Sammy Salkin '19

Sammy Salkin studyed Community Health and Sociology. She became involved with the ALLIES during her freshman year and has held a number of positions in the organization since then. Before serving as co-leader, Sammy was a member of the planning team for the 2015 Civil-Military Relations Conference (CMRC) and Fieldex 2016. She then co-directed the 2016 CMRC along with Sam Weitzman. 

Samuel Weitzman '19

United States - Cleveland

Sam is from Cleveland and double majored in International Relations and Philosophy. Before becoming co-leader, he served in a number of roles in ALLIES. In the fall of 2016, Sam simultaneously co-directed (along with Sammy Salkin) the 2016 Tufts ALLIES Civil-Military Relations Conference (CMRC), served as the curriculum director, and was a member of the planning team for FieldEx 2017. During the 2015-16 academic year, he served on the planning teams for the 2015 CMRC and FieldEx 2016. Sam first became interested in ALLIES after hearing Sherman speak at Jumbo Days, although a misdiagnosis of whooping cough delayed his attending a meeting until the very end of the first semester of his freshman year. On campus, he was also involved with the Tufts Daily, Sigma Iota Rho, CIVIC, and Philosophy Club. In his free time, Sam enjoys (among other things) reading, writing, sports, listening to music and podcasts, spending time with friends, and making semi-obscure pop culture references.

Chelsea Brown '11

United States - San Francisco, CA

Chelsea is working at Global Exchange, a non-profit helping to coordinate a cross-country Caravan for Peace in which victims of Mexico's drug war will share their stories with American audiences in 20+ cities in order to shine a light on the crisis of drug war violence, impunity, and human rights atrocities that are rending Mexico’s social fabric. The Caravan seeks to promote a civil society discourse.