TILIP Class of 2018




Maria Gabriela Campos
Universidade Federal de Pernambuco
Maria Gabriela Campos is a Brazilian lawyer born in the northeast region of Brazil.  She graduated in law at Universidade Federal de Pernambuco-UFPE in 2015. In early 2017, Gabriela joined the Master´s law degree program at UFPE, with major in transformations of public law. She intends to investigate about transjudicial cooperation as a mechanism of effectiveness to the Brazilian judiciary. As a lawyer, Gabriela is part of the litigation and civil procedural consulting team at the firm. As a student, Gabriela dedicates her time to study alternative dispute resolution measures (ADR´s), particularly arbitration, which she has always nourished great interest having formed two study groups dedicated for the issue both at the law school and the law firm. Besides the law activities, Gabriela is a volunteer at Junior Achievement Brazil, an NGO dedicated to empower underprivileged youth to the job market and entrepreneurship.

Júlia Vilela Carvalho
Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
Júlia Vilela Carvalho grew up in Brazil, where she is currently on her 4th year of her Law undergraduate degree. She started her involvement in Public International Law on her first year of University and latter got involved in European Law. Having organized several events on International and European Law, she knows how important events such as EPIIC can be in terms of connecting people with the same interests and bringing together professors from all over the world to provide different perspectives on several issues. Interested in International Humanitarian Law and International Criminal Law, she hopes to learn more in the EPIIC Symposium about humanitarian wars and responsibility to protect, and how they will evolve in the changing dynamics of the Liberal World Order. She speaks Portuguese, English and French and is looking forward to furthering her French skills in 2018, when she will participate in an exchange program in France.

Gisela Burle Consentino
Universidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco
Gisela just graduated from Law School and is currently studying economics at Universidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco. Besides Brazil, she has lived in Chile, the United States, and Italy, and she nourishes a deep interest in other cultures and languages. Therefore, she is eager to get to know the different point of views about the global scenario that EPIIC’s participants will bring up for discussion. Furthermore, Gisela is interested in Public and Corporate Law, and Arbitration. She works as an environmental and corporate lawyer at a Brazilian firm and is a member of the Arbitration moot-team of the firm. She is also active at her church's NGO programs, which focus in teaching crafts and work abilities to low-income families. Gisela is passionate about photography, which leads her to see the world in other angles and perspectives, making her a lover for traveling and art.

Aline Santa Cruz
Universidade Federal de Pernambuco
Aline is a senior student of Political Science at Universidade Federal de Pernambuco. Her research interest is focused on political institutions, political parties and elections, public policies in education, foreign policy, and quantitative methodology applied to Political Science and International Relations. At University she has joined an extension project as part of the Methods of Research in Political Science Group, and was a tutor at the class of Political Institutions. She has also been a Project Manager at Virtù Consultoria Política; presented papers in congresses; participated of UN Simulations; and lectured Human Rights as a volunteer teacher by AIESEC at the Abba-Ballini Technical Business Institute in Brescia, Italy. Currently, is a Parliamentary Advisor in the Cabinet of the Alderman André Régis de Carvalho, and is member of program for young leaders (Jovem RAPS).

Andressa Nascimento
Universidade Federal de Bahia
Andressa is studying International Relations at the Jorge Amado University Center and has a deep interest in cultures, geopolitics, foreign policy, diplomacy and Latin America and South Atlantic development. Furthermore, Andressa is completing her degree in an Interdisciplinary Bachelor's Degree for Humanities, at the Federal University of Bahia - UFBA, with emphasis in international law studies, the area in which she intends to pursue her career. She works as an intern at the oldest employer’s association of Brazil, the Commercial Association of Bahia, in the Committee of Foreign Trade and International Relations. She also works as Coordinator at the International Observatory Department on the Center for Research and Extension in International Relations - NURI, at her University. As extracurricular activities, she has participated of UN Simulations in Brazil, and she is currently studying Italian, French and English. Andressa hopes to contribute for the discussions, broadening her capacity for critical analysis from an foreign perspective.

