Researching Albania’s job market: looking at the untapped talent problem by Alfred Sogja (F’1G)

by tuftsigl
Jul 24

Source: Emerging Europe

I enrolled in The Fletcher School at Tufts University to pursue my interest in social entrepreneurship. The Empower Fellowship from the Institute for Global Leadership allows me to conduct research on the job market in Albania, with the aim of solving its untapped talent problem through an innovative business model. Having been born in Albania and moved to the US at age six, this problem is near and dear to my heart.

The research begins with understanding the history of Albania, a small, mountainous country in the Balkan peninsula. After World War II, it became a Stalinist state for nearly half a century and remained isolationist until its transition to democracy in 1992. Since then, Albania has experienced a major political and economic transformation, establishing a responsive, democratic system of government and developing a modern market economy.

Yet, despite those early wins, there has been a notable lack of economic progress over the last three decades. What is more, the country risks losing its brightest talents to neighboring states due to lack of opportunities or upward mobility.

My research focuses on understanding the current job market in Albania and gathering information about university students’ experiences in the job application process with Albanian companies as well as local branches of international organizations. The research will not only help pool information from industry associations, web searches, periodicals, federal and state agencies, but also shed light on Albania’s attempts to build relationships with corporations in European Union (EU) member states.

I am conducting interviews remotely with university students in Albania, creating a directory of both Albanian and foreign companies working in Albania, and devising skill-based categories within the talent pool.

I am keen to hear from anyone with an interest in human capital, social entrepreneurship, or the untapped Albanian talent problem that my research tackles. So, get in touch!