. She has spent every summer visiting her family in Greece, where she has been able to not only learn about her culture, but also meet with people from neighboring countries. This is what sparked her interest in global affairs. She intends to major in International Relations and Civic Studies. She is excited to be a part of MERG as she is passionate about the Middle East. On campus, she is the Democracy Representative for Jumbo Vote. She is also involved with Tufts Democrats, European Horizons, Women In IR, and Women’s Higher Education Now (WHEN).

Connor Doyle (’21)


Connor is a senior International Relations major and Arabic minor from near Albany, New York. He has been heavily involved with the IGL in extracurricular settings. Connor is a 3-year e-board member of MERG previously as IGL Liaison (sophomore year) and co-treasurer (Junior spring). Connor also participated in the EPIIC Colloquium 2018-2019: Migration in a Turbulent World. He was selected as an Empower Fellow for the summer of 2019, when he worked as an Entrepreneur Selection and Growth Intern at global nonprofit Endeavor’s office in Dubai, UAE. The following summer Connor interned for IGL alumnus Anoop Swaminath as a business segmentation analyst intern for a stealth startup. Outside of school and MERG, Connor can be found in the pool with the Varsity Swimming and Diving team, hiking in the White Mountains, or doing yoga on his back porch.

Cody Eaton (’19)

Cody is a junior from Gloucester, MA studying International Relations with a concentration in international economic development. He got a camera at the start of 2017 and has since examined his academic interests in the environment, development, and Latin America through the lens. During June of 2017 he traveled to Ecuador to produce a video for Tufts International Development’s implementation of a digital library program in the earthquake-stricken community of Coaque. He then spent his fall semester studying abroad in Bolivia, where he produced a documentary on the impact of climate change in the rural municipality of Betanzos. He is passionate about climate action, soccer, and music, and can be found playing pickup in Gantcher or hosting his radio show on WMFO. 

Daniel S Eslami (’22)


Daniel is an international student from Zurich, Switzerland. He has lived in both Holland and Switzerland and now studies in the US.  He joined European Horizons to expose himself to different perspectives on European affairs and to discuss controversial issues with other students who are interested in Europe. For Daniel, European Horizons provides a great opportunity for people at Tufts to change their perspectives by interacting with other students on matters that interest them.

His own areas of interest include, labour economics, international migration, and conflict resolution.


Mike Feng (’21)

Mike is a junior at Tufts University currently studying abroad at Pembroke College at the University of Oxford. He majors in Quantitative Economics and International Relations while minoring in History. Mike is passionate about international economic development and enjoys playing football (soccer), traveling and listening to grime.

Adam Foster (’22)

Oslo Scholar 2020

Adam Foster is a member of the Class of 2022 and pursuing an International Relations Major with a concentration in Security and a Minor in Mandarin. He is from Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he spent most of his time pursuing legislative change on the state level, becoming the youngest ever registered Lobbyist in the state’s history, with a specific focus on youth advocacy, development of broadband infrastructure, and education. At Tufts, he has continued this interest in politics and international relations as a member of SURGE, ALLIES, CIVIC, and an executive board member of Tufts Peace Action, as well as a member of the IGL’s EPIIC 2020 class: Preventing Genocide and Mass Atrocities. He hopes to continue his work in human rights and advocacy this Summer through One Day Seyoum. Through his internship at One Day Seyoum, he hopes to gain valuable experience in lobbying on an international scale and learn more about modern-day atrocities and abuse of power in Eritrea.

Olive Garst (’21)


Olive is a senior studying electrical engineering with an interest in engineering education. She is from Philadelphia, PA and has been a part of EWB since freshman year. Outside of EWB, Olive participates in the women's ultimate frisbee team, climbs, and loves to draw.


Bridget Gattinoni (’23)

Co-Fundraising Chair

Bridget is a sophomore majoring in Mechanical Engineering and minoring in Computer Science from Newtown, CT. She is a member of the Nicaragua project team and is a fundraising co-chair this year. Outside of EWB, Bridget is on the Women’s Club volleyball team and participates in Junior Jumbos.


Hailey Gavin (’18)

Hailey Gavin is a senior at Tufts majoring in Political Science and minoring in English and Film & Media Studies. As the executive editor of the video section of The Tufts Daily, She produces video journalism pieces, as well as marketing videos for organizations, including the Golden Gate National Parks. She is. She is also a Writing Fellow at Tufts and plays on the club soccer team. She is originally from San Francisco.

Konrad Gessler (’14)

Operations Co-Director

Konrad Gessler is a senior from North Salem, NY majoring in International Relations: Security Studies. As a member of the 2011-2012 EPIIC Colloquium "Conflict in the 21st Century", Konrad traveled to Muscat, Oman to research Omani-Iranian bilateral relations during the tensions in the Straits of Hormuz. Konrad co-directed FIELDEX, a real-time simulation of a conflict scenario with participants from civilian universities and military academies. He also organized a career panel for ALLIES with panelists representing careers in the public and private sectors. Konrad is looking forward to his continued involvement in the IGL's programs during his last year at Tufts.

Molly Gould

Molly Gould (’22)


Molly is a sophomore at Tufts University from Washington, DC, and President of Tufts International Development. She is studying International Relations and Civic Studies, with a concentration in culture and identity systems. In the future, Molly hopes to continue learning about global health and education and pursue opportunities to work in international development. In addition to her role with TID, Molly is a Laidlaw Research Scholar and enjoys working in education and mentorship initiatives, including the Big Brothers Big Sisters Foundation.

