TILIP Class of 2017




Gisela Burle Cosentino
Gisela is a Brazilian senior studying Law at Universidade Católica de Pernambuco. Besides Brazil, she has lived in Chile, the United States, and Italy, and she nourishes a deep interest in other cultures and languages. Therefore, she is eager to get to know the different point of views about the global scenario that EPIIC’s participants will bring up for discussion. Furthermore, Gisela is interested in Public and Environmental Law and Arbitration, with emphasis in private resolution for public conflicts, area in which she intends to pursue her career. She works as an intern at one of the best Law Firms in Brazilian’s northeast, da Fonte, advogados, as assistant on Administrative Law and is a member of the Criminology Research Team at her University. Gisela is also passionate about photography, which leads her to see the world in other angles and perspectives, making her a lover for traveling and art.

Júlia Cortez da Cruz
Julia Cruz is an LLM candidate at Harvard Law School, with a first degree in law from the University of Sao Paulo. Previously, she worked as a researcher at the Business and Human Rights Research Center of Fundacao Getulio Vargas (Brazil). She was also an intern at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. She is interested in the relation between human rights policy, international law, and international development.

Eduardo Leal de Araújo
Eduardo is a sophomore at Centro Universitário Jorge Amado (Unijorge) from Bahia, Brazil. He is studying International Relations, with interests in geopolitics, security, foreign policy and diplomacy, especially in Latin America and South Atlantic. Beyond this, he is an active participant of UN Simulations in Brazil; studying Spanish and improving English and hopes to develop his knowledge in this EPIIC, expanding his world view and understanding the new international relations organization, face the dichotomy diplomacy versus force, from many different perspectives.

Caio Henrique Duarte Diaz
Caio is on his third year at the Law College at the University of São Paulo, in Brazil. His studies focus both on Philosophy of Law, analyzing Tolstoy's religious hermeneutics of Justice, and International Law. At the Faculty he has participated in research groups on international law, ranging from the Inter-American Court to the Criminal Court in the Hague. Being of Spanish dual citizenship and scion of the oldest Estonian clan in Brazil, he is an enthusiast of multiculturalism. He now works as a researcher at the University, under the area of the History of Ideas and the Abolitionist movement in Imperial Brazil, also cooperating intensely with the European studies programs run by the EU and Germany in Brazil. His interests range from getting to know Russian culture to watching Werner Herzog's and Luchino Visconti's movies.

Bárbara Boechat Pereira Lima
Bárbara is a senior at the Federal University of Minas Gerais, where she is pursuing a Degree in Law, with a concentration in Public International Law. She was born and raised in Belo Horizonte (Brazil) and speaks Portuguese, English, French and Spanish. Bárbara intends to pursue a career in diplomacy. At the Law Faculty, she is involved in research projects on public international law and is an active member of the Research Group on States, organizations, individuals and the (re)construction of the juridicity in the international context. B´rbara acts as a coordinator of the activities of the Study Group on International Law and the International Court of Justice and the Study Group on International Courts and Tribunals. She is also involved in Moot Court Competitions, which stimulate discussions on controversial legal problems and foster the development of advocacy skills. She was part of the Federal University’s team for the Concours Charles Rousseau en Droit International, in Paris, and for the Phillip C. Jessup International Law Competition, in Washington, D.C. Bárbara’s particular interests involve international state responsibility, human rights, international courts and tribunals, and international peace and security.

Thiago Moreira Gonçalves
Thiago is a senior at Pontifícia Universidade Católica of Minas Gerais, majoring in International Relations. He is from Belo Horizonte (Brazil), where he is also a junior pursuing a bachelor degree in The Law School of the Federal University of Minas Gerais. His interests are International Relations theory and the process of regional integration in the European Union and Latin America, especially in South America. He is also interested in paradiplomacy, especially after his internship at the International Relations Secretariat of the City Hall of Belo Horizonte. He acts as a student researcher in the Study Group and Research about Decision-Making Process of the Federal University of Minas Gerais. Thiago did volunteering work in Tunisia, studied for a semester at Università di Bologna (Italy) and Universidad Nacional del Litoral (Argentina), in addition he did a Summer School in The Hague University of Applied Sciences (The Netherlands). He speaks English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and hopes to pursue French as well. He has a passion for traveling, studying languages and enjoys swimming and reading in his free time.

