A Look in to Xinjiang by Zhuangchen (JJ) Zhou

by tuftsigl
Jul 30

In the 100 degree heat of the Gobi desert, constructions of numerous developmental projects are underway. There are similar projects all over Xinjiang, but people either can not afford the fancy apartments or would not give up their old ways of living. 



Smartphones are becoming best friends of people in the Altays, which is a mountain range in Northern Xinjiang. 


On both sides of the Sino-Mongolian boarder live Kazakh herders who share the same languages and ways of life. Camels are their good friends as they carry the belongings of these herders over snow-topped mountains when they move from one place to another. Herders spend as many as 30 days on the road during the year. So do the camels, horses, sheep and goats. 

Traveling in the mountains require some special ways of transportation. Horses could carry both people and occasionally some photographic equipment. 

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