Mallory Grider (’19)

Meeting Coordinator

Mallory Grider is a member of the Class of 2019. Mallory balances her love of numbers and narratives at Tufts University, where she studies Mathematics, Computer Science, and History. She hails from Sandy, Oregon, a rural town near Mount Hood, though she thinks of Boston as her adopted hometown. Mallory spent half of her high school career studying mathematics at Reed College, in Portland. At Reed, during a project on elliptic curve cryptography and its practical application, she developed an interest in number theory and cryptanalysis. On campus, Mallory is an editor of the Tufts Historical Review, an academic journal of history, a member of Chi Omega sorority, and a volunteer for Tufts’ Girls of Code.

Jeremy Gumener (’19)

Jeremy is from Geneva, Switzerland and is a Junior at Tufts studying Film and Media Studies. His dream is to become a writer & director for his own feature films. He has been seriously into photography for about 4 years now and shoots solely on film (regular and medium format). He is currently in the process of writing/directing/producing his first short film with the help of Professor and filmmaker Khary Jones.

Esra Gurcay (’20)

E-board member

Esra is senior at Tufts University majoring in International Relations with a concentration in the Middle East and minoring in music. She is the co-president of the Middle East Research Group (MERG) at Tufts. Her interest in the Middle East is rooted in her love for Istanbul, her hometown, and the various languages and cultures that give color to the region. Esra has been studying Arabic at Tufts since her sophomore year and spent the summer of 2018 learning Arabic in Beirut, Lebanon. Throughout her years at Tufts, Esra has been involved in a variety of student organizations such as Tufts Amnesty International, MERG (formerly NIMEP), the Tufts Daily, ESL and the Tufts Jazz Orchestra. Her academics interests include Turkish politics, U.S. foreign policy, Islam, the Kurdish question and international migration. Outside of classes and school clubs, Esra regularly performs with her band at gigs around Tufts and Boston.

Anne Hall (’19)

Meeting Coordinator

Anne is a member of the Class of 2019 and is from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She is a Biology and Interdisciplinary Studies double major, and has passions ranging from women’s health to Spanish language and culture to photography. She is involved in numerous groups on campus including the Tufts First-Gen Council, GlobeMed at Tufts, Minority Association of Pre-Health Students (MAPS), and Oslo Scholars.

Engaging in meaningful conversations regarding the intersectionality between faith and social justice work is extremely important to Anne, and she is ecstatic to continue contributing to this conversation at Tufts as a 2017 Cafe Peer Leader. In her free time, Anne loves to read, embark on spontaneous adventures and go on walks.


Anna Haugen (’16)

Copy Editor

Anna Haugen is a sophomore from the San Francisco Bay Area, majoring in International Relations with a concentration in Europe and the Former Soviet Union, and considering a minor in Cognitive and Brain Sciences. This is Anna's first year on the Discourse staff and she'll be working as a copy editor. She is very excited to be part of the fantastic Discourse staff and looks forward to putting together a great journal!

Wenyi He (’15)

Programming Co-Director

Wenyi is a junior from Beijing, China. She is a Quantitative Economic and International Relations (International Finance concentration) double major. Wenyi is currently an e-board member in Tufts Economic Society and Tufts China Student Association. This past summer, Wenyi participated UBS Private Wealth Management workshop in Beijing and also interned in Simon- Kucher & Partners Beijing office, a price-strategy consulting firm.  At Tufts, Wenyi is dedicated to promoting American understanding and perception of China by bringing in more Chinese perspectives.

Sofie Hecht (’18)

Sofie has always loved telling stories and learning from others, so finding documentary photography was a perfect fit for her when she arrived at Tufts. She is now a graduating senior TA’ing for the Advanced Documentary Practice class and is an International Literary and Visual Studies (ILVS) and Spanish double major. She has travelled extensively around Latin America and hopes to generate social change and impact through visual narratives.

Annmarie Hoch (’21)

Institute for Global Leadership Chair

Annmarie is a senior studying Community Health. She is from Chelmsford, MA and has been involved in Engineers Without Borders’ Malawi project since her sophomore year. Around campus, she is also involved in the Melisma music magazine, Jumpstart, and the Center for Engineering, Education, and Outreach.


Mahdi Ibrahim (’23)

Oslo Scholar 2020

Mahdi Ibrahim is a member of the Class of 2023 from Cambridge, Massachusetts. Pursuing a double major in International Relations and Economics and a minor in Colonialism Studies, he is interested in exploring how colonial legacies shape economic development in postcolonial nations. He is also passionate about foreign affairs, particularly as it relates to political economy, human rights, and social movements in the Middle East and in Africa. On campus, Mahdi is on the e-board for the Eritrean-Ethiopian Student Association and the African Student Association, a member of the Tufts Consulting Collective and the Tufts Labor Coalition, involved with the first-generation community, an RA, and a Tufts with Rwanda fellow. He is also an intern at Global Kids’ “US in the World” Summer Institute, working alongside the Council on Foreign Relations to develop a three-week foreign policy program for high school students in NYC. As an Oslo Scholar for the summer of 2020, Mahdi is interning with One Day Seyoum, an organization shedding light on the numerous human rights violations committed by the state of Eritrea against its people. ODS coordinates campaigns, political and legal efforts, projects, protests and speaking engagements to apply pressure on the Eritrean regime as well as governments and citizens around the world. As someone of Eritrean descent, Mahdi has a personal and moral commitment to the mission of ODS and is looking forward to working on a range of projects and strengthening the organization’s efforts and audience this summer.”

Carlos Irisarri (’21)

Oslo Scholars Coordinator

Carlos Irisarri is a junior at Tufts University, where he studies a combination of political science, philosophy, and history. Carlos has been working with the IGL since his Freshman year, having taken the IGL’s flagship course EPIIC both Freshman and Sophomore year. In 2018, Carlos became an Oslo Scholar working for El Chigüire Bipolar, a Venezuelan satirical news company. He was also given the chance to attend the Oslo Freedom Forum, an experience he cherishes to this day.  Apart from his work at the IGL, Carlos participates in several political discussion groups on campus and works as a light technician for Tufts' theater.