Maria Vitória Santana Catharino
Vitoria is currently enrolled in a bachelor degree program in Law at the Federal University of Bahia. In addition, she concomitantly studies International Relations at a private college institution in her hometown, Salvador. Currently, she works as an analyst intern at a think tank that develops internationalization projects for subnational entities and local companies. She is also engaged in a leadership training course, promoted by the local offices of UNAIDS and UNFPA, that is helping her to get more acquainted and conscious about social causes, especially those related to HIV and general Human Rights issues. She lived in Germany for ten years and therefore is fluent in the German language, besides English and her native Portuguese. Due to her personal and international experiences, she developed a strong sense of multicultural flexibility and respect towards human diversity.


Peking University (China)


Jingyan Chen
Jingyan Chen is a third-year graduate student majoring in International Politics from School of International Studies, Peking University. During the past 5 years, she has devoted herself to academic research on international affairs by attending various academic forums and exchange programs. She gained valuable experience as an intern at United Nations Association-China, World Resources Institute and United Nations Development Programme. She would like to describe herself as creative, efficient, careful and have the ability to respond to change. She has been to 12 countries and over 30 provinces all over China, which makes her stay curious about the unknown world and feel willing to make acquaintance with extraordinary people. As a graduate student, she takes global governance, especially global environment governance as her research field. She is really honored to be invited as one of the representatives for EPIIC 2017, and looking forward to a series of fruitful discussions at Tufts.

Ruobing Fang
Ruobing is a third-year graduate student at the LSE-PKU Double Master&rsquote;s Program in International Affairs. She was educated in Peking University for her bachelor&rsquote;s degrees, double majoring international politics and arts. She has a particular interest in the interwar history in the East-Asian area, and is planning to do a PhD on the mobility of Chinese overseas elites from the 1930s to the 1950s. Growing up in Beijing, she has had special opportunities to observe both the way external sanctions against China influence Chinese daily life and the way Chinese people see China’s sanctions against its targets. She hopes to share her ideas on sanctions and global security with every participant of EPIIC. Her hobbies, except for reading, are computer painting, photographing and singing Japanese Shimauta.

Yang Gu
Yang Gu is now a second-year graduate student from National School of Development of Peking University, taking an economics major. She is now an exchange student in University of Amsterdam. Also, this is her second year in EPIIC. In her undergraduate time, she had colorful experiences in Model United Nations Conference at home and abroad which lead her to come across International Relations problems of all kinds. She is interested in economics and hopes to explain some problems from an economic point of view especially those related to International Trade and Finance. She loves traveling, reading and photography. Last year, the EPIIC 2016 Conference gave her some inspirations to write down her feelings in her Wechat Public Platform. She is looking forward to learning something new in EPIIC 2017.

Danyang Jing
Danyang Jing is a second year master student at Peking University, major in International Politics. He obtained a double-major degree in International Politics and Journalism and Communication after undergraduate study at Renmin University of China. Now he is studying at University of Amsterdam as an exchange student, and is involved in research on social movement and international development. After several years’ studying, he clarified his interest as social change and political transformation. His thesis on Saudi Arabia’s economic diversification was presented on Fifth “Asia and Middle East” International Forum held by the Middle East Studies Institute of Shanghai International Studies University in September 2016, and will be published soon. His thesis on international populism and anti-globalization is being reviewed by editorial committee of Global Review, a Chinese core periodical focused on international affairs. He also has enthusiasm for multicultural dialogue and communication. He participated symposiums with Nancy Pelosi, former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, and Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, Deputy Secretary of Energy of the U.S. He was also part of the Global Youth Symposium held by Yenching Academy at Peking University.

Yingxing Liu
Elodie is a graduate student pursuing a Master of Finance(MFin) at Guanghua School of Management at Peking University. She is a member of the International Exchange Department in GSM and responsible for the language partner program. She graduated from Economic and Management School of Wuhan University in June 2015, where she studied Finance for 4 years, got a Bachelor of Economics and most importantly developed an interest in financial markets. She is especially interested in the bond market and has had two internships in a securities company and a mutual fund concerning bond issuance and bond research respectively. She enjoys watching movies of all varieties, running, doing outdoor activities and befriending new people.

Siyuan Mao
Siyuan is a graduate student at Peking University from China. She is majoring in diplomacy with concentrations in diplomatic history and foreign affairs in East Asia. She has been involved in Model UN since high school as a delegate. Together with outstanding members at Peking University’s Model UN Association, she has been organizing one of the best conferences for high school students nationwide for over four years. She always finds inspiration in international communication, whether during her exchange semester at SciencesPo Paris or having debates with students from University of Tokyo at rhw Jing Forum. She loves traveling and jogging. She is enthusiastic to join EPIIC and share viewpoints on exciting topics.

