Interning in Kenya: Part II by Janeth Jepkogei

by tuftsigl
Sep 22

Okay, Obama the POTUS came to Kenya and left. It was only a weekend but the buzz at Spatial Collective made everything fun. The US president arrived in Kenya on the evening of 24th July on a Friday, but most companies in Nairobi had to close for the day as public transport in Nairobi was suspended in the afternoon. But, Spatial Collective was not just any other company. As much as we could not get to work, the management decided that we could work from home. This ensured continuity and made sure we reached our targets each week.

On Monday after Obama left, we were back to doing what we do best at Spatial Collective. I love coding and that’s what I wanted to keep doing. Coding to me makes the world smaller. In the world of Computer Science and coding, complex problems in today world can be made simpler due to the ingenious production of revolutionary apps. At Spatial Collective, I wasn’t just an intern. I was entrusted with finding solutions to client-presented problems. Being trusted in a company to find specific solutions to some client-problem is always an honor.

Of course, trust without responsibility might breed complacency. Spatial Collective made sure that for at least an hour each morning we had to review the previous day’s work. It was during these meetings that I got to learn more about solving various problems using my Computer Science knowledge. The other two coders were a source of knowledge for me as they had at least more than three years experience in the coding business. Their constant encouragement and mentorship was second to none.

Apart from work, Spatial Collective boasts of great rapport between the workers. I got to enjoy their great company when we organized an impromptu and surprise party for a colleague who was going for a master’s degree in the UK. The party was organized through the relatively known Slack. This was intended to well, make it a surprise for her. We planned to have her sister to bring her to the surprise party at a nice near Ngong Hills Hotel, Nairobi on the evening of the said date. To cut the story short, she enjoyed the surprise party.

All in all, I enjoyed interning at Spatial Collective. Spatial Collective has all the attributes that can ensure one can build on the knowledge acquired studying Computer Science and also to be able to work on a friendly and comfortable work place (Oh! I almost forgot about the amazing balcony seats that one could work on while enjoying a cool afternoon breeze once they were tired working inside an office especially after a nice lunch). Anyways, my last day at Spatial Collective made me feel lost. I wanted to continue interning and working there, but my student life came calling. I had to make plans to go back to Tufts but at the end of my internship, I felt motivated that hopefully one day I can start a company like Spatial Collective.

Anyways, that was about it. Any details on what we worked on at Spatial Collective will appear on a comprehensive report about the internship. Otherwise, I am so glad that IGL gave me an opportunity to intern at Spatial Collective. 


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