Matthew Jourlait (’21)

Undergraduate Empower Coordinator

Matthew Jourlait is a Sophomore International Relations major at Tufts University, pursuing a minor in economics. He is a member of the IGL community, having participated in the EPIIC course during his freshmen year and having been involved in the leadership of ALLIES, a civil-military relations focused student group.Matthew is passionate about international security, consulting and finance. He has interned at the American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore, the US Department of State and at various other nonprofits and startups.Matthew is also a triple citizen, hailing from Canada, France and the United States. He has also lived half of his life respectively in California and Paris, and speaks French, English and Spanish fluently.

Hena Kapadia (’11)

Coeditor in Chief (2010-2011)

After completing her degree in Art History and Economics at Tufts, Hena  Kapadia joined Christie's Education in London for a master's degree in Modern and Contemporary Art. Hena has recently completed her Master’s dissertation entitled “dis[orient]ation” which is focused on contemporary art from South Asia. She has interned at several art spaces in Boston, Mumbai and London and is currently back in Mumbai, India where she plans on setting up a venture of her own in the coming years.

Sarah Kee (’15)

Photography and Arts Editor

Sarah Kee is a sophomore from Dallas, Texas, double majoring in International Relations and Anthropology. This is her first year on the Discourse staff and she will be working as a Photography and Arts Editor. She is excited to be a part of Discourse and is looking forward to learning more about important social issues through the diverse beliefs andexperiences of fellow Tufts students.

Colin Kennedy (’21)

Oslo Scholar 2020

Colin Kennedy is a member of the Class of 2021 and is originally from Seattle, Washington. He is double majoring in history and quantitative economics, with particular interest in journalism, international affairs, and human rights. He grew up and went to school in India, Switzerland and Ethiopia and is passionate about working with people across cultures. At Tufts, he is involved with the Tufts Daily and the Middle East Research Group.

Colin is especially interested in the realm of development economics and accountable governance. In summer 2017, he interned with USAID/Ethiopia’s Democracy and Governance Office, where he examined democratic trends in Ethiopia and compiled a report on the development of social accountability and local governance. In summer 2018, he was a Tufts with Rwanda Fellow and studied firsthand the long-term efforts under the Kagame government in reconciliation and economic development following the 1994 genocide.

At Canvas this summer, he hopes to continue to learn about governance and social accountability.

Youngchan Kim (’16)

Panel Leader

There is a Korean proverb that says, “The frog in the well knows nothing of the great ocean.” The story continues with the small frog, “Haewa” means ‘sea frog’ in Korean, leaving the well, the only world he has known, to experience a new world. He is not satisfied with staying near the well and journeys beyond the town and country he is from. He heads towards the sea, his ultimate goal, passing over mountains and through rivers. His is a life of insatiable challenges in a new world outside the well; and that has been Youngchan’s life for the past 27 years.

Youngchan Kim is a graduate student at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University. He is from South Korea and finished his bachelor’s degree at Kyung Hee University majoring in Political Science and International Relations with special focus on China and North Korea. With his academic interests in China, he attended a number of academic activities in China and Taiwan including one year of exchange study at National Cheng Chi University (NCCU) in Taipei. He also served the Korean Army for two years as a soldier of the Korean Augmentation to the United States Army (KATUSA). Before he came to the Fletcher, he also worked at Center for Medicine and Korean Reunification, Seoul National University. As a researcher, he participated in a number of different projects including publishing a white paper for North Korea Public Health as well as in developing a Public health contingency plan for North Korea’s emergent situation with special focuses on mass influx of refugees. At the Fletcher School, he is concentrating on International Conflict Resolution and Development Economics, while he is actively engaging in many school activities as a member of China Studies Society and North Korea Working Group of the Fletcher School. Youngchan is a big lover of backpack travel and he has been traveled in 78 cities in 18 countries across Asia, Europe, Africa, and North America so far.

His panel “US Pivot Change and Asia’s Response” will cover the Obama administration’s foreign policy toward Pacific Asia and what has been done in the past based on the policy and the reactions of the countries in the Asia-Pacific area, especially in East Asia; China, Korea, and Japan. Furthermore, the panel will examine the future of the US Pivot Change and its impacts on the political spectrum in Pacific Asia. 

Olivia King (’22)

Events Coordinator

Olivia King is a sophomore at Tufts University majoring in International Relations and Economics. She is from Medford, Oregon, and currently serves as Tufts Amnesty International’s Events Coordinator. She joined Amnesty in her first year at Tufts to take action on human rights issues across the world. She looks forward to helping grow Amnesty and hopes to work with other social justice-centered clubs to expand Amnesty’s impact.


Alex Knapp (’14)

Research Coordinator

Alex Knapp is a sophomore majoring in international relations.  He is very excited to be research coordinator for X Effect and looks forward to supporting members' research.  His interest in gender issues started spring semester 2013 when he took the class Introduction to Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies.  Alex also enjoys music and theater, and is a member of Tufts Concert Choir and is treasurer for Bare Bodkin Theater Company.

Saba Kohli Dave (’14)

Curriculum Advisor

Saba Kohli Dave is a first-year student who is planning to major in International Relations and minor in WGSS. Growing up in India and subsequently interning with a childhood cancer organisation, Saba’s interest in women’s issues began when she saw how gender discrimination existed and was perpetuated in almost all spheres. After the recent cases of violence against women in India, Saba decided to participate in the domestic as well as international struggle for women’s equality. On campus she is involved with The X-Effect, Student’s Acting for Gender Equality and the Tufts Equestrian Team. Saba loves horses, food and driving cars. 