Laís Souza
Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Minas Gerias
Laís is a senior at Puc Minas, in the course of International Relations, at Belo Horizonte, in Brazil. Having participated of some extensions programs at the university, she’s interested in learning more about economics, human rights and humanitarian rights, especially about woman situation in periods of conflict. Laís seeks to expand her knowledge in order to be able to connect these topics of interest. She is excited with the idea of being able to attend at her first international colloquium and symposium, and anxious to learn from Abi Williams and the other speakers. She looks forward to learn and share perspectives with people all over the world about the current liberal world order and the Latin America experience.

Milena Malteze Zuffo
Universidade de São Paulo
Milena is a fifth-year undergraduate student of the Law College at the University of São Paulo, in Brazil. She had participated in Georg-August University of Göttingen Exchange Program in 2015, where she deepened her knowledge of international law. Milena was selected as delegate to the 2017 Many Languages, One World Global Youth Forum and delivered a speech on equal access to justice in Brazil at the United Nations General Assembly. Her studies focus on International Law, mainly the Law of the Sea. At the Faculty she participates in centres for studies on international law, being an active researcher of USP's Centre for Studies on International Tribunals. In addition, she currently is the Secretary-General of USP's Centre for Studies on the Law of the Sea, having certified the centre as a Chapter of United Nations Academic Impact ASPIRE Program. Furthermore, Milena speaks Portuguese, English, German and Italian, being an enthusiastic of global citizenship and cultural understanding.


China: Peking University


Chen Mo
Ted CHEN is a Peking University junior expecting a B.Phil. in 2019. Generally passionate about intercultural communication, Chen holds a long track record of overseeing student initiatives bridging nations. Currently a senior executive of SICA, PKU's premium club promoting global awareness, he has joined the delegation of several governmental youth exchanges within Asia-Africa, been selected as the youngest language partner of Stanford BOSP Beijing to date, and helped found InterACT, a research program sitting Chinese and French students from PKU and MINES ParisTech at the same table. The magnification of public benefit is within Chen’s pursuits always. The Original Mind, an annual magazine distributed in high schools for free by the number of thousands, is a Chen’s initiative. He is also the founder of the Symposium for Advocating Global Education (SAGE), an NGO promoting awareness in pedagogical innovation by utilizing the growing abundance of Chinese oversea students. Chen previously interned at Bain & Company, Strategy&, ETU School and Air Liquide. At the moment, he is a partner at a Series A funded edutech startup generating affordable online courses.

Shangmin Chen
Shangmin is currently a first-year master of translation and interpretation (language service management) at Peking University. She obtained her LL. B and B.A. after 5-year undergraduate study at Shandong University, double majoring international politics and English. She has been actively involved in various fields including education, cross-cultural communications, natural reserve NGO and events that both bring positive outcomes and drive people to contribute to their maximum potential. She was the delegate in 2016 Japan, China and the ROK Trilateral Youth Summit and now initiates Youth Voice Programme on Belt and Road. She starts familiarizing herself with business startups and entrepreneurship. She enjoys dancing, exploring nature and people, interior decoration, photography, reading, writing and brainstorming.

Nishat Kazmi
Nishat Kazmi is a Yenching Scholar at Peking University. Previously he has worked as a Research Associate at the Centre for Research and Security Studies (CRSS), an Islamabad based think-tank, and as an advisor with the Institute for Environmental Security(IES), headquartered in The Hague. Nishat holds a B.A.LLB (Hons.) degree from Punjab University, Pakistan, and an LLM from Maastricht University, The Netherlands, where he specialized in international and European economic law. At the Yenching Academy, he is specializing in Politics and International Affairs. His areas of interest include Chinese foreign policy, the Belt and Road Initiative, and China’s role in the United Nations, particularly the issues of peace-building and sustainable development.

Soyeon Kim
Soyeon Kim is an undergraduate student at Peking University, major in Chinese Language and Literature, minor in International relations. She is from South Korea, having lived in China for 10 years, has a deep understanding of Chinese culture and people. As she is very interested and curious about global politics, international relations and sustainable developments, she is working at Carnegie-Tsinghua Center for Global Policy as an intern and organizing international forums like Model United Nations and Model ASEAN. She is a girl full of bright ideas and positive attitude. Using her strength, she wants to change a dark side of our society to a bright side, and do her best to invest in people and planet to make them full of positive energy or happiness.