Ziyu Wang
Ziyu Wang is a masters student in the Yenching Academy, PKU, graduating from Peking University with majors in Sociology and Economics. Previously, he worked with Deloitte Consulting and UNESCO. He has been an exchange student at the University of Hong Kong, and has participated in exchange programs and international academic meetings in Korea, Japan, Australia, Singapore, and Brazil. Ziyu has received academic and program-specific scholarships from the government, UNIQLO, the International Alliance of Research Universities, and the Association of Pacific Rim Universities. He has worked to promote international communication as a Fung Scholar, and won First Prize in the National Mathematics Olympics. He has been involved in the China Health and Retirement Longitudinal Study and China Family Panel Studies, and is interested in the application of game theory to sociology.




Unfortunately, due to visa complications, this year's Iraqi delegation will not be able to join us.

Halah Bilal Hadi Al-Obaidi
Halah is from Iraq, Baghdad. She is in her senior year at Al Israa University, majoring in faculty of pharmacy. Her war-torn country that has been suffering from conflicts for decades motivated her to take part in this program. The interest of understanding her country’s challenges has been growing; trying to understand the long-term conflict and the efforts of the international community to put an end to this issue. She would like to see her country and its people live in peace, and would like to see determined young people who never think of migration or leaving the country for good. In addition to the intense study and training in pharmacy, she volunteers with other friends to assist vulnerable families; they distribute gifts to the children and some other assistance like food, clothes, etc. She joined the volunteer team two years ago, and she accompanies a voluntary student’s team and assist in organizing activities for children in hospitals. She teaches foreigners Arabic, and it’s her passion to learn Turkish as a third language.

Faten Mohammed Mahdi Shukur Al-Sibahee
Faten is an employee in central public health laboratory (CPHL) in Iraq. She graduated from Baghdad university and has a master’s degree in clinical immunology. Her works in CPHL gave her a good experience in autoimmune diseases. She works in national influenza center, and due to the significance of influenza virus attacking millions of people around the world, she is planning to do a PhD in virology along with her majority in immunology. She is interested in lab research and lab techniques. In addition, she serves as a lecturer at Al-Yarmouk University College, as she feels that the academic work developed her knowledge and keeps her updated. She also participates in many global training programs like Training of Trainers(TOT), biosafety and biosecurity programs which organized by Sandia national laboratories. Faten likes music, cooking, shopping, communicating with other people. Also she cares about humanitarian work as a volunteer, especially helping people in camps who need health care. One of her crazy dreams is to be an important person in her community and to have the effect of Oprah Winfrey, as she believes that awareness of women in her country has great impact in developing of society.

Amna Khalid Faraj Al-Qaraghuli
Amna is in her senior year studying Biology at Al-Nahrain University. Her high school Mutamaizat is considered one of the top schools in Baghdad for gifted and talented students. She plans to pursue a career in medical labs. Five months as a laboratory intern gave her the opportunity to work hands on in a professional environment. Volunteering in a campaign to raise awareness about cholera outbreaks in multiple primary schools exposed her to a wide range of life experiences and makes a difference. Her hobbies include travelling and exploring the world, reading and exercise. Due to the conditions in her home country, she became interested in Politics focusing on international affairs. She is very excited to join EPIIC to explore its topics such as diplomacy and the rise of nationalism and modern conflicts and explore the interconnected nature of world events within the broad themes of chaos and order.


Trinity College (Ireland)


Sophia Elisabeth La Cour
Sophia is a master student at Trinity College Dublin. Her field is Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation, which is based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. She pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Business Studies, which was achieved last year. Sophia is from a German and Danish background. She travelled to many places to learn more about the world and to create more intercultural skills. Sophia’s interests are in government, politics, psychology, creating/managing peace, reading, travelling and being creative. Her future goals are to support children in conflict zones and support a more peaceful world. She is excited in participating in the Institute for Global Leadership at Tufts University.

