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NIMEP Morocco: Twelve Glorious Days in Morocco By Uzair Sattar (A'21)

by heatherbarry
NIMEP Morocco: Twelve Glorious Days in Morocco By Uzair Sattar (A'21) Mar 27

This is the last blog post from the NIMEP Morocco Trip 2019. All fifteen of us are currently reflecting on our experiences as we fly over the very same Atlantic waters that we saw hitting the shores of Casablanca a few hours ago.


The trip began twelve days ago in Rabat. As the capital of Morocco, we were fortunate enough to interview ex-Ministers in the government, officials in the Spanish embassy, journalists, professors. The four days in Rabat were action-packed for everyone in the group and set the tone for the rest of the trip.


From Rabat, the group split up into two delegations: the first going to Fes, one of the oldest cities in the world steeped in culture, tradition, and religion, and the second going to Tangier, a port city off the coast of Gibraltar where you found yourself hearing people speak Arabic, French, Spanish, and English among others.


Mar 26

NIMEP Morocco: Concluding in Casablanca by Atrey Bhargava (A'21)

by heatherbarry

We spent our last day in Morocco in Casablanca. Needless to say, this day too saw a perfect symbiosis of work and fun. Our accommodation for this last part of our journey was in a hostel in the center of the Medina.

Mar 25

NIMEP Morocco: Last Day in Marrakech by Eran Sabaner (A'19)

by heatherbarry

After a week of travelling, conducting interviews and practicing our foreign language skills, many of us found the opportunity to enjoy the warm Marrakech weather in our house and do work in the picturesque courtyard.

Mar 24

NIMEP Morocco: Day Two in Marrakech by Connor Doyle (A’21)

by heatherbarry

Still recovering from the flu, I woke from a deep slumber in the late morning. I was able to spend the rest of the morning catching up on my research, homework, and school papers in our air bnb set in the countryside just outside of Marrakech.

Mar 23

NIMEP Morocco: Arriving in Marrakech by Alessandra Moreno (A'21)

by heatherbarry

At 9:30am, after watching the sunrise from our orange mattresses on the 3am train from Tangier, the city of Marrakech greeted us with a mass of pink houses and a wave of heat. Wiping our eyes and lugging our suitcases, we shuffled into taxis and arrived to our air bnb on the outskirts of the city.

Mar 20

NIMEP Morocco: Last Day in Rabat by Kairavi Sarup (A'20)

by heatherbarry

Our day began with a flurry of interviews and the expectation of a packed schedule. Today was our last day in Rabat, and we spent it rushing from interviews to the hotel and finally to Tangier or Fes.

Mar 19

NIMEP Morocco: Research on Migration in Rabat by Joshua Clarkson (A'21)

by heatherbarry

After a weekend getting acclimated to Rabat, Monday was a day for interviews for everyone. For some, the day began early, rising for early morning meetings around the city, and for others, there was some time to prepare the final list of questions.

Mar 18

NIMEP Morocco: Rabat by Ezgi Yazici (A'20)

by heatherbarry

Our day started off with a beautiful Moroccan breakfast on our hotel’s rooftop with fresh orange juice, omelettes, coupled with a soft Mediterranean breeze.  As the new week begins tomorrow, Sunday was a day of working on our research topics for interviews scheduled for the week in Rabat, Tangiers, and Fes.

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