Mao Siyuan
Mao Siyuan is a Double-degree master candidate in International Public Policy candidate at Peking University and the University of Tokyo. Her studies focus both on diplomatic history of contemporary China and Chinese economic statecraft changes. She has been working as research assistant at the Institute of International Strategic Studies of Peking University, interpreting Chinese foreign policy decisions to audiences worldwide. She has exchanged in SciencesPo Paris and UTokyo. Having been a Model UNer for eight years, she is enthusiastic to put professional spirits in every simulation session and pass it to high school participants as the chief of PKUNMUN, the biggest Model UN conference in China. Her strong sense of multicultural flexibility and passion for telling true China story makes her an ambitious researcher. She is also an amateur in photography and travelling in her free time.

Wang Ziyu
Wang Ziyu graduated from Peking University with bachelor degree majoring in Sociology and Economics. He has been an exchange student at the University of Hong Kong and Oxford, and has participated in exchange programs and international academic meetings in Korea, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Brazil, and the United States. WANG finished his master study in Yenching Academy, Peking University focusing on economics and management and is now exchanging in Business School, the University of Amsterdam. Wang has been involved in the China Health and Retirement Longitudinal Study and China Family Panel Studies, his research area majorly focus on game theory and economic reform in contemporary Chinese society.

Wu Nier
Wu Nier is currently a doctoral candidate in the Department of History at Peking University, majoring in the history of Britain. He studied International Relations during his undergraduate and graduate period. As highly motivated undergraduate and graduate, he took many politics and philosophy courses, such as Contemporary Theory of International Relations, International Organizations, International Political Economy, Political Science, History of Western Political Thoughts, etc. After years of studies and researches, he equipped with basic research skills in international politics, and acquainted himself with new concepts and theories in political science, broadening his disciplinary perspective and gaining insights into the field. Besides, he also participated lots of academic conference and students’ forums. Serving as a group member, he was closely involved in the communication and collaboration with other students. He is outgoing, enthusiastic, and versatile. He likes travelling and photographing, hopes to make friends in this event.

Yang Danni
Danni is a graduate student from School of International Studies, Peking University, China, where she is pursuing a degree in International Politics, with a concentration in East Asia Studies. Currently, she is studying at the University of Tokyo as a double degree student, majoring in Public Policy, focusing on Development issues. She pursued bachelors of International Political Economics and History from Peking University. She is interested in how economic cooperation and competition influence the relationship among East Asia countries. Danni is curious about the world and she is eager to share ideas with people from different culture. She gained valuable experience in interning as journalist and research assistant of China Soong Ching Ling Foundation. She loves reading, making plans for trips as well as travelling. She is excited to get involved in deep discussions with excellent representatives of EPIIC at Tufts.


Ireland: Trinity College Dublin


Lisa Hämmerle
Lisa is currently enrolled in the International Peace Studies MPhil at the Irish School of Ecumenics. In her home country of Austria she finished a business high school where she was a District Representative for Student Government. Afterwards, Lisa backpacked for half a year through Australia and New Zealand. During that time she taught English at an Indigenous primary school in Thailand. She went on to study Political Science, Journalism and Communication Studies at the University of Vienna. While doing her undergraduate degrees she promoted cultural exchange at the NGO AIESEC and participated in Model UN at the UN Headquarters in Vienna. Furthermore, Lisa interned at the Austrian Embassy in Canberra. She is now attending Korean language classes to prepare herself for an upcoming internship at a humanitarian aid NGO in Seoul. Additionally, she is taking a Dream Interpretation course at the Jung Centre, Dublin. Lisa regards it as her responsibility to develop strategies to protect individuals who have not been as fortunate as herself and therefore focuses on Emotional Intelligence in the hope of creating a more liveable world for everyone.

Joshua Brady-Arnold
Joshua is a master’s student studying International Peace Studies at Trinity College Dublin. As a undergraduate he majored in Religions and Theology, specialising in the influence of normative ethics on public policy, and minored in Jewish and Islamic Civilisations. In 2009, he interned with the Gay Lesbian Equality Network (GLEN) during the Civil Partnership Campaign in the Republic of Ireland. He has previously worked for the Department of Justice and Equality. He is particularly interested in the economy, security, and European-Russian relations and hopes to discuss such matters at EPIIC.


