Temporary Fixes Post Hurricane Maria By Katlyn Kreie (A’19)

by tuftsigl
Temporary Fixes Post Hurricane Maria By Katlyn Kreie (A’19) Aug 29

As soon as my plane got close enough to touching the ground of San Juan, Puerto Rico, it was clear that the area was still dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Maria that hit the island in September 2017. Even now, in June 2018, bright blue tarps still covered rooftops. What was placed as temporary fix after the storm still remained almost a full year later.

Jul 24

Learning How To Tell the Story of Informal Female Leadership after Maria in San Juan by Hailey Gavin (A’19)

by tuftsigl

Many small businesses in San Juan, Puerto Rico, became unprofitable for months due to damages caused by Hurricane Maria and due to the subsequent decline in tourism. As a result, thousands of business owners left the island.

Jul 10

Isle of Dogs by Jeremy Gumener (A’19)

by tuftsigl

There are approximately 300,000 stray dogs and over one million cats roaming the streets and beaches of Puerto Rico. Most homeless or abandoned animals brought to shelters on the island are euthanized because of overpopulation.

Jul 03

Documenting the Impact of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico by Sofie Hecht (A'18)

by heatherbarry

San Juan, Puerto Rico was the destination for this year’s summer workshop and the last activity of the Program for Narrative and Documentary Practice, which is now concluding its eight years of educating visual journalists and storytellers at Tufts.

Jun 21

PNDP: Energy Resilience in Puerto Rico By Cody Eaton (A'19)

by tuftsigl

As a participant in the Program for Narrative and Documentary Practice (PNDP) this past spring, I’ve come to learn that headlines only capture a fraction of reality, and thus it is important to amplify what plays out in their shadows.

Aug 28

PNDP Student at Johannesburg’s Mail and Guardian by Anthony Schultz

by tuftsigl

I’ve been in Johannesburg for almost three months now, working for the Mail & Guardian media house as a documentary photography fellow. Working for the Mail & Guardian has entailed creating visuals for the coverage of daily news stories in addition to pursuing stories of personal interest in and around Johannesburg.

Aug 17

Chipping Away at Marble by Alyssa Rivas

by tuftsigl

The past month and a half I have been working as a photojournalist for the South African newspaper, Mail&Guardian – an internship I got through the IGL’s Program for Narrative and Documentary Practice and its director Gary Knight -- as well as pursuing personal photographic/videographic projects.

Jul 19

The secret lives of California border families by Dexter Eichhorst. Part 1: Obstacles

by tuftsigl

Going into this experience, I knew I would face many challenges in the creation of this documentary project; I had been a student in the IGL’s Program for Narrative and Documentary Practice fall class, and throughout the planning and budgeting process, I had had time to prepare mentally and hypothetically for much of the seemingly inev

Sep 26

Students Journalists Investigate Rajasthan Free Medicine Scheme By Sophia Grogan

by tuftsigl

Over the summer, students in the Program for Narrative and Documentary Practice participated in a two-week workshop looking at the Free Medicine Scheme (RFMS) in Rajasthan, India.

Jan 28

PNDP Exhibition Opening: "More than Pain: Documenting Palliative Care in Kenya"

by tuftsigl

An opening reception was held on Tuesday, January 26, 2016 for the exhibition "More than Pain: Documenting Palliative Care in Kenya" in the Slater Concourse Gallery.

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