Erin Martin
Erin is currently an M.Phil. candidate in Intercultural Theology and Interreligious Studies at Trinity College Dublin. Originally from Colorado, she worked in refugee resettlement for four years at the African Community Center of Denver, concentrating on services for teenagers adjusting to a new schooling system. Erin founded the On TRAC! Program that supported refugee high school students to apply and pay for university and co-founded the International CITY Program that provided after-school social and academic support for newly arrived refugee youth. In 2015, Erin moved to Turkey, where she worked with Syrian children living in Istanbul through a local refugee support program, Hayata Destek, and contributed to projects of sustainable tourism in Turkey’s southern coast, concentrating on sustainable food production for a local hotel. Currently, Erin is working towards a thesis on the impact of teaching capoeira, a Brazilian dance and martial art, to youth living in the Al Azraq Refugee camp in Jordan.


University of Haifa (Israel)


Alon Eisenman
Alon has recently finished his bachelor‘s degree in Political Science and General History, and began his master‘s degree in International Relations, both at Haifa University. In 2015 Alon attended the EPIIC Symposium on “Russia in the 21st Century,&rdquol so this year’s Symposium is his second. Following the EPIIC Symposium of 2015, as part of the scholarship program he is participating, he acted as a chairman of a Symposium at the Haifa University dealing with the subject of “Russia's Foreign Policy to the Middle East.” As another part of his scholarship, he serves as an educational coordinator of a teenage soccer team. On the spring semester, he will become a practitioner and will teach in the IR introductory course of his faculty. He is especially interested in the effects of non-state actors on the national and security and international law. During this year’s Symposium, Alon hopes to expand his knowledge and understanding of the rapid and fascinating changes that our world is experiencing, especially regarding the challenges caused by the return of Russia and the rising of non-state actors. In his free time, Alon like watching movies, hiking and playing the trombone.

Sagi Goldberger
Sagi is a sophomore at Haifa University, Israel. He studies psychology and is a member of Ofakim: Haifa University’s Honors Program. Sagi is a member of the Haifa University Debate Society, and has written seminars concerning (1) radical Islamism (2) morality and war (3) photography and norms. His interests include reading, exercising and hiking. He hopes to have an enriching experience at the EPIIC Symposium.

Lihi Laszlo
Lihi Laszlo is a student at the University of Haifa, Israel, majoring in English Literature and East-Asian studies. Lihi is an independent content manager, writer and editor, and a proud Internet power-user. She is fascinated with the various ways in which social media deconstructs and reconstructs the ever-changing face of global politics in the Middle East, East Asia and the world, and hopes to explore these topics at EPIIC. Furthermore, Lihi has two dogs, a cat, and really digs Rock 'n Roll.

Carmel Yaari
Carmel is a sophomore at Haifa University in the department of History of the Jewish People and at the Department of Leadership and Policy in Education. He is very involved and interested in politics, both Israeli and international, and the mutual influences of internal state politics and international relationships. Carmel is a member of the left winged political party “Meretz” and on campus, Carmel is the secretary of ”Meretz“ student organization in Haifa university. In EPIIC, he hopes to get involved in deep discussions about international diplomacy, politics and our ever-changing world. Carmel also hopes that his perspective on history and politics will contribute to the discussion at the conference.


Moscow State Institute of International Relations
[MGIMO] (Russia)


Dmitry Borisov
Dmitry is a graduate student at MGIMO-University from Moscow, Russia, studying World Politics. He had previously studied International Security at Sciences Po Paris where he focused on conflicts in the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa. Dmitry interned with the United Nations in Moscow and spent a semester at the Elliot School at George Washington University. Proficient in Russian, English, French, and currently learning Arabic, he writes about international organizations, humanitarian affairs, and conflict resolution in the Middle East and Africa for Russian and international media.

Egor Dementiev
Egor is a master student at MGIMO University (Moscow State Institute of International Relations) from the Olympic city of Sochi. He has a bachelors degree in political science at the same university. Egor is a chairman of a student youth club for political analytics (part of the MGIMO student scientific society), which organizes conferences, political debates and meetings with top-ranked Russian politicians, foreign countries’ ambassadors, Russian and foreign experts and civil society representatives. Among his hobbies, Egor highlights football, which he regularly plays, being a member of one of the leading teams in the Moscow amateur football league.

Margarita Komissarova
Margarita is pursuing a master's degree in international relations at MGIMO University in Moscow, Russia. Her academic research primarily focuses on Russian foreign policy and European integration. Her outlook on global affairs was substantially broadened by her professional experience in various governmental institutions and non-governmental organisations. Margarita is fond of art and history. She also enjoys writing, travelling and running.

