Nicaragua Trip - January 17, 2016

by thomascoons
Jan 26

The following was written by Hannah Conroy,  one of the travel team members for the EWB Latin America Chapter, during their January assessment trip to Nicaragua:

Last Work Day and the Beach

Today was our last day in Villa El Carmen. We woke up and ate another delicious breakfast. We then travelled to two communities in the morning. The first had a well already drilled by the mayor’s office, but the well has no pump. The community has four community wells and wants a pump and distribution system for the new well. 

The second community was very poor; only 100 out of the 500 people have steady employment. They have a small community well that serves 10 families, but most use hand dug household wells. The community members discussed the need to start reforestation, and we were impressed with their long-term thinking. They didn't know how deep their well is, so Lewis performed a little experiment by counting the distance between knots on the string after going all the way down and back up the well. 

After lunch, we briefly stopped by San Diego, another community, to look at their well and talk to a woman about their needs. The community is near the beach so we brought our suits and took a dip! The water was warm and it was so beautiful. We watched the sunset and headed back for our final night at the Reserva.

Paige flies out tomorrow so we are leaving for Managua at four in the morning. Luis, Bob, and I will spend the day in Mangua and then fly out on Tuesday. It has been a great trip!!