Visnavy Vickneswaran '19

Hometown: Medford, MA.
Bio: Visnavy was a part of the core leadership. She was a member of the Summer 2017 Trip Team. 

Marie-Louise Schnetz '19

Hometown: Munich, Germany
Bio: Marie-Louise Schnetz was a Mechanical Engineering major with a minor in Engineering Management. She had been a member of the club since her freshman year and went on a trip with BUILD India to Tamil Nadu. She co-led the club in her last semester.

Paulina Jedrzejowski '19

Paulina Jedrzejowski was a first-generation student majoring in International Relations with a concentration in Latin America and Economics and minoring in Portuguese at Tufts University. Originally from Polish immigrant family from New York City, she continues to have a very strong connection to her roots. Paulina was involved in multiple activities on campus and her passion for sustainable development has been shaped by her gap year with Global Citizen Year. Paulina enjoyed working with non-governmental organizations to implement community development projects that increase the living conditions of people. In the future, she hopes to work on International Economic Development at the United States think tanks. During her free time, Paulina likes to travel, explore museums, and take walks.