Tara Kola (’15)

Panel Leader

Tara Kola is a junior majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Chinese. She was born near San Francisco, and moved to Bangalore, India at the age of 13. With a strong interest in linguistics and the application of computational tools, Tara will be spending next year in Beijing and Kunming studying natural language processing and Chinese calligraphy. She is also interested in health informatics, and is currently working with the Village Zero Project on visualizing geotemporal trends in cholera epidemics in Bangladesh. She hopes to extend her work with health informatics to preventative traditional healthcare practices in India and China. Tara spends her spare time reading travel books, writing articles about the residents of Boston, practicing Indian classical dance, cooking dishes from around the world, and running down the Charles.

She will be leading this years panel on Foreign Media Perceptions. This panel aims to study how the picture painted of China by domestic and international media affects how the global community understands China. To what extent is the media's image of China consistent with how it sees itself? How do international perceptions of China affect policy-making? By bringing together the viewpoints of diplomats, foreign correspondents and researchers in social psychology, this panel attempts to address these questions from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Madeline Krahn (’14)

Public Relations Director

Madeline Krahn is a sophomore majoring in economics and international relations with a concentration in developmental economics. As the public relations director, she manages the Facebook page and publicizes events, as well as collaborating with the rest of the group. Madeline’s interest in global women’s issues began through an internship with Children International, which provides support for families and children in the US and developing countries. She also volunteers at LIFT-Somerville and enjoys dancing in her free time

Katyln Kreie (’19)

Katlyn is a junior from St. Louis, Missouri and intends on majoring in Film and Media Studies and Political Science. At Tufts, she is involved with theatre and comedy groups including The Institute Sketch Comedy and Stand Up Comedy Collective. She is the PR director for Major:Undecided sketch comedy. She also is the co-creator of the TFL comedy blog and is in the process of starting her own podcast. She is interested in American politics, especially topics centered on education, and is a member of Tufts Tutors. In the future, she would like to pursue her passion for journalism and work for a news publication doing photography, filmmaking or writing.

Olivia Lazan (’21)

President, Honduras

Olivia is at junior at Tufts University from Brooklyn, NY, and the President of Tufts International Development Honduras. She is studying Spanish and International Relations, with a regional focus in Latin America. In addition to her work with TID- Honduras, Olivia coordinates ESL classes on campus for the local immigrant community and is a member of Enchanted A Cappella and Model UN. The past two summers, Olivia worked at a legal non- profit helping represent and advocate for Central American refugees.

Taylor Lewis (’21)

E-board member

Taylor Lewis is a junior at Tufts majoring in international relations and economics, and minoring in Middle Eastern history. In addition to his role with MERG, Taylor serves as a 2021 Class Senator and is a member of Tufts Debate and Economics Society. Studying Arabic and French, Taylor hopes to study abroad in Morocco next semester, and do economic development work in the MENA region. In the meantime, however, he reconnects with his Portland, OR roots by wearing fuzzy flannels and drinking copious amounts of coffee.


Anastasiya Lobacheva (’15)

Copy Editor

Anastasiya Lobacheva is a sophomore from Atlanta, Georgia. This is her first year working on Discourse, and she is joining the staff as a Copy Editor. As a Philosophy major, she is thrilled to be part of the rebirth of a magazine that provides a space for the faculties of reason and debate.

Jackson Lubke (’23)

Programming Director

Major: Quantitative Economics, Mathematics

Jackson is a sophomore from New Jersey, majoring in Quantitative Economics and Mathematics. He loves international relations and has been a part of ALLIES since he came to Tufts, even though he is not majoring in international relations (a fact which often eludes a certain co-leader). He hopes to become a professional economist one day, whatever that means.


Miranda Macaulay Miller (’20)

E-board member

Miranda is a senior from California majoring in International Relations and minoring in Arabic and Art History. She has  studied Arabic and the history, politics, and culture of the Middle East and North Africa since her freshman year and spent last semester studying in Morocco. She is particularly interested in arts and culture in the region and helped prepare the opening of a Washington, DC based art gallery featuring modern and contemporary video, art, and photography from the Middle East and North Africa this summer. 

Samira Manzur (’16)

Photography and Arts Editor

Samira Manzur is from Dhaka, Bangladesh. She recently joined Discourse as one of the Photography and Arts Editor. She is trying to blend her passions and interests with her academics. Her interests mostly revolve around visual women and socio-economic empowerment (they are more correlated than we’d like to think), social justice and visual arts. She is very excited about Discourse as it is her first key involvement in Tufts.

Nicholas Martin (’22)


Major:Undecided (International Relations or Physics)

Nicholas is a freshman from New York City who is considering majoring in International Relations or Physics. He is especially fascinated with the study of interstate conflicts as well as the interaction between new technologies and international relations. At Tufts, he is involved in the running and electric racing clubs in addition to ALLIES. During his free time, Nicholas enjoys reading the news, practicing his ukulele, and going to the gym.


Nicci Mattey (’22)


Nicci is a junior serving as the President of the Tufts chapter of Amnesty International. She is majoring in International Relation and Political Science, with a minor French. She grew up in San Antonio, Texas and now lives outside Washington DC. Since high school, she has worked closely with the immigrant and refugee community and has developed a passion for immigrant advocacy, a crucial aspect of Amnesty’s work. The Tufts community is filled with passionate activists, and Nicci could not be more grateful to be part of mobilizing this group. She is excited to engage with the IGL community and fight for human rights on our campus, in our community, and beyond.


Carolina McCabe (’23)

Outreach Coordinator

Carolina is a freshman from Vienna, VA who is planning on majoring in International Relations and Civic Studies. She is interested in pursuing work in international development in the future. Carolina took a gap year with the NSLI-Y program studying Arabic in Rabat, Morocco and since then has been fascinated by the politics and cultural dynamics in the MENA region. At Tufts, Carolina is also a part of CORES and Generation Citizen.

