Student Leaders and Members

Elebetel Aseefa (’22)

Vice President, Honduras

Elebetel is a sophomore from Ethiopia and the Vice President of Tufts International Development Honduras. She is studying History and Philosophy. Elebetel is passionate about establishing a global healthcare system that does not discriminate, disregard, or discount any patients, no matter the race, age, or gender.

Erin Blank (’20)

Finance, Honduras Team

Erin is a double major in international relations and Spanish. She has previously worked with educational development before with the Asian University for Women in Bangladesh. She is especially interested in the impact that the education of women has in developing countries and is interested in continuing this work in Latin America.

Shoshana Goldman (’20)

Media Coordinator, Honduras Team

Shoshana is a junior majoring in international relations. She is interested in pursuing a career in international development. She is especially interested in improving education and empowering women in underdeveloped regions. By being involved with Tufts International Development, she hopes to explore her ethical role as a global citizen who wants to make a difference in the developing world.

Olivia Lazan (’21)

President, Honduras

Olivia is at junior at Tufts University from Brooklyn, NY, and the President of Tufts International Development Honduras. She is studying Spanish and International Relations, with a regional focus in Latin America. In addition to her work with TID- Honduras, Olivia coordinates ESL classes on campus for the local immigrant community and is a member of Enchanted A Cappella and Model UN. The past two summers, Olivia worked at a legal non- profit helping represent and advocate for Central American refugees.

Jacob Rubel (’21)

Co-Leader Ecuador Team

Jacobis a sophomore from Brooklyn, NY. He is majoring in political science and minoring in economics, with afocus in political theory. His involvement in Tufts International Development has inspired a passion for sustainable development and educational access.Jacobis also a monitoring and evaluation intern at the MIT D-Lab, where he works to understand the impact and strategy of the different international development initiatives that the D-Lab oversees.