Dmitry Dmitrevich Shebalin
Dmitry is currently studying at Moscow State Institute of International Relations, finishing his master’s thesis on Diplomacy. Academically, he is particularly interested in religion as an instrument of public diplomacy in global context. He finds that current issues taking place in the world are a sign of a shift in International Relations. It is going to be his first experience at EPIIC, and he is looking forward to it.

Ekaterina Shebalina
Having received a Bachelor’s degree, Ekaterina is currently doing her Master’s degree at Moscow State Institute of International Relations. She is majoring in International Relations with a focus on diplomacy and foreign policy. Her interests are centered around the European Studies (Italy and the Holy See, in particular) and public diplomacy, given that she has been studying Italian as well as English. She is really excited to join EPIIC and is eager to contribute to the discussion.


Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration
[RANEPA] (Russia)


Georgy Filatov
Georgy is a masters student in “Political Science and International Relations” at the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences (MSSES). He grew up in Moscow and graduated from the faculty of Journalism of the Moscow State University. He maintains a deep interest in history and today´s foreign policy of Russia. Prior to MSSES, he worked as a junior research fellow at the Institute of the World History of the Russian Academy of Science where he studied Soviet-Spanish relations of the Franco period. This year he works on the master’s dissertation that deals with examining Russian foreign policy in terms of defensive or offensive realism. In his free time, Georgy enjoys reading French literature and travelling.

Angelina Kirakosova
Angelina Kirakosova is a third-year student at the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA). She is majoring in Advertising and Public Relations and minoring in Digital Humanities. In February 2016, Angelina successfully completed the study module «Public Relations and Advertising Management» in Riga International School of Economics and Business Administration (RISEBA). It was an excellent opportunity to observe European culture and educational system. This summer she entered "L'Institut Français de Russie" to improve her second foreign language - French. Angelina is interested in contemporary art, enjoys taking and editing photos and hopes to explore more beautiful foreign countries.

Ekaterina Pavlenko
Catherine is a third-year student of RANEPA, Liberal Arts College. She studies Public Relations and Digital Humanities. She took part in educational programs organised by several NGOs, for example, in summer school in Georgia by InLiberty, in a course created by International Memorial and so on. She's interested in global processes in social and political life and ways political decisions are created and implemented (including questions of rationality). She's an aesthete, loves new experience and friendly people.

Regina Saifetdinova
Regina is an undergraduate student at the School of Public Policy in RANEPA, Moscow, Russia. She studies Political Science and also does a course of Translation in the Field of Professional Communication in the Moscow State Pedagogical University. Regina studies English and German and hopes to use both of them in her future career. She is interested in global politics, international relations and diplomacy. She used to live in a small town and then, having moved to Moscow, she started active voluntary social work. Regina worked as deputy`s assistant in the Russian Parliament and was an intern in the Moscow government last summer. She was also engaged into Parliamentary election campaign and the primaries of the party «United Russia» and organized several social surveys in the framework of Russian election process. In EPIIC she plans to learn about modern ways of resolution of global and regional crises and to share her personal ideas with other participants of the symposium.


Seoul National University (South Korea)


Keonyoung Kim
Keonyoung Kim is a senior student in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship at Seoul National University. He was born and raised in Seoul. He is interested in the international economy, especially the global market fluctuations derived from the changes in the international political landscape. He carried out his obligatory military service in the Republic of Korea Army, for the R.O.K.-U.S. Combined Operations, which gave him a huge interest in military affairs on the Korean peninsula. In recent years, he has seen entrepreneurs around him and thinks small but brave attempts can turn the world into a better place. In EPIIC, he hopes to develop his diplomatic perspective on regional nationalism with intensive academic challenges. He also wants to share diverse ideas of different perspectives from all around the world.

Seunghwan Sunwoo
Seunghwan is a senior studying Communication and ISC (Information Science and Culture) at Seoul National University. His interests are communicating with people from different countries and learning about different perspectives of different cultures. The beginning of his such interests was when he attended AFPLA (Asian Future Political Leaders’ Association) in 2012 where university students from Korea, China, and Japan share their opinions on political and diplomatic issues surrounding East Asia. After he got discharged from his military service, he applied for the buddy program to help exchange students coming to SNU and was able to exchange opinions on various issues. Although not specifically interested in political or diplomatic issues, he is looking forward to sharing ideas and thoughts on current international issues with students from various cultures.