Kristin McConnell (’12)

Co-Chair of PPRI

Kristin McConnell is a sophomore majoring in International Relations and Peace and Justice Studies. At Tufts, Kristin is also actively involved with LIFT Somerville and BUILD India, which have expanded her interest into various fields. Kristin is very interested in the interaction between gender and politics, particularly how gender is impacted in conflict and post-conflict reconstruction. Kristin was attracted to PPRI because of its interdisciplinary approach to encouraging intellectual exploration, and its foundation in encouraging student-led research. Her research in PPRI is currently focused on the relationship between politics and journalism in Turkey, and particularly how this affects the freedom of speech of minority groups like the Turkish Kurds.

Dylan Miles (’21)

Logistics Director

Major: International Relations, Economics

Dylan is a senior from New York City majoring in International Relations and Economics. He has been involved with ALLIES since stumbling in during freshman year. He helped plan the 2019 FIELDEX simulation as well as the 2019 Civil Military Relations Conference and has staffed the Fletcher ISSP SIMULEX conference. In his spare time he enjoys procrastinating on his homework and playing video games with his friends.


Amelia Miller (’23)

Oslo Scholar 2020

Amelia is a member of the class of 2023 from Howard, Pennsylvania. She is double majoring in International Relations and Arabic and is especially interested in security, foreign policy, and human rights. On-campus, she serves as Events Chair for Women in International Relations, Treasurer of ECOM, Assistant Curriculum Director for Middle East Research Group, and is an active member of Action for Sexual Assault Prevention. This past year, she was also a Tufts with Rwanda Fellow. Participating in this program has furthered her desire to make a positive impact on the world and pursue a career connected to human rights. This summer, Amelia is interning with activist and politician Mu Sochua, through the organization Courage Fund Cambodia. She is excited to be promoting the vital work of the organization through social media and looks forward to learning more about activism and the promotion of democracy, and supporting activists who are victims of oppression as a result of their work.

Anna Miller

Anna is a staff photographer for Tufts University, capturing news, portraits, sports and daily life on the university’s four campuses. On the weekends, she enjoys making short documentary films and audio stories about wildlife and environmental issues in the New England area. She loves to go on hikes with her pup, working on local farms, drinking iced coffee and trying to teach herself Spanish on cd during her commute to work. She’s excited to be in the PNDP this spring semester and learning more about visual storytelling.

Natalya Minoff (’13)

Poetry and Prose Editor

Natalya Minoff is a senior from Northampton, MA double majoring in International Literary & Visual Studies and Arabic. As Poetry and Prose Editor of Discourse, she has the opportunity to integrate her love of writing with her interest in international cultural and political issues. While she is not composing and compiling literary pieces for Discourse, she works to promote a peaceful resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through her involvement with J Street U. In her spare time, she also enjoys road-tripping with friends and solving crossword puzzles.

Julia Mioduska (’21)


Julia Mioduska is a junior majoring in international relations and German, with a minor in Entrepreneurial Leadership Studies. During the summer, she interned with the Future Europe Initiative at the Atlantic Council in Washington, DC. At the Atlantic Council, she researched new developments in European politics and assisted with the curation of public events. Prior to college, she studied British and European politics at St. Edward’s Oxford. As a rising junior, she also interned at Schwarzkopf Junges Stiftung. This organization educates high school students about the European Union and about the importance of political participation. She is currently a TA for "Intro to Business Planning" and also works part-time at the Small Planet Institute.


Mika Mizobuchi (’24)

Freshman Representative

Major: (undecided) International Relations or Political Science

Mika is a freshman from Bethesda, Maryland and is looking towards majoring in International Relations and/or Political Science. She is ecstatic to be part of ALLIES and work as one of the freshman representatives this year. She is also an active member of JCC and Women in IR.


Alessandra Moreno (’21)

Oslo Scholar 2020

Alessandra Moreno is a rising senior majoring in political science and Middle Eastern studies with a minor in Arabic. Alessandra grew up in New York City and attended LaGuardia High School for Music and Art, planning for many years to follow in her parents' footsteps and pursue a career in the arts; however, at Tufts, Alessandra has been able to fuel her passion for human rights and genocide education, inspiring her to think about the ways the arts can be used as political tools. Alessandra currently serves as the Cummings intern on Genocide and Holocaust education and works as the leader and coordinator for the Tufts with Rwanda Fellowship. Also, she is a member of Action for Sexual Assault Prevention, Tufts Wilderness Orientation, manages the Experimental College's social media accounts. Alessandra hopes to use her summer as an Oslo Scholar to study both the ways in which the arts can be used as a form of nonviolent action and how nonviolent action in all of its forms can be strategically implemented to replace violence.

Jessica Muganza (’16)

Co-Founder and Co-President

Jessica Muganza is a sophomore from Rwanda majoring in International Relations and Community Health. She is passionate about Healthcare and Development work and was a member of the EPIIC 2012-13 Global Health and Security colloquium. She has interned with several NGOs like Partners in Health and with the Rwandan Ministry of Health. She is also interested in women's issues and African politics. She enjoys poetry and cultural dances.

Ellie Murphy (’22)

IGL Liaison

Ellie Murphy is a junior at Tufts University double majoring in International Relations and Sociology. She is from Westchester, New York and attended Fox Lane High School. She serves as the IGL Liaison of the Tufts Amnesty International chapter. Ellie joined Amnesty because she is passionate about international human rights, specifically in regards to equitable access to education. She likes how the Tufts Amnesty chapter focuses on educating the Tufts community about human rights issues and also creating opportunities for advocacy work. Ellie is also the co-president of Tufts Women in International Relations.

Katie Murphy (’14)

Marketing Co-Director

Katie Murphy is a senior at Tufts majoring in Quantitative Economics - technically. Really she's just here to try to educate herself holistically and doesn't like being confined to one major. Aside from curious educational pursuits, Katie also loves rock climbing and good food. She once survived 4 days alone in Ho Chi Minh City's red light district with only $5. She is also interested in startups and data analytics.

