ALLIES Combat Paper

by tuftsigl
Oct 07

As one of its first programs of the new academic year, ALLIES (the Alliance Linking Leaders in Education and the Services) hosted an exhibition of Combat Paper - artwork made by veterans on re-purposed military fatigues - in the Slater Concourse of the Tufts Art Gallery. Designed as an outlet for veterans as they address the emotional and psychological stresses of warfare, Combat Paper is a national project and has appeared in numerous shows across the country, Tufts being only the latest host.

The exhibition took place from September 5-26 and would not have been possible without the generous support of the Institute of Global Leadership, the Tisch College of Active Citizenship, the Peace and Justice Studies Department, the International Relations Department, and the office of Dean Bauer.

Hosting Combat Paper was a notable success for ALLIES, as the exhibition reached a wide range of the Tufts community and raised awareness on campus regarding veterans' issues. Combat Paper is the first of a series of programs that ALLIES will hold throughout the year, all focused around the theme of veterans and the challenges they face both during and after combat.

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