Shoshana Goldman '19

Shoshana was a major in international relations. She is interested in pursuing a career in international development. She is especially interested in improving education and empowering women in underdeveloped regions. By being involved with Tufts International Development, she hoped to explore her ethical role as a global citizen who wants to make a difference in the developing world. 

Erin Blank '19

Erin was a double major in international relations and Spanish. She had previously worked with educational development before with the Asian University for Women in Bangladesh. She is especially interested in the impact that the education of women has in developing countries and is interested in continuing this work in Latin America.

Megha Nayar '19

Megha Nayar studied Quantitative Economics. She had been part of BUILD: India since her freshman year and has travelled with the club twice (2016 Summer and 2017 Summer trips).