Nitya Nadgir (’20)

Liaison Director

Major:International Relations

Nitya is a sophomore from the greatest state in the world, New Jersey. She is majoring in International Relations (with a concentration in Economics) and has been a part of ALLIES since her freshman fall. She was one of the first-year representatives for ALLIES last year, and is excited to continue working with the e-board and the greater ALLIES community this year as well!


Daniel Ndirangu (’21)

Merge Curriculum Director

Daniel is a junior from Kenya majoring in International Relations with a focus on Africa and the Middle East, and Economics. Daniel became interested in the geopolitics of the Middle East in his formative years, and especially since he realized a huge overlap between the Middle East’s political and socioeconomic structures and those of Africa. He is also part of the IGL’s Synaptic Scholars. Daniel hopes to work in consulting and international development in Africa and the Middle East.

Jeremy Newman (’23)

Co-Fundraising Chair

Jeremy Newman is a sophomore in the class of 2023. He is from Morristown, NJ and is majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science. He loves to play Spike ball and will be the Fundraising Co-Chair for EWB for this year.

Haruka Noishiki (’21)

Oslo Scholar 2020

Haruka is a rising senior studying International Relations and Psychology at Tufts University and hails from Japan with Jerseyan and Californian roots. On campus, she leads international relations groups focused on Women’s Empowerment (Women in IR), Sino-US relations (SURGE) and journal publication (Hemispheres) while serving as a Writing Fellow. She kicked off the 19-20 academic year with a Summer in DC, Fall in Boston chased with a Spring semester in Paris cut short, and is looking forward to going back to all three homes, old and new. She will conduct her Senior Honors Thesis on cartographical influences on foreign policy decision making next year. Her areas of interest include East Asia, East Europe, nuclear proliferation, psychological analysis in international decision making and threat perception. She speaks Japanese, English and French. She is looking forward to serving as an Oslo Scholar with the Albert Einstein Institution and supporting Jamila Raqib.

Nora Nord (’18)

Nora is a senior at Tufts University studying history, economics and international relations. She is a 6ft Norwegian with a passion for photo documentary and storytelling and a penchant for wearing maximalist outfits. She grew up in an international environment in Oslo, Norway and Palo Alto, California, and continues to fuel her curiosity for the world by volunteering in places like Kashmir, India and Maasai Mara, Kenya. After graduation she plans to move her base to London and work in Vietnam, Bangkok, and wherever she might find herself. 

Guillaume Pailhoux (’21)


Guillaume Pailhoux is a third-year student from Paris, France, double-majoring in International Relations and Economics. As the founder of Tufts European Horizons, he is interested in creating a space for the discussion of European affairs at Tufts and give young people the opportunity to have a voice in the transatlantic relationship. He has been previously involved with the IGL by taking part in EPIIC and being a member of Tufts International Development Costa Rica. He is also involved in the larger European Horizons organization as the Director of US Chapters, where he oversees other European Horizons chapters across 26 universities in the United States. His interests include debating about politics, traveling, and ice hockey.


Ravi Patel (’23)

Marketing Lead/IGL Liason

Ravi Patel is a second year from Foxboro, MA. He is majoring in International Relations with a concentration in International Security. He is also a second year Air Force ROTC cadet at the MIT detachment, and is the ROTC Representative for ALLIES here at Tufts.

Sofia Pedersen (’23)


Sofie Pedersen is a Freshman from Copenhagen, Denmark who is considering majoring in International Relations with a concentration in international economics. This year, she is serving as treasurer for MERG. She is interested in the Middle East because she grew up and went to school in Bahrain. She is very excited for her first year at Tufts and being able to help lead MERG!

Maude Plucker (’18)


Maude is a senior studying Cognitive and Brain Science and Philosophy at Tufts. Born in Brussels, Belgium, she enjoys traveling, living in new countries, and learning languages. While she is passionate about studying the mind and the brain, Maude hopes to pursue a dynamic, international career in humanitarian aid, public health, and diplomacy. She values her fellow Synaptic Scholars for their ability to pursue diverse interests with enthusiasm and humility, as well as for their unlimited love of learning. 

Vladimir Proaño (’20)


Vladimir Proaño is a third-year student from Quito, Ecuador, studying International Relations and Economics. As co-founder of LAC, he seeks to create spaces and programs for students to learn about and discuss Latin American affairs. Vladimir is additionally involved in Tufts International Development, with the Ecuador team. He enjoys road trips in his home country, discussing politics, and música protesta.

Hiram Reynolds (’14)

Panel Leader

Hiram Reynolds is a senior from Wayland, Massachusetts, double majoring in International Relations and Chinese.  Hiram has lived in China on three occasions to study or intern abroad and hopes to continue working with Chinese in the Foreign Service or the private sector after graduating.  In addition to being interested in foreign policy and security studies, Hiram plays ultimate Frisbee and loves hiking and rock climbing.  Aspirations include publishing his thesis on Chinese UAVs, learning Arabic, perfecting a chocolate sauce recipe, and finally outrunning his dog.

This year’s panel on Military and Cyber issues examines Chinese and U.S. security interests and recent political and technological developments within the context of this year’s theme, Engagement.  Specific topics cater to the expertise of panel speakers and may include the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands, Taiwan, international norms of unmanned vehicles, and government-sponsored cyber-espionage.

Lizzy Robinson (’15)


Lizzy Robinson is a junior from Albany, New York, double majoring in International Relations and Economics. On campus, she is involved in NIMEP (New Initiative for Middle East Peace) and EPIIC, and works as a research assistant in the Political Science department. Lizzy is primarily interested in foreign policy, security issues, and diplomacy, and hopes to join the Foreign Service. Outside of academics, Lizzy enjoys running and raspberries. 

