Student Leaders and Members

Alexandria Hayman (’19)


Alexandria Hayman is a senior at Tufts University majoring in International Relations and Political Science, with a minor in Mandarin Chinese. In joining ALLIES, she hopes to explore international relations from a perspective different than the one she is familiar with (namely, reading articles late at night), and is excited to have the opportunity to manage ALLIES’s budget as treasurer. In her free time, Alexandria also acts as treasurer for the Tufts Debate Society, serves as an elected member of the Tufts Judiciary, plays viola with the Tufts Symphony Orchestra, interns with USAID, and drinks coffee.

Eva Kahan (’19)

Co-Director (2018-2019)

Eva Kahan is a senior studying History and International Relations, with a concentration in the Middle East. She spent her junior year in Jordan, where she ate a falafel sandwich a day and used her Arabic to get only-slightly-lost while navigating both Roman ruins and Amman’s makeshift public transit system. She loves civil-military relations with a burning passion and wants either to get a PhD in the subject or to save the world one meaningful civ-mil dialogue at a time. While not in ALLIES, Eva can be found leading services at Tufts Hillel, teaching an ExCollege class on war games, or eating unreasonable amounts of kale.

Noah Kulak (’19)

Co-Director (2018)

Dylan Miles (’21)

Programming Director / Communications Director

Dylan Miles is a sophomore from New York City. He is considering majoring in Political Science and History. At Tufts, he is also involved with Model UN and Tufts CIVIC. In his free time he enjoys watching movies, spending time with friends, and laying awake at night pondering how the climactic poker hand between Bond and Le Chiffre in Casino Royale makes absolutely no sense. /

Yicheng “Jerry” Zhang (’21)

Logistics Director

Yicheng “Jerry” Zhang is a rising sophomore from Shanghai, China. He is considering majoring in International Relations and History. Apart from SURGE, he is also involved in ALLIES. He enjoys traveling, studying cross-cultural interaction, and making miniatures.

Jun Hyuk “Kevin” Sung is a sophomore from Los Angeles, California interested in dogs and majoring in International Relations or Community Health and minoring in German. His freshman year, he worked on the Civil-Military Relations Conference and FieldEx planning boards. He is very eager to continue working on CMRC and to serve on the ALLIES Executive Board as Logistics Director. In his free time, Kevin Sung likes to dream of one day being a moderately successful father and proud parent of three beautiful dogs.