University of Haifa (Israel)


Adar Borde
Adar is a second-year bachelor degree student of Social Work. He decided to pursue this field to assist individuals and communities who are in difficulty. He believes that the way to reach a sustainable change lays in working both with the individual and surrounding systems, together. He promotes environmental education and working with children. Teaching hunter's gatherers skills, he believes is a door way do a deep nature connection. This connection can be a cure to many of the western world cultural illnesses. He has a great interest in the global environmental crisis and societal changes due to technology.

Ilya Garbar
Ilya is a student at the University of Haifa, majoring in economics and accounting. Ilya is working in the University student union as a spokesman and the representative of the economics faculty in the student's counsel. Furthermore, he is very involved and interested in Politics, both Israeli and International, and the effects of economics on the political atmosphere. He was born in Ukraine and emigrated to Israel with his family after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Ilya believes in the power of young people all around the world to bring about great change. He hopes that EPIIC symposium will give him the opportunity to meet, discuss and learn from other young people from all around the world.

Shalev Shahar
Shalev is a senior student at the University of Haifa Israel majoring in psychology. He is a member at Ofakim University of Haifa Honors Program. Before studying in the university, he traveled the world, became a true "Couch Surfer" and is still studying Spanish, Japanese, and Arabic. He is a research associate at three different labs and Lab Manager of a fourth of psychology. In addition, he is a member in the university's selected running team and is the coach of the university's orienteering selected team. Shalev hopes to extend his knowledge and point of view regarding contemporary global issues and believes that the biggest problems of humanity would be better solved under an international corporation.

Seraphim Zoteev
Seraphim is a B.A. student in his senior year at the departments of Political Science and Middle Eastern History at the University of Haifa. Born in Russia, his family moved to Israel in 2001 and since then they have lived in the north of Israel. Coming from a family of public sector workers, he has developed a deep interest and hope to intend for the Institute of Diplomacy and Foreign Relations and this is the direction. Among the topics of international interest, Seraphim is particularly interested in policies of arm control, and processes decision making. Seraphim studies Classical Arabic, concentrates on the Persian Gulf, and also works as a part-time research assistant at the Ezri Center for Iran and Persian Gulf Studies. At this year conference, he aspires to get to know other participants, hear new points of view on the world’s agenda and discusses non-proliferation in the context of institutional liberalism.


Moscow State Institute of International Relations
[MGIMO] (Russia)


Nikolay Komarkov
Nikolai is a masters student at MGIMO University in Moscow, Russia, and majors in international politics and business. His academic research primarily focuses on Latin American integration and development policies. He believes that a stronger cooperation between governments and multinational companies can greatly contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. Nikolai is excited to join the TILIP class of 2018.



Roman Ulanov
Having earned a Bachelor's degree in Nordic studies, Roman is currently pursuing a Master's degree in International Politics at MGIMO-University in Moscow, Russia. His academic interests include international security, nationalism, gender studies and issues related to social inequality and exclusion. Roman enjoys reading, travelling and listening to music. He is eager to join EPIIC and contribute to the discussion at the conference.


Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration
[RANEPA] (Russia)


Samuel Elusoji
Samuel Elusoji is Nigerian, and an international graduate student at the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA) in Moscow. With three years of work experience in the services sector (as an ICT instructor, English language teacher, and international conference coordinator) his research interests are security, agricultural innovation, education and workforce development. Sam is a member of the ECOWAS Youth Council, and a contributor at qmarker dot com, where he writes on peace and security in Africa, and innovation development. He has a personal record time of 5 hours 5 minutes 5 seconds in an international marathon race. Samuel’s on-going capstone project for a Master in Global Public Policy (MGPP) degree is focused on agricultural innovation systems and value-chain development in Nigeria. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Food Science and Technology from the Federal University of Technology Akure, Nigeria. He hopes to have a rewarding experience at the EPIIC Symposium.

Moisey Kondrashin
Moses Kondrashin has recently received his bachelor’s degree in History at National Research University Higher School of Economics and began his master’s degree in Political Science and International relations at the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences (MSSES). He is majoring in the specifics of persecutions against religious minorities during Great Purge (1937-1938) in the USSR and the Holocaust. He has undertaken an international internship in Israel, Germany and Estonia as a speaker and delegate, defended the point of view that religious minorities were one of the targets of «Big Terror». He is proficient in English and French. Also, he is very interested in Christian theology, twentieth century philosophy, geopolitics and European history. He also enjoys music and arts. He participates in EPIIC for the first time and he is proud to be a part of that big international family and community.