Izzy Rosenbaum (’21)

Events Lead

Isabel Rosenbaum is a senior from Brooklyn, NY studying Middle Eastern Studies and Anthropology. Prior to Tufts, she studied Arabic in Oman and Morocco and spent last fall studying in Lebanon. In addition to MERG, her involvement with the IGL includes participation in the 2018-2019 EPIIC Colloquium and the Global Fellows program, through which she spent a summer working in Lesvos, Greece. Her research interests include sectarianism, media and protest movements, and forced migration in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Deborah Royer (’22)

Events Coordinator

Deborah Royer is a junior at Tufts University majoring in International Relations with a minor in Economics. She is from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and serves as Event Coordinator of Tufts Amnesty International Chapter. Deborah’s passion for human rights activism began in highschool and has been fueled throughout her time here at Tufts. She believes the fight for international equity is one we must all engage in and is excited to plan events that integrate Tufts to the greater global community. She is also a member of Tufts COCOA dance team and loves cultural arts.


Jacob Rubel (’21)

Co-Leader Ecuador Team

Jacobis a sophomore from Brooklyn, NY. He is majoring in political science and minoring in economics, with afocus in political theory. His involvement in Tufts International Development has inspired a passion for sustainable development and educational access.Jacobis also a monitoring and evaluation intern at the MIT D-Lab, where he works to understand the impact and strategy of the different international development initiatives that the D-Lab oversees.

Jason Schwartz (’21)

Expert Coordinator

Jason is a junior majoring in History, planning on concentrating on Modern European history, and Economics.  He likes to read the Economist magazine as well as the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times to keep up with nationwide and worldwide current events. Jason also has a desire to become a holder of a private-pilot license in the foreseeable future. Jason is involved in several other clubs on campus, including Tufts Financial Group, Tufts Trading Fund, Tufts Entrepreneurs Society, Friends of Israel, and the Tufts Daily sports section. He joined European Horizons because he is very interested in European current events and loved the prospect of discussing and debating hot-button issues with other motivated Tufts students.


Kyle Scott (’18)

Kyle Scott is a senior from Baltimore, MD who is majoring in Film and Media Studies. He's interested in and art and photography and how the intersection of those two mediums reflect truths about the human existence. At Tufts, Kyle works as the Creative Director for the Tufts Observer. On the weekends, you can catch Kyle at the Somerville Theater watching almost anything. Kyle is very excited to be in PNPD this semester and is looking forward to understanding more about how we tell stories.

Alexa Stevens (’13)

Editor in Chief

Alexa Stevens is a senior from the San Francisco Bay Area, double majoring in Middle Eastern Studies and Arabic. She joined Discourse in her freshman year as a Photography and Arts Editor, a role she held until becoming Editor in Chief last year. She's drawn to Discourse for the intellectual space it provides for honest debate on complicates issues,especially those relating to the Middle East and North Africa. She is excited to bring together a new Staff for the 2012-13 academic year and to inspire a new group of leaders.

Sarah Strand (’12)


Sarah Strand is in the combined-degree program between The School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Tufts, where she is a geological sciences major. Though she dedicates most of her time to the geology lab and art studios, she always finds time to get outdoors. Both her academic and artistic interests are rooted in a love for the natural world and interest in environmental justice. She serves on Tufts' Sustainability Council's working group for Energy and Emissions and works in the Earth and Ocean Sciences department and Tisch Library.

Maia Tarnas (’19)

Meeting Coordinator

Maia is a junior who hails from the Island of Hawaii and studies Community Health, Middle Eastern Studies, and Arabic. She is passionate about exploring the spaces in which these overlap, specifically with regards to epidemiological research and infectious disease control within vulnerable populations and in zones of crisis. She is grateful for the Synaptic Scholar community for being a constant source of support, discussion, and genuine connection in her life. 

Josefine Tijssen (’21)

Media Coordinator

Josefine Tijssen is a Junior studying Computer Science and International Relations, with a focus on systems and cyber security. Last summer, she interned for Akamai Technologies as a Security Engineer, and during the school year she works as a student Tech and Media assistant for the Institute for Global Leadership and is a teaching assistant for Comp40 in the Tufts CS department. She grew up in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and she is very excited to have a group such as European Horizons to discuss European affairs and issues with. She looks forward to delving deeper into problems that the EU is facing and hearing about the different perspectives of students.  At Tufts, she is also involved with JumboCode, Tufts SEDS, and the European Students Association. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking weekly dinners with friends, playing D&D, and binge-watching classic movies.


Katja Torres (’12)


Katja Torres is a senior at Tufts University majoring in Sociology and minoring in Philosophy.  Hailing from the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, she is a self-proclaimed human rights activist with a wide array of interests. She is passionate about film, photography, graphic design, and singer-songwriting, all of which she pursues with the ultimate goal of creating a more peaceful and just society.

Sachin Vallamkonda (’20)

Sachin Vallamkonda is an undergraduate student at Tufts University. He is studying Child Studies & Human Development and has extensive coursework in Chemistry as well. Sachin is involved on-campus with several student-run organizations that work in the social justice and health service sphere. He also works in a neurobiology laboratory and dances on the Tufts JumboRaas cultural dance team. He is passionate about global health equity and sustainable development.

Allie Wainer (’16)

Social Media Editor

Allie Wainer was immediately drawn to the Discourse magazine upon hearing about it. As an active member of Amnesty International, Allie is very interested in human rights abuses and how they play out in international affairs. Allie is the Social Media Maven of Discourse and hopes to spread the world to as many people as possible about our publication. She’s excited to get a Facebook page and Twitter account going for the journal in the upcoming year.

