Student Leaders and Members

Ayden Crosby (’21)


Ayden Crosby is a second-year student at Tufts University intending to major in International Relations and Biology. He is from Lake Tahoe, California and attended high school in Reno, Nevada. He started on the e-board as a first year and will continue in his second year as the Liaison. This summer, he was a fellow for a political campaign and he looks forward to applying the grass roots organizing skills he learned to Amnesty International’s mission. Ayden is passionate about human rights at a local and international scale, specifically issues of gender/sexuality issues, freedom of expression, refugees and migration, armed conflict, and the intersection of climate change and human rights. He looks forward to helping the organization grow at Tufts and collaborating with other campus organizations to illustrate how human rights are intertwined with other issues. 


Esra Gürçay (’19)

Events Coordinator

Esra Gürçay is a junior at Tufts serving as the Event Coordinator of Tufts Amnesty International. She is majoring in International Relations with a focus on the Middle East. Her academic background, along with her upbringing in Istanbul, Turkey have sparked her interest in human rights. Esra is passionate about immigrant, refugee and minority rights especially in developing countries. In addition to her involvement in Tufts Amnesty International, music has a significant role in Esra’s life and she has been part of the Tufts Jazz Orchestra for a year.

Jaya Khetarpal (’18)

Urgent Action Coordinator

Jaya Khetarpal is a senior at Tufts University studying International Relations and Political Science. Growing up in Brownsville, Texas, a border town between Mexico and the United States, Jaya was exposed early on to the heartbreaking stories of those who were forced to flee violence and oppression in Latin America. For this reason, she joined Tufts Amnesty because she believed the organization plays a key role in promoting human rights around the globe and holding those who violate these rights accountable. Furthermore, she is passionate about raising awareness about refugee and immigrant rights. Along with being the Urgent Action Coordinator for the Tufts Chapter of Amnesty, Jaya serves as Vice President for Tufts Democrats, teaches as a Democracy Coach for Generation Citizen, and is the Service Chair for Tufts' Kappa Alpha Theta.

Vivian Kim (’21)


Vivian Kim is a sophomore at Tufts University who plans to pursue economics, Spanish, and medicine. She has been involved in Amnesty International since joining the club as a sophomore at her high school in Tenafly, New Jersey. After serving as assistant treasurer last year, she is excited about the direction and progress of the club. She has a particular interest in women’s rights and the protection of indigenous people and is passionate about pursuing effective measures to ensure their safety during her time at Tufts.

Saira Madarasmi (’21)


Saira Madarasmi is a second-year student at Tufts University planning to major in either Psychology or Clinical Psychology. She serves as the president of the Tufts Amnesty International chapter. Saira’s passions lie in human rights advocacy, social inclusion and assimilation, and education. These passions led her to establish and lead a Gay-Straight Alliance at her international school in Bangkok, Thailand, with the aim of working towards a more inclusive and accepting community. Additionally, working with the Tufts Amnesty chapter and Amnesty International USA last year allowed her to further engage with these issues on a larger scale. This year, she hopes to utilize the tools and skills she’s learned over the summer working at Amnesty Thailand in her work with the Tufts - and wider - community.

Amy Tong (’21)

Social Media Coordinator

Amy is a sophomore and serves as the Social Media Coordinator of the Tufts chapter of Amnesty International. She plans on majoring in International Relations and History, and minoring in Economics. She attended high school in Washington, D.C., and spent her formative years in China, the U.S., and South Africa. Differing experiences across these countries sparked her interest in human rights advocacy and social justice, particularly in women’s rights and in access to education, and solidified her dedication to give back to the international community. She looks forward to becoming more involved with Amnesty this year and to taking a more proactive stance in tackling global issues.