Polina Vasilenko
Polina Vasilenko is a masters student at the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences (MSSES), graduating from National Research University Higher School of Economics with majors in History. She is currently studying international politics. Her sphere of interest includes Russia's policy towards the Middle Eastern countries, the problems of the Far East and the issues of migration and terrorism. Previously, she worked in the academic field: she participated in the organization of international conferences, and she officially worked as an assistant of professors. She describes herself as a diligent, executive and open person who seeks to expand the boundaries of her knowledge. Proficient in Russian, English, Deutsch she interested in studying Oriental languages, primarily Arabic and Persian. Participation in the conference will give her the opportunity not only to gain new experience, but also to deepen its knowledge and express her own position within the framework of the proposed topic.

Serafima Osipenko
Serafima is a third-year undergraduate student of the Liberal Arts College, majoring in Management with a minor in Economics. Her final essay was about strategic management in the government sector and she is about to finish her research concerning the government planning process in China. Speaking about academic activities, Serafima took part in the student international conference (RANEPA,2016) presenting her article about the perspectives of blockchain technology. She won scholarship and participated in the international conference (University Fundação Getulio Vargas, Rio de Janeiro) dedicated to the global public policy issues. Knowledge of several languages (advanced English and Chinese, intermediate Spanish) and openness to new experiences allow her to explore the world to broaden the horizons and find inspiration. During last summer, she spent a month on language internship in Shanghai improving her Mandarin language skills and learning Chinese culture and lifestyle. Serafima has trained several years in sport acrobatics, and now she enjoys practicing snowboarding, skiing and yoga. In her free time, she loves to explore Moscow, watch films noir and discover Renaissance art. In future, she wants to work in international think tanks or other NGOs as analyst researching public policy.


Singapore: National University of Singapore


Pratyay Jaidev
Pratyay is a freshman at the School of Computing, National University of Singapore. He is majoring in Computer Science and intends to focus on the areas of Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence. Pratyay has a keen interest in both Singaporean and international current affairs. In particular, he is fascinated by the confluence of technology and public policy in this day and age. He also enjoys actively engaging with the community, having organized a donation drive and community engagement programmes in the past. He spends his free time immersing himself in his passion for writing, film and running. Pratyay is excited to be a part of EPIIC, and is looking forward to exchanging ideas and engaging in diverse discussions with everyone.

Sara Loo Qile
Sara is a freshman at Sciences Po campus de Menton, part of the Sciences Po-National University of Singapore dual BA program, where she is pursuing social sciences and History. She was born in Singapore and spent several years of her early childhood in Guadalajara, Mexico. She speaks English, Mandarin, Japanese and is currently brushing up on French with natives in Côte d’Azur. Sara has developed a deep interest in the Middle East through engaging different perspectives, including lectures on the birth of Islam to the emergence of the modern Middle East, visiting Jordan and Israel, interning at the Middle Eastern Directorate (gulf countries) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore, and studying alongside students from the MENA region in the Mediterranean-focused campus on the French Riviera. She hopes to meet diverse and open-minded individuals who are passionate about the humanities and willing to exchange ideas unique to their background and upbringing.

Emmalene Ng Pei Yi
Emmalene is a second-year student studying Economics at the National University of Singapore. She has a keen interest in how macro-systems function, particularly within the political and economic spheres. She has had a unique range of experiences, from interning at a government ministry in Singapore and a manufacturing firm in China, to staying alongside indigenous peoples in Thailand, all of which helped her to learn more about various modes of thought and ways of life. She hopes to be able to contribute an economic perspective to the discussions at EPIIC 2018. She also enjoys travelling and meeting new people because she believes there is so much to learn and behold, and she also desires to always dream big and be unafraid to take the road less travelled.

Yeo Eng Way
Eng Way is a third-year undergraduate student in National University of Singapore, and a proud member of the University Scholars Programme. Majoring in Economics, he is also deeply passionate about Public Policy, as well as International Relations, disciplines he engaged intensively in his Student Exchange Programme in Sciences Po. A firm believer of "Servant Leadership", he actively spearheads students-lead initiatives, as well as dedicating his time to grassroots activities in his bid to build a more cohesive community. Also, an avid sportsman, Eng Way is a proud representative of TeamNUS Canoe Sprint Team.