Ben Yunmo Wang (’14)

Panel Leader

Ben Yunmo Wang is a senior from Toronto, Canada majoring in International Relations and Political Science. An aspiring young professional, he has worked as a research intern for organizations including the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative and the Stimson Center. Currently, he is writing a senior honors thesis examining the relationship between China's peacekeeper contributions and economic interests in Africa. Ben is a fan of Tottenham Hotspur, and he looks forward to traveling the world, particularly Africa, after graduation.

The panel "China and the US in Africa" will examine the political, economic, and cultural dimensions of China's growing presence in Africa, and attempt to triangulate evolving national interests in the Africa-China-US relationship.

Jessie Wang (’14)


Jessie Wang is from Austin, Texas double majoring in International Relations and Community Health with a minor in Chinese. In her junior year Jessie studied abroad at the University of Ghana and the University of Hong Kong. After coming back, as a culmination of her academic background and work experience Jessie is co-directing the China-US Symposium. Post-graduation she hopes to do a Fulbright in Hong Kong studying site-specific art or continuing on to law school. While academic pursuits are a worthy cause, Jessie would ideally divide her time ice climbing in Patagonia or soloing in Krabi.

Simon Weiss (’24)

Freshman Representative

Major: Intending to major in International Relations

Simon is a freshman from the great city of Iowa City in the great state of Iowa. He is intending to major in International Relations and is new to the ALLIES team this year as one of the freshman reps. He is also part of the Tufts ski team, a debate coach, and is trying to learn Chinese.


Sally Weltner (’22)

MERG Expert Coordinator

Sally is a sophomore from Atlanta, GA focusing in the Middle East region within her International Relations major. She is hoping to work in Naval Intelligence when she graduates and one day hopefully work in development in the Middle East. She became passionate about Middle East studies after spending a summer studying Arabic in Morocco, and hopes to use her time within MERG learning how to use the research she collects within the club to give her direction for her career goals down the line. Outside of MERG, Sally is a midshipman in Naval ROTC, and heavily involved in the Sunrise Movement.

Sabrina Wen (’22)

ALLIES Curriculum Director

Major: International Relations, Computer Science

Sabrina is a junior from the greatest city in the world, New York City. She is majoring in international relations and computer science, and has been part of ALLIES since her first year at Tufts. Outside of ALLIES, Sabrina is a TA for the computer science department, a regular at Kung Fu Tea in Davis, and is also learning how to not burn her food when cooking.


Harrison Wilson (’24)

Freshman Representative

Harrison is a freshman at Tufts from Maine planning on studying Biomedical Engineering. He learned about Amnesty International through a teacher in high school and sought out the Tufts Chapter upon becoming a student. Harrison is excited to learn more about the organization and work on issues affecting rural communities.

Kristin Wright (’14)

Operations Co-director

Kristin Wright is a February 2014 graduate from Austin, Texas with a degree in Biology. She participated on the Varsity Women’s Soccer team at Tufts as a goalkeeper for four years, and was selected as a member of the 2013 NESCAC All-Sportsmanship Team. Though nominally interested in the life sciences, Kristin also enjoys studying international relations and history, sparking her participation in the China-US Symposium. She hopes to find employment that can bring together a wide variety of these passions. In her spare time, Kristin loves to paint, play with animals and quote bad movies.  


Hongye Wu (’16)

Content Editor

Hongye Wu is a freshman from Guangzhou China, still wondering about what her major will be. She joins Discourse this year as a content editor. She finds Discourse appealing because she loves the concept of exchanging ideas of the journal, and she believes Discourse would be a great platform for two subjects she loves the most :philosophy and arts. She is thrilled to work with other members in the group and can't wait to receive submissions of brilliant thoughts from Tufts.

Carol Wu (’23)


Carol Wu is a sophomore at Tufts University majoring in Sociology and planning on co-majoring in Civic Studies. She serves as the Treasurer of the Tufts chapter of Amnesty International. She grew up in Shanghai, China, but then lived in Durham, New Hampshire since junior high. After taking a class about international human rights during the summer of her junior year of high school, she started to become aware of the human rights issues that have been happening around the world, especially in child labor. She looks forward to working with others in Amnesty.

Leah Yohannes (’21)

Social Media Coordinator

Leah Yohannes is a senior at Tufts University double majoring in Peace and Justice Studies and Political Science. She is from Castaic, California and attended Valencia High School. She serves as the Social Media Coordinator of the Tufts Amnesty International chapter. Leah joined Amnesty because she believes in its human rights work and wants to aid in its representation in our community. She has been involved with Amnesty since her sophomore fall.


Leah Yohannes (’21)

Oslo Scholar 2020

Leah Yohannes is a member of the Tufts Class of 2021 pursuing a double major in Peace and Justice Studies and Political Science. She’s most passionate about international security, particularly regarding issues of gender-based violence. After graduation, she’s interested in pursuing a career in political communications and law. Previously she’s worked as a Communications and Marketing intern at the Los Angeles World Affairs Council & Town Hall, formerly known as Town Hall Los Angeles. On-campus she’s an active member of Tufts Amnesty International and currently serves as the organization’s Social Media Coordinator. Additionally, she’s also a student worker at the IGL and a member of Kappa Alpha Theta. As an Oslo Scholar, she will be working with One Day Seyoum, an international human rights organization dedicated to raising awareness about human rights violations committed in Eritrea and supporting Eritrean refugees. She hopes to gain experience in utilizing communications strategy in human rights advocacy and making human rights work more accessible.

Yoojin Yoon (’19)

Media Coordinator

YooJin Yoon is a member of the Class of 2019, pursuing a double major in Biology and Community Health. She is fascinated by science and hopes to help many people through exploring her passions in biology and public health. She was born in Incheon, South Korea and currently resides in Rocky Hill, Connecticut. Some of YooJin’s other passions include art, ceramics, badminton, tennis, humanitarian works, and exploring foreign cultures. She is excited to discover new possibilities through her experiences in Synaptic Scholars, while teaching others of her own passions.