Expo 2020: Global Engineering Solutions for a Sustainable Future by Ken Stephens (E24)

by tuftsigl
Expo 2020: Global Engineering Solutions for a Sustainable Future by Ken Stephens (E24) Jan 12

World Expo 2020 Dubai is an opportunity for every country in the world to display what they are proud of and celebrate their achievements. I was fortunate enough to be selected as a member of a delegation representing Tufts and IGL at Expo 2020. Sustainability was a huge theme of the Expo and focusing on the engineering solutions that other countries were putting their efforts into was an illuminating experience.

There were various topics that showed themselves to be a constant across many countries. The first being renewable energy. Many countries, including Morocco, Sweden, and Finland were sure to brag about their renewable energy abilities and projects for the future.

Another topic was the improvement of the current energy infrastructure and use of smart grids and smart cities. This was a huge topic across dozens of countries including Denmark, Germany, China, and many others. Many countries acknowledged this as the logical next step in urbanization.

May 17

IGL Graduating Students

by tuftsigl

This year, the university is unable to hold graduation ceremonies on its campuses. While the graduate schools will have virtual graduations, the undergraduate Class of 2020 opted for an in-person graduation once large gatherings are permitted again.

Apr 28

The Thorn in Tyranny’s Side Goes Virtual by Patrick Beliard (A'21)

by tuftsigl

There is virtually no part of the world that has not been gravely affected by the COVID19 pandemic. Democracies and tyrannies alike have suffered the consequences of a health crisis – with significant political, social, and economic impacts –  of proportions never seen before.

Apr 06

EXP-0076-F Achieving Flow: Learning to Meditate

by tuftsigl

This is a course in maximizing your potential.

Dec 04

Preventing Deadly Conflict Lecture with Professor Abiodun Williams by Atrey Bhargava (A’21)

by jtijssen

During Parents’ Weekend, Director of the Institute for Global Leadership and Professor of the Practice of International Politics at The Fletcher School Abiodun Williams spoke about his experiences with preventive peacekeeping and the role of International Institutions in facilitating peace and justice across the world.

Nov 21

Dangerous Gaps: Evan Osnos

by tuftsigl

On November 13, New Yorker Reporter Evan Osnos delivered a public lecture at Tufts on “The U.S. and North Korea: A View from the Ground Up”, based on his recent visit to the country and his long-term reporting on the region.

Oct 30

A Better Future Is Possible: Mac Maharaj at Tufts

by mdillard

In October, the Institute for Global Leadership had the pleasure and privilege of hosting Mac Maharaj on campus. One of the founding fathers of post-apartheid South Africa, Maharaj was a member of Nelson Mandela’s inner circle during the days of resistance in South Africa.

Sep 28

Watch a video as Abi Williams talks with Fletcher School Dean James Stravidis about his career

by tuftsigl

Abi Williams (Fletcher MALD ’86, Ph.D. ’87), Director of the Institute for Global Leadership (IGL) and Professor of International Politics at The Fletcher School, sat down with Fletcher’s Dean James Stavridis to chat about his career and his return to Fletcher.

Williams discussed the following:

May 12

Vartan Gregorian and Philip Bobbitt speak at 30th anniversary day program

by tuftsigl
Lectures and Networking took place during the Day Program of the Tufts IGL 30th Anniversary on the Tufts Medford/Somerville Campus on 5/7/16. 
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